Out of curiousity in terms of design, which OC of mine do you like best?
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Could be minor ones too~
And in return I'll let you know which one I like of your's!
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By anniberri   |   Watch
Published: November 1, 2015
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canela2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love Michiko
She is so cute!
I love her design
Luffy Emoji (In love ((Food)) [V2] 
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I'm glad you like her! And cute? :XD:

I really like your Arale~! She's so cuteee, love her hair style and pinstripes. :love: And she has such pretty colored eyes as well :heart:
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canela2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, cute

Thanks you so much! 
Her hair is something that really cost me a lot
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I like Michiko because her outfit fits really well in the Naruto universe, and she looks cool and tough. Her colors complement each other and make her eyes pop, and her hairstyle is original. Her design also reflects her personality really well! (Not that these don't apply to your other OCs ;))
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Aw I'm glad you think so! I didn't know Michiko's color scheme made her eyes pop. :XD: I try my best to keep them looking like they belong in the series. :love:
My favorite from your's would have to be Hiroto in terms of looks; he has a simple design but that's good since overly detailed characters look out of place in the naruto universe, I also like his color scheme for some reason. :XD: Although after reading the interview meme you did, Shikatsu is my favorite because of his sarcastic attitude. :lol:
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Thanks! :D Honestly, we were a bit hesitant with his color scheme, so I'm pretty surprised that anyone thought it was okay! Thanks for the tip about keeping it simple! We weren't really thinking about it much.
Shikatsuo seems to be pretty popular with that meme (or maybe the others are just boring XD); I'm glad you find him amusing!
My favorite from your meme was Michiko, too! (I guess I actually like her a lot...^^;) (Plus, I think I already left a comment there already saying Michiko was my favorite, but...still! Her answers made me laugh!)
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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
well obviously my absolute favorite is Akina for obvious reason ;) but she's so gorgeous it's hard not to love her! she's followed closely by Susumu and Ryouta because they're both really handsome. Susumu has that dark and good looking look about him with his tanned skin and brown hair and Ryouta has such a pretty face e____e. after that I really like Yuna actually. She has such a cool design and she's so obviously bad ass XD
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Akina is really popular it seems, followed by Michiko XD Yuna is actually my favorite in terms of design
Other than Zenshin, Rinzu and Tegetai I really love Koiji... his hair looks really fluffy and he's just so.. luscious? XD and Beniko is is cute and she has so many good outfits, but that's 5o be expected of her. :XD:
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leiluyHobbyist Digital Artist
I have always loved Akina the absolute most ever since I laid eyes on her I have a huge bias towards redheaded ocs and how she had huge eyes when she was a little girl. Second favorite would have to be Michiko though because she's just so adorable when she's frowning
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Yeah I'm noticing I'm starting to be biased towards red heads too :XD: I'm glad you like her though~:heart:
I guess Michiko is always adorable since she's always frowning XDD
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tsurugamiProfessional Digital Artist
Shintaro-sama~~ :iconasdfghplz:
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I like Banri overall, because he is a babe. :XD: But if I had to choose a design of an OC I like most ((You have so many so it's hard to choose my favorite :'D )) it would have to be Kuzunoha Ao. Her design is complex, but not too much to where it would be considered too much for Naruto. Her look defiantly fits that of a sage. I also like her color scheme; purple, red, and yellow.
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
Second that!! :iconshaplz:
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EditKitsuneHobbyist Digital Artist
Lady Akina~

Love her~
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I'm glad you like her! :heart:

Looking through your gallery, I have to say my favorite is Kumori Inuzuka. Love her jacket, it's so cool and fluffy, overall her design is awesome (color scheme, love the boot color with the black and brown, her hair style) and she really fits in with Inuzuka look. :D
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