In terms of your Naruto OCs...
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Do you have an absolute favorite? You can only pick one.
If you have a Naruto clan, which one is your favorite? If you don't, do you have a favorite of someone else's? (or you can answer the second if you want to lol)
What is your favorite jutsu or Kekkei Genkai you created?
Do you still use your first OC you ever created? If so, how has the OC stayed the same and how is he/she different? If not, why did you get rid of the OC?
Is their an OC of your's that you don't like the design? Or are you happy with all of them?
Is their an OC you have trouble drawing? Why?
If you have your OCs paired.... Your favorite Canon x OC? Your Favorite OC x OC (whether it is just your's and/or with a friend, but if you have multiple with different friends probably not a good idea to play favs lol)
Which OC do you believe is your strongest? Your weakest?
(Optional) From my OCs... Which from your OCs would 1.) get along with 2.) would dislike 3.) be attracted to physically
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Published: November 17, 2015
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Wow, you always ask questions that make me think! (or maybe I just overthink everything…yeah, that might be it XD)


Anyway, at the moment, my favorite OC is Suzuki Shou. We decided we liked his personality, since he’s more mature than a lot of the other characters, and his backstory is complicated.  

My favorite clan we’ve made up is the Mochizuki Clan, but we haven’t posted anything about them yet. I just like where it’s going right now politically.

Jutsu…To be honest, we’ve made up quite a few generic and boring ones…but our favorite is Hyuga Noboru’s Turtle Jutsu. He uses the Hyuga Clan’s ability to eject chakra to form shuriken out of chakra, and then he can throw them as long as he maintains a connection to them with a chakra string. They’re invisible to anyone without a sensory ability, but the range is limited because chakra seems to dissipate once it goes into the air, and it’s also not as accurate as Gentle Fist because he has to throw the shuriken. It actually doesn’t have anything to do with turtles…(I admit that he’s a little crazy.)

We are planning to use the first OC we created eventually. At first, Hamako was a very stereotypical character with a traumatic backstory that made her all Sasuke-like. ^^; She is still very serious and business-like, but we changed her backstory- instead of being that way because bad things happened to her, she is that way because good things happened. She’s definitely not going to be an important character, though, so she’s pretty shallow.

We don’t have portraits up for most of our OCs, but we have rough sketches of all of them. soaringpiglet#1 isn’t very fond of Emi’s colors, or Sachiko’s design in general. We don’t have him posted, but soaringpiglet#1 called Kaiyo “so freakin’ ugly” when I asked this question (…poor Kaiyo XD).

For OCs that are hard to draw, soaringpiglet#1 says that chubby people, Takara, and anyone with sunglasses or masks are hard to draw. We made up a son for Gaara who has messy hair that’s difficult to draw.

Um…pairings…I’m absolute garbage when it comes to writing romance, so our pairings are usually poorly thought-out and/or just poorly done…but right now our favorite OC pairing is Shou and Mai, who is Kakashi’s daughter…I wrote a one-shot about them, and it didn’t go too badly, so that’s why they’re my favorite right now. For a CanonxOC, we like Sai and our OC Megumi, not because they’re a particularly good match, but because we made an ANBU politics mess around them.

If all our OCs (who are active ninjas) were to have a showdown, including psychological attacks, weapons, chemicals, etc., then Souma would win (bad guy), and Yamanaka Inoki would come in last.

How about you? :D


That question about your OCs was interesting…I didn’t want to write too much (I've already exceeded the socially acceptable limit, I think; sorry for the essay…^^;) so I just did Michiko, Susumu, and Takeshi and picked some random protagonists from our OCs- Aiko, Hiroto, Hikaru, Takara, and Shikatsuo.

For Michiko, I think she would generally get along well with Aiko, since Aiko would appreciate her bluntness and her logical-ness, though they might fight sometimes because Aiko tends to hang on to the past and can get a bit emotional sometimes. I think Shikatsuo would like her for the same reasons Aiko would, but he would also like to tease her (he teases almost everyone), so Michiko might not like him very much. Takara would respect her toughness and that she doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. I think Hiroto would find her pretty, but once he got to know her, they would probably fight a lot, even though they have some things in common. Hiroto is pretty judgmental, though, so there aren’t a lot of people he likes. Hikaru would find her scary.

For Susumu, Hibiki and Takara would like him because they like being loud and social gatherings, and Hibiki would like to go spy in the hot springs with him. Takara might tag along just because she likes breaking the rules. Unfortunately, I don’t think Hiroto would like Susumu either, because he doesn’t like people with perverted habits, especially if they are encouraging Hibiki to be perverted. Aiko would probably find him immature, and she can get snappy with people she thinks are immature.

For Takeshi, I think he and Hikaru would get along well, since they have similar personalities. Hiroto would like Takeshi because he would remind Hiroto of Hikaru… Even though Aiko would find him handsome, she would probably consider him a weakling because he is so generous and kind (she grew up with a bit of Sand Village culture), but she would appreciate his maturity. (He might be more mature than she is XD) Shikatsuo would probably like Takeshi, but once again, he would tease a lot. 

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Well it's not a bad thing to overthink with this type of thing. :XD: I hope you enjoyed filling this out though~

Why did Noboru named his jutsu "turtle jutsu" just because? :lol: But I like the idea, it's balanced with its strengths and weaknesses.~

Well I guess she can change their designs once she comes up with anything different. Also I use this site to help with color schemes… I found it about 3 years ago I think and have been using it ever since :XD: Although I will say that you might have to dull some of the colors, the can be a little over saturated sometimes... But yeah, poor Kaiyo XDD

And wow, I was really surprised how much you knew about my characters. :XD: Wasn't expecting that! But anyway, I really enjoyed reading and from what you wrote I agree with what you said. For Michiko and Shikatsuo's teasing, she would find it annoying (her uncle does the same, and that annoys her too XD), but she wouldn't dislike him because of it. 

Me? Wellll.... 

If I had to pick a favorite... It would have to be Akina Higashiyama. I always liked her design and I feel like she's one of the more developed from my OCs in terms of character development (how the ANBU effected her, her childhood) and abilities. Probably the character I put in the most thought into. She's also easy and fun to draw so that's a plus. :XD: Shintaro is a close second, though.

My favorite OC clan I have is the Higashiyama Clan since it's my oldest clan (and Akina is apart of it //shot )) but I'm pretty happy with all the clans I made. I also always liked MistressMaxwell's clans, she has a lot of them too and some she hasn't post full bios so I can't exactly pick a fav yet.

Favorite jutsu probably has to be Michiko's limelight blade due to the fact it looks cool lol and Sludge Release for the Kekkei Genkai, but it also helps that it's my only one. :XD:

The first OC I ever created, was actually not Michiko (although she was pretty awful at first, ughhh... ). It was an Uchiha who was Sasuke's long lost cousin with a made up name that looked Japanese, I think it started with a K? I guess that doesn't matter since it was just gibberish anyways. It was a she and she was made before Shippuden and actually looks a lot like Ino's shippuden look in hair. She had a a orange and red color scheme with black tights and wrappings around her calves. I should draw her again just to show what she looked like, I don't think I have a picture of her when I first drew her.

The hardest person to draw is Michiko's fullbody in shippuden. It's her bottom half I have trouble with, but I think Its gotten better as time goes on. Shintaro's hair is hard to draw sometimes too, and it looks like a wig when I draw it too I think. :iconotlplz: I'm happy with all of their designs though, and everything I wasn't I already changed (basically simplifying Takeshi's and Susumu's design). Sometimes I don't think Michiko's shippuden clothes aren't naruto-like enough but I wouldn't be able to come up with anything new/better for her :XD:

I have such a small amount of pairings that all of them are my favorites tbh. Also don't like to pair my OCs with canon characters since overall I see it as boring. ^^; Most of my characters are either too busy or are not interested in romance. Or they're complicated :XD:

Andddd finally, my strongest character would have to be Shintaro Ichihara. He is intelligent, cunning, and has a psychological approach in his fighting on the battlefield. If he's in the right environment, he could take out a large amount of opponents with his ninjutsu. Also he's very skilled in taijutsu and can take on many opponents by himself. However, his stamina and physical strength is not as good as it used to be, and tends to make his subordinates to most of the dirty work so that doesn't help his stamina or strength. Yuuna is also a close second. I think the reason why she isn't top of Shintaro is becuase she wouldn't be able to take out nearly as much people, due to not having such a devastating ninjutsu. If it wasn't for Shintaro's jutsu, Yuuna all the way. :XD:
Weakest character is harder. It would be narrowed down to Susumu, Takeshi, and Michiko... Uhhhhh.... I guess it would have to be Takeshi. He's not as confident as Susumu and Michiko so that brings him down at times, he defiantly underestimates his abilities and that really hurts him. I think if he stops he could easily match with Michiko and Susumu since overall he's pretty matched with them in terms of abilities by Shippuden.

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I did; it was fun! 
Thanks! (Noboru was probably just thinking about turtles that day or something...He also has a jutsu called Corn Jutsu that has little to do with corn; it's just a habit for him, I guess ^^;)
Oh, thanks for the tip! That looks like a useful site! 
I looked up their personalities somewhere in your files to double-check that I wasn't misinterpreting them too badly, but we did watch you because we liked your stuff, after all! :D

It's always so interesting to see what the creator thinks about their art! 
I'll have to check out more about the Higashiyama Clan (I tried to say that out loud and embarrassed myself XD) and MistressMaxwell's clans, then!
Hm, I wouldn't have guessed that drawing Michiko's shippuden fullbody was the hardest to draw, or Shintaro's hair. They look fine every time to me! (But then again, I'm not an artist, so I'm not great at telling those things...^^;)
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
If I had to choose a favourite I'd definitely choose Yuuna, the sole reason being because I've had her for so damn long and spent so much time developing her as a character that I'm just super attached to her.

Out of the three main clans that I have, I think my Akihide clan is my favourite. I put a lot of thought into them~

Favourite jutsu is probably Tetsuya's Water Blade jutsu, and favourite kekkei genkai is Michio's Flash Dance!

Yuuna's been around since I was in middle school, so that's going on almost 10 years now that she's been a part of my life. She's extremely different now. Back when I was in my weeb phase, I actually ended up having Yuuna get pregnant with Shikamaru's kid at like 18 without them even being married to be honest and that's like the most sueish thing I could have possibly thought of >______>

I'm generally pretty happy with my character's designs!!

Don't think I really have any issues drawing my bbys, but maybe that's just because I haven't drawn them enough because schOOL IS RIDICULOUS


My strongest OC is probably my team's sensei Tami. I haven't fully fleshed out her abilities yet or what she's all about but I know that she's definitely stronger than her chunin bbys.

Michio would definitely get along well with Takeshi and Koji would get along with Susumu I think. I don't think any of my OCs would dislike yours. They might be indifferent at some points but I don't think dislike is the word for it. Koji and Tetsuya would probably be physically attracted to Michiko, and Yuuna would probably be physically attracted to Takeshi tbh.
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My absolute favorite has to be my main, Ryuun Shukiro. But my Ayane is just behind him xD
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
My absolute favorites have to be my main girl, Hyourin Hyuuzu, if only because I've put the most work into her and her clan. She was the first OC I made and she's gone through several different long, drastic revamps but I'm proud of where she is right now. I have her paired with Sasuke and you'll have to pry them from my cold, dead fingers I'm so stubborn when it comes to them. That's just my favorite OC/Canon though, I'm also really in love with some of the OC/OC pairings I have with mistressmaxwell (Kana/Beniko and Taro/Miki and like 500 others). I'm not proud of any of the jutsus or kekkei genkai I've come up with I think they're all lame as hell lmfao. Some ocs here and there I'm not thrilled with their designs but I want to get them to where I do. My strongest ocs are my final-boss-tier antagonist ocs (some that don't even have designs yet oh god) and my weakest is probably a blind girl from Iwa named Suguha Idenbyou whose purpose is to basically be so sensitive she can tell what's wrong with someone immediately.

I wish I could answer the question about your OCs but I don't know them very well OTL
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Well it's only natural to have your favorite OC being how much effort and time you put into them~ What was she like at first? :XD:

It's okay though, I didn't expect everyone to know what they're like. I guess if you really want to you could to the physical attraction part *shrugs*
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
Oh god she was an inconsistent mess and overpowered and I'm embarrassed to admit some of the shit I put her in when I first had her oh god she was the worst kind of self-insertion wish-fulfillment. Now she's complex and I feel she's very three-dimensional and I'm very proud of where she's at :meow: ... I should get to working on the fic I should be writing OTL

If that's the case I'd say all of them because they're all cuties :XD:
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I guess they start somewhere XD at least she's a lot better now~
Take your time, most people usually wouldn't attempt to write a fan fiction for naruto ocs...
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