How do you usually find names for your OCs?
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I see some ocs with unique names and wonder "where do you find then?"
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Published: April 13, 2016
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shamanQween007Student Filmographer works pretty well
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gingerhighlandergirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
I get a family member to choose any two (or three) letters that they want and I create a name for my of.
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ShyLeviathanHobbyist Digital Artist
If it's an OC for an already existing franchise (a Fan Character, like a Naruto OC) then I look at already existing names and make little changes to a name I like so that it sounds just different enough to not be too similar to the already existing names, but close enough to fit into the franchise. 

And if it's an OC for an original story or something, then it usually depends. But I love using BehindTheName to get some ideas. 
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Never thought about that, I'll defiantly keep that in mind when I make another character!

And I'll probably check BehindTheName for future pokemon OC names~
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for hetalia, i just chose nice-sounding name and surname from lists as chinese people do that (i heard at least) and sinapore is 90% chinese so pff
and for naruto, i decided to follow the canon and give my twins abstract names. mochiko means ground rice and kanten is a substitute for gelatine, frequently used to make Japanese confectionery and as their parents run a confectionery shop i guess it makes sense XD

also, most of naruto's names are written in katakana (sakura would be normally writen in usual hiragana as it's an actual surname/name), so i decided to give mochiko this alphabet so i can make puns c: but kanten stays in kanji as it's a certain object. also if you are looking for creative names with meanings, try to search up kun and on readings. kishi do that, for example kisame can be onisame or onikou, depending od reading c: + you can create neologisms (best example is zombie combo, shougi pieces + something : o )
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I'm not too familiar with hetalia tbh, I just thought they were named after their country. X'D

I would say it makes sense, since mochi is used for Japanese confectionery (wagashi) and you said Kanten is too :XD: 
Not too famailar with katakana/hiragana/kanji, but I'll defiantly look up the up kun and on readings, as well as some neologisms!
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yep, but they have human names too uvu

*mochiko. mochi is a rice cake XD and i can always help khekhehe //awkwardly tries to befriend you
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*oh I was thinking along the lines of "mochi" could be derieved from "mochiko" even though, even though it probably wouldn't work like that :'D

I'll defiantly go to you for that, I have some characters I have yet to create that hopefully I can get to//I don't mind XD
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
I just usually search up Japanese names on google~ :la:
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That's what I usually do too XD But lately that isn't good enough for me though, since I keep coming across sites with the same names
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Jaz-SaxxHobbyist General Artist
I usually find kanji i want and then go on's name dictionary and find one I like. Really useful in finding some more obscure (but still real) names. Occasionally I just use words from the regular dictionary for Nardo OCs since hey, the protagonist is named after a noodle so who's gonna stop me XD

I also sometimes directly name characters after historical/literary figures or myths.
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Ohhh I never done that before, good idea :XD: 

I've done that before too~ Especially for clans or team names.
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tsurugamiProfessional Digital Artist
- From comics (no joke, i did find some unusual names and then looking for the meaning) & games, and other character names
- Japanese war ship (there are plenty of them and they have pretty names too! They're even in wikipedia. I actually know these from a japanese online game called "Kantai Collection")
- Japanese swords (also got this from a game called "Touken Ranbu")
- Japanese historical figures, folklore, legends, literature.
- Shrines, and prefectures in japan (Like Izumo, Nara)
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Those are all good suggestions! Thank you :D
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
Love this site to bits, it shows in what Kanji you can write it and the meanings of it.
Allot better than those common name sites... since those aren't all to unique anymore
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And the name sites all have the same names too, which makes it harder...
I took a look at the website and liked it! Never came across a japanese dictionary with preset names, usually you have to already know them XD
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
yup XD
ikr :D I don't remember how I came across that site but what ever XD its awsome~
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Jisho is the beeessst I can find so many fun names with it
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Nella-MoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Eeeeeh... I got most of my OC's names from a Name generator, because the majority of them were born to represent a real person (it was a project I had). When I stopped adding numbers to that project I searched for names on the BehindtheName website. Lately I figured that Naruto names are usually normal objects or specific famous names in japanese so... Idk how to search for names anymore XD
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Yeah, I'm in the same situation XD
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Nella-MoonHobbyist Digital Artist
8D It's good to know I'm not alone. :squee: xD
I'm just quite happy about not needing to name any oc for a long time XD I am still getting rid of a few and spare their names - so naming won't be a problem for a big while.
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Kings--of--DragonsHobbyist Digital Artist
I usually get them from the website , its a pretty good website, also give the meaning of the name as well :)
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