Here's the new OCs I was talking about yesterday~
|6 votes I'll probably change her hair style to where it isn't pulled back ^^;
Any name suggestions? ;3;
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By anniberri   |   Watch
Published: March 15, 2016
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tsurugamiProfessional Digital Artist
I would suggest 'Gin' for the Kihaku boy. Which derived from the name "Gingitsune" which means "silver fox" or maybe "Azusa" which literally means "japanese cherry birch"
for the Kihaku girl i would suggest "Suzume" (Sparrow) or "Tsubame" (Swallow).

And for the Odori guy, i would suggest "Saito" ("sai" for "Purify" and "tou" for "wisteria), or "Ryujo" (Dragon Horse)
for the odori girl, "Hosho" (flying phoenix) <- you can switch this with the "ryujo" tho xD. Or "Anzu" (Apricot)

still, it depends on your preference tho uvu)
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Thank you! ;3;

Those are some really good names! After reading both comments for the name suggestions I think I'm going with Gin Kihaku and Rei Kihaku, since Korei and Rei are kind of similar. Then for the Odoris Narasuru and Hosho; the girl has fire nature so Hoshi is a prefect match~
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
I don't have any name suggestions but I like the designs for all four of them! The Odoris especially.
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Thank you! Happy to hear you like them~
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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow they look awesome! Love the designs X3

Hmmm hmmm hmm ....maybe Korei (fox spirit) for the albino cause he looks like he has a slyness to him. Or Jaki (devil/imp/evil spirit)
the other girl I found Rei (departed soul/spirit/ghost)

for the Odori's I found
for the boy I found Kosuru and Narasu (to beat)
and for the girl I found Hyoushi (rhythm)
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Thank you!

I was actually thinking he looks fox-like XD so Korea is perfect for him! And Rei would be a good name for her too~

I think I'll go with Narasu for the mall twin and Hoshi is good for her too :D

Thank you for providing the names! I was too lazy to search tbh
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
holyshit they look great
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Thank you! :la:

....? X'D
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KirCornHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know for the names since I'm still searching some for my OCs, but they look amazing <333
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I'm happy to hear that! Another commenter has some name suggestions that I'm going with x3
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KirCornHobbyist Digital Artist
AHAHAHHA just names are so hard, mostly when you search for original ones lol
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Yeah XD it's hard to find original names since most sites have all the same names

And it's especially hard to look when your lazy
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