Gimme information on your naruto ocs
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Whether it's bios/profiles, a questionnaire you filled out, a headcanon list, anything
or if you want me to ask questions about your ocs hit me up(or if you want to ask questions about mine, I'm cool with that)
I want to talk about ocs ;w;
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By anniberri   |   Watch
Published: February 8, 2016
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Well I think you know a bit about my stubborn missing-nin xD But if you want you can ask me any question about my ocs
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HatakeHimeHobbyist Writer
I'm always up for answering questions about my OCs haha :'D And I'd love to learn more about yours as welllll uvu There's always so much to learn :D
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You can send me your OC bios or other information about them and I can start asking questions for them if you would like :D

Here's a list of my ocs and some meme I've done with them for quick information, if you want to read their individual profiles they're in my gallery~
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
lol well, okay,

Here's Hyourin Hyuuzu, who is my main and has been such for like 10 years? I love her to pieces, she's gone through a lot of changes and revamps but she's exactly the way I like now and I'm keeping her that way. She's sort of a "tough love" sort of person, seems rather brash and reckless and can even seem rude but she has a high respect for authority and people higher ranking than she is and has very strong and strict morals regarding death and war. She's the kind of person who instead of feeling sorry for someone she'll tell them to stand up on their feet and keep going rather than wallowing in self-pity. She's also incredibly loyal to anyone she considers important. I'm also pairing her with Sasuke until hell freezes over. Then there are her teammates, Tatsu Fujiwara and Nakamora Haruka. Tatsu is somewhat cold and aloof, somewhat pragmatic but overall he believes people need to get along and is quite selfless and loyal. Nakamora's reckless and not exactly the sharpest tack in the drawer but he's got a heart in the right place.

Then their teacher is Rei Hasu, who is somewhat shy and timid and reserved, and somewhat lacking in self confidence (though she learns from watching Hyourin being abrasive). I ship her with Gai. Then unrelated mostly to some of the other characters mentioned Natsui Hyuuzu (who is Hyourin's cousin and shipped with Gaara but that's besides the point.) She's flirtatious, open, incredibly charismatic and open. Not much a fighter, though, she's mostly focused in strategies and things like that.

I have a lot of characters but those are my mains, my favorites. I have a lot of information about them and need to work on written bios (which I hate doing, a lot, for several reasons), but any questions are welcome for sure.
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Alrighty, I have some questions in mind~ Bios take a long time to write... Especially if they're more complex characters

Since these are more of your main ocs, which are your favorite minor characters and why? (Maybe a top three XD)

How well do Hyourin, Tatsu, and Nakamora get along? Is there a pair that get along best, or is it about the same for all three of them?

What's Hyourin and Sasuke's relationship like? What do you like best about their relationship?

How about the relationship with ReixGai and NatsuixGaara?
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
I love questions!! 

With minor characters I definitely love the Yuugiri twins, Sayuri and Nonki. Sayuri is a medic and also an assassin and an absolute sweetheart, Nonki is a brash and reckless warrior who wields massive swords. Then I love the sleezebag Kana Miiro who is a flirtatious piece of work and also a medic :XD:

Tatsu, Hyourin, and Nakamora getting along kind of depends on what day it is. Tatsu and Nakamora tend to get along better by themselves but other than that its about the same for all three of them. Their cooperation gets better as time goes on and sometimes petty stuff gets in the way of them getting along. It's not consistent between them at all, though the biggest conflicts are between Tatsu and Hyourin, usually. Their abilities are pretty well balanced between the three of them.

Hyourin and Sasuke have a uh ... complicated relationship. They've known each other and been on good terms despite their clans being prior allies-rivals but Hyourin is very disapproving of Sasuke's actions and is very harsh and critical of him to persuade him to do better. They argue sometimes but they're very honest with one another and they can be rather intimate. I like most of all that they're honest with one another despite that they can be stubborn and disagree on a lot.

Gai and Rei are adorable! Rei is shy without much self-confidence and Gai has helped her build that up over the years. Its sweet because Rei is a former abuse victim and Gai has helped her a lot. Gaara and Natsui are interesting as well, Natsui is rather flirtatious but she doesn't feel the need to flirt with Gaara like she's flirted with several other people. She feels much more drawn to him in a romantic sense and he much enjoys her company because she's intelligent and good at carrying a conversation.
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I love their designs, especially Sayuri's! Like her assassin and medic combo, it's a weird but interesting one~
Ah Kana seems like a hot mess XD wouldn't have thought he was a medic though! How bad is he exactly though?

I guess it's only natural for the boys to get along a little better ig. Do they have teamm combo lol?

Well someone has to put Sasuke in his place... I like the relationship; most ocs paired with Sasuke seem to be like followers of sasuke, following him around everywhere, even though they don't like what he's doing but really don't do anything about it, so that makes hyourin x sasuke stand out from the others I think and I feel like people just pair Sasuke with their ocs since he's attractive x'D

And I also see why you you paired rei with Gai and Matsui with Gaara. Gai would defiantly be good with an OC that is self concious and needs help and Natsui is a good match with Gaara since he's a little awkward socially and would be drawn to intelligence, and I like how Natsui doesnt have a need of flirting with him~
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
Well she knows vital points and a lot of other technicalities about the human body so that's what makes Sayuri a particularly deadly assassin. 

Kana ... oh, geez, Kana. He'll flirt with any woman but he's not at all into men and he's kind of homophobic about it. He'll flirt absolutely relentlessly, loophole his way out of nos unless he's been like physically threatened, act like some hotshot and play off literally any emotional or romantic attachment as sexual attachment, and ... well his list of offences is pretty long.

Oh Hyourin has WORDS to say about the shit Sasuke's pulled and has actively and consistently confronted him about it. She wants him to do better and is willing to stand in his way if it gets him to stop and also isn't there to love him unconditionally. She has lines drawn in the sand. 

I'm glad you think that Gai/Rei and Gaara/Natsui make good matches! I've been especially nervous about Gaara and Natsui since they haven't been around for a while and aren't as developed but I fell fast and hard for them :XD:
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Oh that makes sense, don't know why it didn't cross my mind

Wow, When you said he was a sleaze bag you defiantly were not kidding XD
Iwagakure's sleaze bag, not a good reputation to have with the girls ^^;

Well I guess there's room for development regardless how long a pairing is, but I'm sure you'll get there~
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Crimson-KunoichiStudent Digital Artist
I dont have many bios up right now of my ocs, but I can always send the ones I have. Dunno which ones you've read though. ^^
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I have read a little bit of Ayumi's bio but not all of it quite yet, but that was a while ago :'D and I read a little about the Miharu Clan
If you don't have all the bios up that's fine, headcanons work well too~
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Crimson-KunoichiStudent Digital Artist
Naruto OC - Tetsuya Matsumoto *PROFILE WIP*

Fuji Yukomi Official Bio Sheet :WIP:

I have two bios up for other characters above, and character picture refs for some othersn but I have plenty of info for others. Just all depends on what headcanons you're interested about. XD
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Tetsuya is so cute, I really love her design, especially the colors! ;3; Gaara and her would look cute together and I wonder what they are like together once the relationship is more fleshed out. :D Also the armadillo summonings!

And I also like Fuji's design too! My favorite has to be her childhood look, the Cinderella poof bangs are really cute for both her looks :XD: Love her relationship with Gai; Usually it's him bringing his partner back to their feet but this is a nice change~

For the headcanons... Not sure about what to ask for quite yet, so random ones of different characters of what you already written would be fine. I have a gist of who your characters are anyway :D Or send me a headcanon meme if that's what you want
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Crimson-KunoichiStudent Digital Artist
Yeah, GaaTetsu is a very new pairing in terms of development. XD I made Tetsuya, or at least doodled a design of her in 2013, but didn't do much with her till now. Hopefully I'll have more information on them soon.

Hehe yeah, that's one thing I wanted to play on, I'm glad you noticed. :3

I just have quite a bit, so that's why I'm not sure either. Too many to count for Naruto and Ayumi though. xD
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I'll keep an eye for the information, then~ :D

Pick a top 2-3 headcanons maybe? For which ever ocs you have headcanons or what you consider your mains? XD 
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Insanity-DrivenHobbyist General Artist… -akira my main… - Kyushi… - syaoran

>3> I wanna see yours now. I love looking at oc designs

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Sorry for getting back at you pretty late! School and work got in the way and all three profiles were very descriptive (not in a bad way though!) so I had to take more time reading than the others 


At first I was a little iffy on the spirit but once it was explained more it makes sense, it filled up a plot-hole/added more depth in the story of Kaguya and the the tailed-beasts (although I'm not too familiar with the story, which reminds me I should actually catch up so I'm more familiar what goes on towards the end of Shippuden ^^; ). It's nice that Nejiri doesn't give Akira any sort of power except more acute vision, which that itself doesn't help Akira with her contacts. Not many people could pull this off but you did!

Akira goes through a lot of character development which I also like about her character, and the village she came from I like as well!

Questions(if you would like to answer)~
Does Akira eventually go to her birth village/find out her parents are dead?

I noticed some things were crossed out regarding Naruto, what are you going to do with their relationship now?


I guess he had to learn the hard way of lying At least he told himself to stop completely after the death of his brother. Also like male ocs that take time in their appearance for some reason (couldn't help but giggle over his dream of obtaining a 6 pack:'D)

Questions(if you would like to answer)~
Other than being a cooler male name, is there another reason why Leiko picked the name "Kyushi"?

Does he a specific type of girls he likes romantically? Or is it more so just getting attention, not exactly being in a relationship?


Ahh wow, this guy has a pretty tragic backstory, and I like that it's not based off of parent's death but rather than being somewhat "shunned" and unwanted by his mother. He's appearance I really like; He's jacket is cool and his hair :XD: also that he's overweight since there should be more Naruto ocs like that! 

Questions(if you would like to answer)~
What would Syaoran name his future children; a female name he would like and a male name?

Does his mother still live in Konohagakure, or somewhere else?


Here's a list of my ocs and some meme I've done with them for quick information, if you want to read their individual profiles they're in my gallery~
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Insanity-DrivenHobbyist General Artist
i love questions =A=((i'm sorry i've been so busy I work 2 jobs and have just got a chance to sit down))

I really appreciate that about akira. I've worked really hard on her and I know not everyone will like her because some people are just not okay with it. Which is completely fine, but I'm glad you are open minded about her. 

Akira - 

Answer 1. Yes she does eventually go to her birth village, but it's not until her later years in life. Most of the people who were alive at that time have died from the weather, or famine. However there are still a few people left that remember what happened and children that are now adults that survived the attack are still alive. 

Answer 2. I'm still going to keep the pairing.(i'm not sure if you read throught he lines or not)) I have it crossed out like that so there's no spoilers for whenever I can get going on her fanfiction. However, if you want to talk STRICTLY cannon with no deviations what so ever.((which defeats the point of OC'S)) akira lives in regret for never telling naruto how she feels. she eventually moves on but it still sits in her heart. 

Kyushi - 

Answer 1. No, there is no other reason 

Answer 2. It's just the point of being the center of attention. Good or bad. It's just easier for him to get attention from women to boost his ego. He could care less about being in a relationship because thats just someone else for him to be betrayed by or lose. 

Syaoran - 

Answer 1. I couldn't tell you exactly what names he would pick. For a male, it would probably be either his fathers name((which i havent made yet))or something gentle. for a female name. it would be something extremely uncommon. 

Answer 2. She does at first, shortly before he turned 13 she moved out of konoha. I havent picked where though. 

now I shall take a gander at your ocs :D
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*O* I love talking about OCs

Here's my main Anna:
She's paired with Neji :heart:
She travels a lot, so even though she's affiliated with Konoha she's usually not present in Konoha at all. 
She's also skilled as an information ninja :3

She was my first and still my fav/main OC ! ;u;
When I created her (since it was my first time) I didn't know what the heck I was doing xD

I'd love to know about your OCs too :)
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She's very pretty! I love her family complex it adds a lot of depth to her I think :D
What's her relationship with Neji then?

Here's a list of my ocs and some meme I've done with them for quick information, if you want to read their individual profiles they're in my gallery~
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vnxdarkbabieHobbyist Digital Artist
They were childhood friends, but they only knew each other for a short while before she left the village to travel. They didn't mean again until the Chunin exam (the one in Naruto), and that's where romance started blossoming xD //shot.
And yes! Her family complex, she didn't have much family growing up so she likes to go around adopting random people and making them her brother/sister/family rather than just comrades. She calls everyone she's friends with nii-chan or onii-chan because of that ^^

I really like your Antagonists, especially *O* My fav is Masara and Yuna! Their stories are so interesting, especially Yuna being the Kekkai Genkai Hunter. Does she have a kekkei genkai herself? c:
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Aw how cute~:heart: how are they like together?

I'm glad you like them! :D Yuna actually doesn't have a kekkei genkai, which is why she hunts those who do,she likes fighting those with abilities only their families have, and she feels strong when she defeats them. She actually tried to get the byakugon but failed when trying to insert it in her eye socket. So she's striving to fight a hyuga once again to hopefully experience what's it like to have a kekkei Genkai.
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You can gladly ask me questions and I'll answer them xD
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