Generally, what type of naruto ocs do you seem to like the most?
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The cool and calm ones
The shy ones
The flirts
The villian/criminal ocs
The Outgoing ocs
I'm not sure ^^;
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By anniberri   |   Watch
Published: May 24, 2015
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HatakeHimeHobbyist Writer
I don't think I have a type either, as long as it's a good, fleshed-out character then I'm on board! :love: I am picky though. xP
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mittimitHobbyist General Artist
Foresighted sassy bitches with a distraught and emotional scaring. 
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a hard time putting other peoples OCs in my favorites, I'm picky.
But I send to go for cool/calm types that are a bit of villainous. Like Shintaro xP
I tend to make my OCs like that allot too. OTL
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LieutenantKerHobbyist General Artist
I don't think I have a particular preference but I like the ones that stand out to me. Characters that fit into a trope and then simultaneously subvert it in some way, characters that have a profession or a trait that I've never seen before. And sometimes I'm drawn to visibly disabled or openly homosexual characters because those are kind of uncommonly seen in Naruto OCs (even though I have a sizeable handful of gay ones myself). I also see a lot of experiences (ie dead parents, dead siblings, basically anything traumatic) that aren't handled with the greatest amount of realism so I appreciate when they're handled realistically (it's a rather personal thing for me given that both of my parents have passed away)
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Jaz-SaxxHobbyist General Artist
I like variety but i'll always have a soft spot in my heart for jackasses. XD
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lilith-lipsHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think I have a favorite type. My favorite Naruto character is Ino, but the first OC I created was completely different from her in personality. And I always like to try and create different OCs. :3 But what about you?
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