Do you ever want to have children of your own? (Personally for me no XD )
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Yes! Someday!
No... Never lol...
Already have some of my own~
Haven't thought about it. ^^;
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Published: June 23, 2015
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
yes and no, I'm not too sure...
I'm just scared of childbirth, the pain..
I thought maybe I'd adopt, but I don't think I can actually accept that XD
I'd probably have kids quite late
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It's okay if you're not sure and if you have them late, nothing wrong with that
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
;3; I guess
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Kazumi-SenpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
I kinda want to but not at the same time.... :iconmingplz: All because pregnancy's pain sounded very scary from stories >__<
Like some people even died because of child birth D:
So I'm probably gonna adopt someone in the future~? Idek I'm still young :iconheplz:
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Yeah D: And I know that if you get an epidural to help relieve the pain, there's still a possibility to get paralysis, even if it is really rare. ;3;
And that too, although with hospitals and better medical care at least it's not as bad, although there's still a chance. x'D

Haha, yeah, don't have to worry about it for too long. :XD:
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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
I do. hopefully soon because I'm not getting any younger ^^; gonna have to nag my husband a bit more I guess.....or go off the pill..... but I'd like 2 and hopefully a boy and a girl. already know they're names that I'd use too. Lily and Liam
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My mom didn't have my brother and I until she was 35, but she also had twins so she didn't have to worry about having another baby. ^^; 
Yeah, kind of sucks for the time limit. x'D And hopefully you end up having a girl and a boy!And those are nice names too :heart:
one of my brother's friend's parents had 6 children and only one was a girl... x'D
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tsurugamiProfessional Digital Artist
i was deciding not wanting to have a child. Because-- somehow i'm afraid about the pain when giving a birth xD
but then i changed my mind lol. Well, i guess there's a phase when women will understand why 'v') but if not, that's just fine too. 
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Yeah it sounds pretty scary ;v; and I guess you can always get an epidural x'D But I'm not sure how much it would cost/the risks of it. 
And that happens sometimes, and some are adamant of not wanting kids and never having them. :lol: But I feel sorry for the people that want them but end up being infertile... : (
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Shin-JonesHobbyist Artist
Yes, I do.  But then I don't. xD

Tbh, I'm not sure I'd be the type to marry and/or have kids.  I would continue this but I need go.
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Ah I see :XD: It's kind of hard seeing yourself with children I guess, and getting married too.

It's okay XD
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Shin-JonesHobbyist Artist

Since I have time, I shall write what I wanted to...!
Okay, so the thing is I want to get married I want to have a kid or two (I used to want four but now I only want one and if I want another ill probs just adopt one) but then I don't because love is just so hard--in more than one way, pun not intended but it is now--and it's complicated, it hurts, which makes me just want to be alone.  And love today is basically just completely wrong, people don't take it seriously, they throw the word around like toys that kids don't want anymore.  Yes, they have their good and bad times, it's all apart of life and experience and the memories you have but it just hurts and I don't want to ever experience that.  Because as I say, I'd rather wait for an impossible dream rather than stand next to a beautiful lie.  This is why I don't want to love.
As for kids, if I can't love, I can't have any but if I could, I don't wanna go through all that pregnancy stuff.

But dude, it's not too hard, I used to plan out my future and how I think my kids would be like with my last crush. xD
 Now it's all different...  I still have the names I want to name my children though.
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if all goes well, yep. And don't say no, life often hits us when we least expect it
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Ehh maybe~ My baby is my dog :XD:
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heh, good choice, but it's like what Mr. Cosby said, "God has a sense of humor."
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