Ask my OCS questions... please
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They'll answer and I might expand on it depending how vague the answer...
But if you can't come up with any on top of your head, I'll link my references from my latest status
Will be replying to messages tomorrow
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By anniberri   |   Watch
Published: July 24, 2017
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HatakeHimeHobbyist Writer
I hope any question is fine!

Which of your OCs is the most insecure and why? Which of your OCs do you consider the prettiest? Who's the best looking of your OCs canonically? Which of your OCs is considered the least attractive in canon? If you had to kill off one of your OCs, who would it be and why? Who falls in love the easiest? Who is the most guarded? Aaaand which of your OCs is the most hypocritical?

Hope that's alright! ;w;
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Okay same to me Akina, Susumu, Takeshi, Michiko and Ryouta

how do they handle pain (physical and emotional)
puppies or kittens?
how competitive are they?
you heard a strange noise in the house, do you investigate? How freaked out are you?
if there was one food you could have everyday without question what would it be and would you get sick of it eventually?
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How do they handle pain (physical and emotional)

Akina: Not to be boastful but I think I can handle pain from injuries better than the average person... But, much to my dismay, I'm a very emotional person so feeling pain emotionally is very hard on me to the point where... I shut off, even to my loved ones... And the pain stays with me longer.

Michiko: I can handle any pain, whether it's physical or emotional. 

Ryouta: I want to say I have a high physical pain tolerance, but I would be lying if I did... >>; I handle emotional pain much better since that type doesn't stay long in me... It still hurts but you just kind of to learn to move on.

Susumu: Ehh... I've been told that I don't have much of a pain tolerance but I don't believe it to be true. When I'm feeling a little down, I kind of do other things to keep my mind occupied, mainly just training it off. 

Takeshi: My pain tolerance is okay I guess? In terms of my emotions, I think I handle them well, which includes pain. I'm not much of a writer, but just writing my pain out on paper helps calm me... My grandmother always is willing to listen to me so after I write it down I go talk to her about it. It makes me feel so much better. ^^

Puppies or kittens?

Akina: I like them both, I love baby animals. ^^ But if I had to choose, it would be kittens... Just how they meow and their cute faces just warms my heart.

Michiko: I don't really care for either of them. (Not much of an animal person)

Ryouta: Puppies, they're so energetic just like me. :D

Susumu: Cats are kind of boring, while kittens are more hyper they'll get lazy eventually, but dogs never grow out of it, so puppies for sure!

Takeshi: I don't have a preference, they're both cute. But it always seems like cats like me better, so I might just go with kittens because of that. ^^;

How competitive are they?

Akina: I don't consider myself to be much of a competitive person, games are fun but I don't have to win, and I don't necessarily have a rival to compete with either. I just never understood the appeal ^^;

Michiko: I do like competing which gives me a chance to show off, and winning is rewarding. Losing gets pretty disappointing, but I'm not going to get all butt hurt over about. *sideglancesatryouta* 

Ryouta: Competitions are so much fun and gives you such an adrenaline rush! My favorite feeling is when things are looking grim but at the end, you pull through and win. So yeah, I'm defiantly a competitive person! (( What he also forgot to mention is that he absolutely HATES losing, it drives him crazy, and it gets to the point where he doesn't enjoy games if he doesn't win. He's so much more irritable after losing and it takes him at least a day to get over it :XD: ))

Susumu: I'm pretty competitive, I like doing playing games for the experience, I don't HAVE  to win but it makes it better. I do get a little pouty about losing but not for long, it's all about the fun. :D

Takeshi: No... I'm not competitive, I can see why people like to be, I'm just not that type of person. ^^;

You heard a strange noise in the house, do you investigate? How freaked out are you?

Akina: I would check it out, just to make sure it isn't dangerous... I wouldn't be scared by it, most likely it was either my imagination or something minor.

Michiko: Check it out I guess if there wasn't anything else to do. Why would it freak me out...? ^^;

Ryouta: Stay put if it was a "spooky" type of noise. Last thing I want to run into is a ghost >>; any other noise I would check it out, curious, but not freaked out. Unless it was spooky, then I would freak...

Susumu: Who wouldn't check it out? I would be a little freaked out depending how "strange" it is. 

Takeshi: I probably would ignore it, but if it became constant then I would try to find what was causing it. I would be annoyed by it if anything ^^;

If there was one food you could have everyday without question what would it be and would you get sick of it eventually?

Akina: I would love to have dango everyday, it wouldn't be good for my waistband though ^^; I don't think I would ever get sick of it...

Michiko: I like all foods... So narrowing it down to one to have everyday....? Can't really answer this.

Ryouta: It would have to be one of my favorite dishes, either seikhan and chikara udon. And on the plus side, I wouldn't get sick of it~

Susumu: ice cream! And there's different flavors, so I don't have the exact same flavor. I don't know whether or not I would get sick of it though ^^;

Takeshi: Probably currybread, I might get indigestion from it by eating it everyday, but I wouldn't get sick of the taste.
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I got another for all 5

the Derpy bird is back. Reaction? (XD)
turn ons and turn offs regarding the opposite sex
Favourite childhood memory
kids. Like em or not? 
What position do you like to sleep in?
nightime or daytime..
you find yourself stranded on a deserted island. What do you do first?
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the Derpy bird is back. Reaction? (XD)

Akina: *covers her mouth trying to hold in her laughter, not doing very well XD*

Michiko: It's back...? I guess I'll have to try and kill it again...

Ryouta: What... The hell? e_e

Susumu: Get that thing away from me! >_<

Takeshi: That's still.... One ugly looking bird... *eye twitch*

turn ons and turn offs regarding the opposite sex

Akina: Hmm... Well-defined, muscular arms. Strength has always attracted me. Sweating a little... Someone romantic and family oriented personality wise... I do like confidence but if it comes off as arrogance it becomes overbearing... Flirty personalities are distasteful... *looks kind of embarrassed answering thi*

Michiko:  like I would know? Even if I did I wouldn't tell... ((Turn-Ons: The male torso and she likes a sweet smile, even though she wouldn't admit to that. XD She's interested someone who is genuine and honest, especially about their own feelings. When they smell good and when they're a good cook
Turn Offs: Any type of flirting since she really isn't into it at all. Being overly giggly and loud is something that would turn her off too; a little is okay but if it's constant then she would literally get a headache. ))

Ryouta: I liked a  girl with a slim and model-like figure, her body type isn't too important to me but that's just a preference of mine. I've always been drawn to a woman's hips and I'm attracted to a feminine walk. I like being spontaneous so a woman with an adventurous personality is also what I like; someone who's uptight and is always on a set schedule is boring. A girl whose bossy I defiantly push away.

Susumu: Boobs, legs, and ass of course... Oh and a confidence woman is also nice, and know that they look good! For some reason, I kind of find my self liking blondes a bit more, no sure as to why though. And another thing, when they have a cute giggle and laugh! But girls that don't take good care of themselves and have bad hygiene, I stay away from. When they're too muscular they look a little to manly turns me away too.

Takeshi: When they shine with determination I have trouble taking my eyes off of them... I can't help but admire women with good self-esteem since that's what I lack in myself. I'm not sure about physical appearance, it's just not something important to me. Sweating a little... I don't like people with violent tempers, so that also applies to women. I never know what to do when girls flirt with me so I tend to stray away from them.

Favourite childhood memory

Akina: When I was a child I always enjoyed it when my mother would dress me up to go to the village festivals. It was just nice to get pampered like that and it was the very few times I felt pretty... I would get candied apples every time and had fun with the game stands they had set up.  ^^

Michiko:  That time is kind of foggy for me, but I do remember going bird watching with my older brother... I always followed him around since I admired him so much.

Ryouta: When I graduated the academy, it was such a rewarding time for me since my parents were doubting I would do it, defiantly one of my happiest days thus far~

Susumu: I have plenty! But if I were to pick one... Defiantly the first day at the ninja academy. It was nice getting to meet all new kids I haven't met before, especially all the cute girls. A couple of days later Takeshi ended up joining with us too. Man was I surprised, he was my first friend I ever made and never expected him to man up to become a ninja. *laughs*

Takeshi: My favorite childhood memory.... It would have to be when I first learned how to make bread with my grandma... I was a little too young and got flour everywhere just making a mess.. But I had a lot of fun and she was so patient with me regardless. Aww

kids. Like em or not? 

Akina: I love children and I would hope to have multiple of my own in the future. ^^

Michiko:  Ehh... They're okay in small amounts; if I spend too much time with them they get kind of annoying...

Ryouta: I'm a child at heart so I love being around children too! I never really thought of having any of my own but I'm not totally against it or anything. 

Susumu: Yeah, I have to kid siblings too! We have a lot of fun but I get along better with my little bro. :D (Big Grin)

Takeshi:  I haven't been around them much, but I enjoy every moment when I do. The kids I spend time with most are Susumu's siblings.

What position do you like to sleep in?

Akina: I usually sleep on my side.

Michiko:  My stomach.

Ryouta: I like to sleep on my stomach too :D (Big Grin)

Susumu: All positions. ;D Just kidding, but I don't know, I'm kind of all over the place when I sleep. Sweating a little...

Takeshi: I mainly sleep on my back, it's the most comfortable for me.

nightime or daytime..

Akina: I actually prefer the night a little more. It's just a nice time to sit down and relax after a long day. 

Michiko:  I like the night since I like the calmness of it and the atmosphere a little more. Taking nighttime strolls is something I like to do.

Ryouta: The daytime! I'm much more energetic then and when there's not a cloud in the sky and it's warm gets me in a much better mood.

Susumu: I like them both equally honestly. 

Takeshi: Preferably the daytime, I'm not much of a night owl. Sweating a little... But I like the morning routine of getting ready for the day and making breakfast.

you find yourself stranded on a deserted island. What do you do first?

Akina: I would first try to find objects to make shelter out of, or find a place that I could use for shelter. I might be stranded for a while Sweating a little... 

Michiko:  Look for food....

Ryouta: Explore! Might as well have an idea where everything is at if I'm going to be there for a while

Susumu: Ugh... I don't ever want to be in that situation! But I guess I would try to find material to make a raft to get the hell out of there!

Takeshi: If I was stranded on an island.... I would look for fresh water, it wouldn't be good to get dehydrated. Sweating a little...
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I have some questions! :D
Akina, Sumusu, Michiko, Takeshi and Ryouta can answer all or some ^^

(I made these as if someone for each of my clans was asking them =w=)

Do you believe in the supernatural?
What's your favorite sea creature?
How do you handle confrontation?
If you got a million yen, what would you do?
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(Just realized I forgot the 3rd question, I'll edit the comment later with the answers OTL)

 Do you believe in the supernatural?

Akina: I honestly haven't looked into it all that much, so I feel like I can't really answer the question. ^^; (( If she did, I would say she would lean towards being an unbeliever. The supernatural isn't really something that interest her, and while she would enjoy listening/reading the stories once in a while she wouldn't think of them as factual. ))

Michiko: Don't believe in them, although I do enjoy reading horror and supernatural books. (( and she also enjoys telling ghost stories to scare Ryouta :XD: ))

Ryouta: I sure do; ghosts, the occult, and other supernatural creatures, everything...! And to be to be frank, I don't want anything to do with it! Scares the living hell out of me, even just stories and movies, I'm just glad that I never ran into anything personally. >>;

Susumu: Oh I'm defiantly a skeptic, but I would rule it out completely, you know? I never experienced it and some stories just seem fake, but there's just a little part of me that feels like some of it may be true... 

Takeshi: Hmm.... I only believe in spirits. I don't think creatures like bigfoot or vampires exist, or things like magic. But something about spirits just seem tangible to me.

What's your favorite sea creature?

Akina: Any kind of pinnipedias, such as sea lions, walruses, and seals... Especially the babies, they're just so cute~ 

Michiko: Sharks I guess? Not really an animal person to be honest...

Ryouta: My favorite sea creatures are dolphins, they're just so intelligent and social animals, making them very similar to us. I swam with them once and it was such a memorable experience, and ever since then they've been my one of my favorite animals all together . :D

Susumu: Whales for sure, they're really big animals! I would defiantly love to see one in person! Or Orcas, they're kind of similar I think. :D But I also like penguins, how the waddle around was always funny to me. *laughs*

Takeshi: I've always been interested in sea horses. They have a unique appearance and once I learned about how they reproduced, made them even more interesting to me. Very fascinating creatures and I actually wouldn't mind learning more about them. :aww:


How do you handle confrontation? 

Akina: I avoid getting myself into confrontation situations altogether, but that's not always possible... I try to not get overemotional about it when I'm confronting someone or when someone is confronting me. So instead I try to make a compromise or apologize for my actions and fix them. I hate when confrontations become a lengthy ordeal so trying to fix the situation before it becomes a full blown battle is how I attempt handle it.

Michiko: It doesn't bother me, it gives us chance to be honest with each other, and that's what I exactly do. 
((Although sometimes she does become a little to truthful and takes things too far unintentionally, but those she's just acquaintances with she tends to have no filter and doesn't hold back what's going through her mind.))

Ryouta: Ugh, what I usually do is not confront others at all, since it's so awkward and uncomfortable! And when someone does it to me, I kind of just... Run away from the situation. Pretty pathetic of me but that's just my fight of flight kicking in... If they got me cornered, I quickly say an apology and hopefully the other party will let it slide...
((He when something is bothering him, it doesn't stay bothering him for long, he doesn't let his negative feelings take over him and quickly brushes them off.))

Susumu: I don't like it and I don't handle it all that well either. 
(( Susumu overreacts to confrontation and takes it very personally so he defends himself, much like he handles criticism, without really listening what the confronter is upset about. He also throws in flaws of the other person, just adding to the fire. When he gets upset over something, he doesn't confront either and instead becomes grouchy and irritable. letting his emotions get the best of him))

Takeshi: I would rather have someone confront me than for them to hide away their feelings and letting them get worse, which I do myself when having to confront another person... I try to talk it out instead of arguing and tearing each other down; it's already kind of a negative experience so it's better to make it easier for us all.

If you got a million yen, what would you do?

Akina: If I were to get the amount of money, I would get my dream house and invest in a nice garden. The rest of it would be saved for my future children. ^^

Michiko: I would travel and try different foods and dishes that I haven't had before. The money would be nice for expensive 5-star restaurants.

Ryouta: Honestly not sure? I've never been a really materialistic type of guy, so I would probably just give it to charity or to people that really need it. :) I would keep a small sum to myself though, just to have in case of an emergency. 

Susumu: A million yen? That's quite a hefty amount of money, great to go on a shopping spree with. :D I look through a lot of magazines with a lot of luxury colognes, designer clothing, products  like that.  Fancy big house would be nice too!

Takeshi: The money would be used to help expand my grandmother's bakery like she dreamed... Also some to give to her to use so she can live comfortable once she retires from it. Another portion would be saved for my future family, and the last of it would go to people in need. ^^
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