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Alright, in the process of changing my front page 

1 deviant said Going to be cherry blossom themed this time, bye to the Kuroshitsuji theme~
No deviants said I'll still be needing to finish chibi face stamps for the characters and their respected box, got the Next Gen Kids done since there are only 3 :XD:
No deviants said And I'll be changing some icons on the artist status box so it goes better with the theme
No deviants said I wish I was able to widen the pictures but DA changed it to where you can anymore, so none of the tutorial here work properly =w=
No deviants said Is there any way where you can hover over a picture and you can customize what it says? (so if you hover over Akina's chibi stamps for example, it will say "Akina Higashiyama" )

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