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NNG Kids Personalities and Headcanons

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2016, 10:13 PM

I am starting to get really invested in my next gen babies lately. I want to write a little bit more about them so you all can have a chance to know them a little better~ 
I will be too lazy to write of Mutsumi's and Takeru's personalities since I haven't developed them fully as of yet. The journal will be updated once I do!

Kokona Seii

Kokona's Design: Ages 2-14 by anniberri

General Info
  • In terms of looks, Kokona has her mother's skin coloring, her heavy eyelids, and pupiless eyes. While she has her father's eye shape and color. Kokona's hair is pink, which was a result of her mother's red hair and her father's blonde (aka as incomplete dominance in genetics, even though it doesn't work that way in real life with hair, anything is possible in anime ig?).
  • She is the eldest child of Zenshin and Akina. She has a younger brother and sister, Shintei who is 2 years younger than her, and Tori who is 6 years younger than her.
  • Kokona has gained her mother's Kekkei Genkai, Sludge Release. She excels in ninjutsu because of this, since it is an advanced nature transformation. 
  • She was born on March 27th about a year after the last. (think she would be born in early spring/near Easter due to her pastel color scheme)
  • Her blood type is AB
  • Her Zodiac sign is the Aries
  • When she reaches her adulthood her full grown height is 5'3" (160.02 cm)
  • The name "Kokona" (心愛) means "Heart's love".

  • Kokona is a perfectionist; although she is generally happy reaching her goals, she cannot help but notice mistakes in everything she does, no matter how small those mistakes may be. She is particular on how things should be done and what the end result should be, which causes her taking a much longer time to do daily tasks.
  • She is patient, persistent, independent, and is always willing to help. However, despite always being willing to help she does have trouble asking for it (partially due to stubbornness) and tend to prefer being in charge.
  • Somewhat sassy and comes a crossed as a little smart-mouthed or sarcastic as she ages, mostly showing around age 9 and up. She may at times be frank but keeps a rather kind expression while doing so.
  • Fun-loving but becomes bored easily. She is generally nice and caring but has her rude moments, mostly revolving being sassy or smart-mouthed. Likes to include everyone in her activities and she is especially good about this with her siblings. Kokona aspires to be a ninja like her parents.

  • In terms of likes, dislikes, and favorites...
    • Kokona's favorite color is purple while her least favorite color is orange.
    • Her favorite animals are cats, although she likes all animals, cats hold a huge soft spot for her.
    • Her favorite food are berries while her least favorite foods are peppers and okayu ( Japanese rice porridge)
    • Kokona's hobbies include flower pressing and collecting items. 
    • She generally collects thinks she finds outdoors such has plants, skeletons, old coins, etc (Much like Yuki from Wolf Children in terms of her findings; About 1:18:20 youtube video )
  • When she's a baby, she doesn't sleep as well in a crib or any other type of bassinet. She does however sleep well in baby swings or things that rock, but especially sleeps well on-top of someone; the warmth, the sound of a heartbeat, and the movement of the chest when breathing soothes her.
    • Overall was a pretty easy baby to work with; she didn't get fussy too often or for too long, had a pretty predictable schedule (in terms of feeding times, amount of diaper changes, how long she would sleep) , had little difficulty with nursing, etc etc.
  • She starts getting into her mother's lipstick when she's a toddler, and it get everywhere, she uses all the lipstick up.
  • She absolutely loves the outdoors and will often go to the creek to collect things or to explore. 
  • In her childhood, Kokona liked to get dirty which is why she enjoyed helping her mom in the garden. It's was also a way she was able to explore with the insects she could find and the plants, which she also likes.
  • She was would be the child that would always fight and throw a fit to get a bath.
  • Liked to play "dress-up", especially with her brother, Shintei. One time she was able to get him into a dress.
  • Once she manage to bring a hornets nest back home... As of how I don't know... (I guess animals really are drawn to her, maybe?)
  • Kokona is that one child that always begs for a pet, which she later ended up bring an ugly stray cat home, and with much begging with her siblings they were able to keep the cat. They named the cat (Female) "Emi" meaning "beautiful blessing", which was recommended by Akina.
  • Most likely got her perfectionist trait from her mother, although a more "severe" form.
  • When she starts dating she has a bad taste in men and is drawn into the "bad boys". Thankfully, this changes.

Mutsumi Moto

Moto Kids by anniberri

General Info
  • The only biological child of Takeshi and Michiko. Mutsumi has her father's light skin, shiny hair, and eyes. On her mother's side she got her hair color and pupiled eyes; Mutsumi is also built more like her mother in terms of body shape and proportions.
  • Mutsumi has a younger adopted brother, Takeru. Mutsumi is the same age as Boruto Uzumaki and they are also classmates.
  • She does not show very much potential as a taijutsu specialist like her mother is training her to be. She does however move quick on her feet and has very good chakra control. Because of being 1/4 Yuki, she is able to perform Ice Release to an extent, but not nearly as powerful as her father can. 
  • She was born prematurely on March 5th.
  • Her bloodtype is A
  • Her Zodiac sign is the Pisces
  • Mutsumi (睦三) means "Harmonious" and is a unisex name, which is why it was chosen by her mother, and her father liked it due to the meaning.
  • She will be 5'5" () when she reaches adulthood. In her childhood she is smaller than average compared to her classmates.

  • In terms of likes, dislikes, and favorites...
    • Mutsumi's favorite color are pale blues while her least favorite color is yellow.
    • Her favorite animal are red pandas while her least favorite animals are mice and rats.
    • Her favorite food are sweet breads. Her least favorite foods are boiled eggs and spinach.
    • Mutsumi's hobbies include researching, playing strategy games, and baking with her father.
  • Due to being born prematurely, she spent a lot of time in ICU and had breathing problems when born, which is typical for premature babies. She was a 32 week premature baby; she weighed 3 lbs and 8 oz and was 16 inches in length.
    • Mutsumi developed slower than average in terms of being able to crawl and walk. She was a sensitive baby and would get over-stimulated and would cry often; she had very loud cries and it was hard to settle her down. Mutsumi was also quite fragile and did not have a big appetite during her infancy.
  • She stayed quite fragile during her toddler years through her young childhood, and as a result her parents where more protective of her and had a close watch on her at all times until she grew more strong.
  • She is often seen scolding Takeru for getting into trouble but usually he ignores her, much to her dissatisfaction. 
  • She is teammates with Shungi Otaka-Zentei (the third member is unknown as of now)
  • Mutsumi feels that she has a better relationship with her father. She feels that she is not reaching to her mother's expectations since she's hard on her, even though her mother is trying to help her and is not disappointed in her.
  • Like her father, Mutsumi is also prone to blush even if there is no reason to.
  • She also has a habit of fidgeting with her skirt.
  • Mutsumi focuses on becoming a medical ninja since that's where her abilities are best suited for. She later becomes a successful medical ninja of chunin-rank and looks up to Sakura Haruno. While her father passed on his Kekkei Genkai to her, her mother taught her how to perform Chakra Enhanced Speed.
  • As an adult she primarily works at the Konoha hospital.

Takeru Moto

Moto Kids by anniberri

General Info
  • The youngest child of Takeshi and Michiko, which he was adopted by them when he was 2 years old.
  • He is the same age as Himawari Uzumaki, who he later becomes teammates with. 
  • Shows more potential as a ninja than his sister. He has Lightning Release and does well in Taijutsu since he is more of a heavy hitter. However, he is not as fast as Mutsumi and it is hard for him to dodge attacks.
  • His birthday is on November 23rd. Takeru was conceived a result of an unexpected pregnancy, his biological mother deciding to go through with the pregnancy but ended up putting him up for adoption after his birth.
  • His bloodtype is B
  • His Zodiac sign is the Sagittarius.
  • The name "Takeru" () means "Warrior". His adopted parents did not choose the name but it is similar to his adoptive father's name since it is also means "warrior".
  • Takeru will reach to 5"9" () in height.

  • In terms of likes, dislikes, and favorites...
    • Takeru's favorite colors are green and red while his least favorite color is pink.
    • His favorite animal are alligators and his least favorite animal is anything that stings (mosquitos, bees, wasps, etc)
    • His favorite food is his father's cooking. His least favorite food are mushrooms
    • Takeru's hobbies include playing pranks and hunting.
  • Knows his sister does not like mice and likes to scare her with them (he's ornery and likes to cause harmless trouble).
  • Due to pulling pranks, he often gets in trouble, especially at school. He doesn't like his instructor, Shino Aburame, since he always catches him. Takeru gets scolded by his sister as well but doesn't listen to her either.
    • Would stand up and fight for his big sister any day, despite her scolding. He nicknames her "Sis" or "Sissy"
  • He will often bring animals he hunted home for his father to cook. Mostly they are small animals such has squirrels, rabbits, and pheasants. He won't be able to successfully hunt bigger prey until he's in his mid-teens.
  • Although he does not like mushrooms, the only mushrooms he will eat are fried Morels, which he also goes hunting for.
  • Gets along with his uncle Ryouta the most from his family members. He feels like he has a good relationship with both of his parents.
  • Knows he's adopted but doesn't care why his biological parents didn't want him; he's happy as it is so why bother thinking about it?
  • Takeru focuses on becoming a respectable ninja like his parents and later manages to become a Jonin ranked ninja. His mother passes on her "Lighting Release: Limelight Blade" while his father teaches him skills in swordsmanship.

Skin by rairy (modified by anniberri)
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