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A OC's creator's Confession

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 20, 2012, 2:29 AM
I can't go to sleep. :/
Was tagged by :iconbibi-books: :XD:

~A OC's creators confession~

1. Pick one of your oc's and confess where you based their appearance of and personality. (Doesn't have to do both only appearance is alright too or solely personality, your choice).
2. Copy the tumbmail of your oc and the tumbmail of the character which inspired you to create your oc. Past them next to each other so others can see your lil' secret better.
3. Don't cheat! Just be honest , wouldn't be fun if you lied no? Would it?
4. Copy these rules so everyone will understand your "dirty" little confession.
5. Name your journal "A OC's creators confession".
6. Tag some friends if you wish. Maybe you're curious what inspired them, no?

The oc's:

I pick Michiko Hirahara, Akina Higashiyama, and Takeshi Moto

Character looks:

At first, Michiko(she even had the same name as me LOL) was pretty much a self-insert. She was my second OC I made, and I was REALLY obsessed with naruto. I was about 10 years old when I made her. She had my hair style, eye color, and had the same style of clothes I would most likely wear. I was editing on photobucket at the time, and I was on quizilla instead of deviantart.

When I got to deviantart, I heard about this "mary sue" business. I changed her a A LOT. I changed her name to Michiko(though I was so creative of picking the name//sarcasm), then her hair style and such. I later changed her eye color to a gold/light brown color instead of her dark brown(I had people vote though), I was planning on changing her hair color, but I kept it since I couldn't picture something else. I wish that I didn't make her a self-insert, or I wouldn't be so ashamed of her. :/

Sorry for the longggg history.

Character personality:

Michiko was a self-insert so her personality, hobbies, and etc... were all the same as mine. Only thing that was the different was that Michiko was 'depressed', since Sasuke was 'depressed', and therefore the couple would work out rightttt?

But now her personality is a lot different. She's very rude all the time, is too serious, and doesn't really laugh much or anything. She used to be related to Kakashi, and all the other OCs that were relate to him were ultra cheerful and all. I wanted something different.


Micah Hatake genin

Photobucket (this one was probably a fanart, but I thought it was actually from the show since I knew nothing about shippuden at the time... D: )




cursemark 2nd form (Did I mention she had a curse mark just like Sasuke?)



Character looks:

Akina was based on a mixture of Anko(hair style), Kurenai(eye shape and genjustu), Tsunade(Body type and make-up), and  I guess you could say that she could of been based off of Kushina too since Akina has red hair, but I didn't know Kushina at the time I made her. For some reason, Akina was my favorite japanese name because it meant "Spring Flower" and I thought it was so pretty! So that's why Akina is 'pretty' I guess. :'I


Akina didn't really had much of a personality until about a year ago. But she does now.

She was very self-conscious about herself when she was young(she's still is, just not as bad), but the ANBU toughened her up and even made her cold for a while(due to a loss of a friend). But when she quit, she warmed back up again. The ANBU was too much for her. I don't think I based her personality on another character.


Photobucket (Here's Akina when she was first made)



Anko: Photobucket

Kurenai: kurenai Pictures, Images and Photos

Tsunade: Tsunade Pictures, Images and Photos

Character looks:
Takeshi was made to be handsome. To be honest, I based his looks on Sasukeand Minato. I really like Sasuke's hair in the front, so I based Takeshi's hair on that with a little twist. Minato has really gorgeous eyes, and I wanted the shape of them for Takeshi. When I first made him, Takeshi had light blue eyes instead of his orange ones.

When Takeshi first came to my mind, he was supposed to be sort of a psycho path(a minor one). I was watching higurashi no naku koro ni so that explains why. But I changed him to become pretty shy, since most of the male OCs I have seen are all confident and outgoing or the loner type quiet. But I would say his some of his personality is a lot like Hinata's.



Takeshi: Photobucket

Sasuke:  sasuke Pictures, Images and Photos>

Minato:  Minato Pictures, Images and Photos

Hinata: Hinata Hyuuga Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, you got to know my confessions. There's probably a lot of grammar mistakes since I'm to lazy to check it.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I would love to see you do it! Send me a link to your's if you want. C:

cixu Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
Lol I'm going to do this, as Miharu was such a Mary sue. xD
hyuga-hime Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this meme has gotta be my favorite, by far! :la: It's so great to see your improvement. :la:
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