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Athenian Society -Open Hero Agency, BNHA-

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2018, 10:56 AM

:new: Added information about Hephaestus, interns have been added, and Demeter position has been spoken for!

I have decided to open my hero agency I created, which is open for 1 hero position, and unlimited slots for sidekicks and interns. I'll post the information I have of the agency from my status I wrote (it's very informal, I'll eventually rewrite it lol). :')))


"So basically I've created a Hero Agency, it's composed of potentially 7 pro-heroes, and it would also be considered a Hero Alliance. It's Greek themed since their hero names are based on Greek Gods/Godesses; some of their quirks are based on the god's powers too. The name of the agency/team is "Athenian Society".
The main purpose of agency is to empower new heroes. They would be employed as sidekicks to one of the 7 heroes to gain experience, gain exposure to the public, and to learn the morals of a hero. technically I think all hero agencies do this butwhatever, the main difference between this hero agency than most of the others is that it's a hero alliance. Some will eventually venture off to start their own agency, while others enjoy working with the pros so much and remain as sidekicks. A lot of students also do their internships there too. 
The end goal is to (hopefully) create a strong community of heroes that prioritize the safety of civilians above all (we all know some heroes take the job just for money and personal gain...).
The founder/Chairman is my OC Athena and the other Pro-hero's that work there act as advisors for her. She recruited them herself for their prowess and sharing similar values"

Rules/Additional Information

  • Preexisting characters are welcomed as well as creating OCs specifically for the agency (Sidekick and Intern slots are currently UNLIMITED)
  • This Hero Agency takes place in the current BNHA timeline, this is not an AU
  • Anyone can join, there's no restrictions on who can and can't join
  • It is NOT a requirement for Heroes and sidekicks to have their hero names or design be based on Greek Gods
  • I have created a character list similar to the BNHA wiki, so if you would like your OC's headshot to be part of it please let me know and I'll add it, otherwise a link/thumbnail of your character will be posted in the appropriate section.
  • Pro Heroes each have their own hero team, known as "sectors" composed of their own interns and sidekicks
    • If your OC is a Pro-Hero please let me know if you have any ideas of who you want to be apart of your sector (you can use canon characters, create OCs for it, or recruit your friends)

Pro Hero Positions

  • Athena Position (My OC Hiraku Rikizen)
    • Chairman/Founder
    • Hero Name: Protector Hero "Athena"
  • Poseidon Position (My OC Arashi Tsuchida)
    • Vice Chairman (If something were to happen to Athena, Poseidon would take over as chairman)
    • Hero Name: Earth-Shaking Hero "Poseidon"
  • Hermes Position (My OC Albrecht Paternoster)
    • Hero Name: Divine Hero "Hermes"
  • Artemis Position (My OC Itsuki Nakano)
    • Hero Name: Huntress Hero "Artemis"
  • Hades Position (My OC Yuuya)
    • Hero Name: "Hades"
  • Hephaestus Position(Taken by Ringoleen; her OC Nobuo Nakahara; time he takes position is currently undecided)
    • Hero Name: "Dark Knight"
  • Apollo Position (Taken by natsuseiro; her OC Nidai Senryo after he graduates [BNHA OC] Nidai Senryo by natsuseiro)
    • Hero Name: "Robin Hood"
    • For his information, please refer to his Toy.House Profile, which is linked in the description!
  • Demeter Position (Taken by FiammaJoule)

Pro Hero Information 

Here's some small tidbits of info about them to help choose which sector you want to be apart of (I will update it with full bios whenever they get finished in the distant future...)
Athena Hiraku Rikizen by anniberri
  • Full Name: Hiraku Rikizen
  • Quirk:Muscle Expansion
    • Allows Hiraku to increase her muscle mass for superhuman strength and durability 
  • Ethylogy 
    • The greek godess Athena was known as the protector of civilian life, was often shown to be companion of heroes, and was the patron goddess of heroic endeavor (Reference). These qualities inspired Hiraku to choose "Athena" as her hero name and aspires to be what the Greek goddess symbolizes.
    • According to the kanji, her first name "Hiraku" translates as "expand, open, support". Her surname "Rikizen" means "power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert" and "in front, before"
    • Originally going to be a history teacher at U.A., but decided to have her operate a hero agency instead. However, due do her vast knowledge of ancient history and mythology, she is often a guest lecturer at high schools.
    • Her interests include history (preferably ancient history), mythology, visiting museums, reading, and working out. She also has a soft spot for cute things.
    • Her diet consists of healthy, high protein foods. Due to how much calories she burns from using her quirk, she consumes about 4,000 calories a day, double the amount needed for the average woman.
    • She grew in a slum-like area in Japan to a single mother. Her neighborhood composed of a lot of poor families with a high crime rate. Many pro-heroes deemed the area a "lost cause" and very few did much to try to the better the area. 
      • To find some relief from her homelife in her youth, a lot of her time was spent in the library away from her neighborhood. Upon stumbling upon mythology books, she took a great interest in the subject, and quickly developed a love of history.
Arashi Tsuchida Poseidon by anniberri

  • Full Name: Arashi Tsuchida
  • Quirk: Catastrophe
    •  Can create, shape and manipulate storms (e.g. tempests, heavy rain/floods, lighting storms) and has the ability to generate earthquakes.
  • Ethylogy
    • Arashi's quirk and hero name is based on the Greek God Poseidon. Poseidon had power over the seas, storms, and could generate earthquakes by stabing his trident to the ground. Posedion was commonly known as the 'Earth-Shaker", which Arashi's alias is derived from.
    • According to the kanji, the name Arashi translates to "Storm,tempest" while the kanji in his surname, "Tsuchida" mean "earth,soil" and "wisdom,intellect".
    • His parents did not marry out of love, but instead married for the purpose of creating an offspring with a strong quirk. Arashi's quirk is a result of of the merging of his parent's quirks.
    • Because of his upbringing, he has a strong disdain towards quirk marriages.
    • Contrary to the Greek's portrayal of Poseidon, Arashi is a very calm individual. Due to the destructive potential of his quirk, he doesn't want his emotions to get the best of him.
    • Arashi and his hero team work in the coast guard, similar to the Oki Mariner Crew. 
    • Him and his wife have an adoptive son and daughter.
    • Arashi is ranked #4 in the "Heroes that like villians" list, followed by Gang Orca.
Albrecht Pastnoster Hermes by anniberri
  • Full Name: Albrecht Paternoster 
  • Quirk: Angelic Energy
    • Albrecht can generate various constructs out of pure energy, his halo being his power-source. He can use the energy to manifest wings, create blasts/lasers, barriers, and weapons.
  • Ethylogy 
    • According to Greek mythology, Hermes acted as a messenger to the other gods. He wore a winged helmet and winged sandals to represent his agility and ability to fly.
    • His given name "Albrecht" is derived from the Germanic name "Adalbert" Adal meaning "bright" and "beraht" meaning "noble". While his surname, "Paternoster" is based on the Latin phrase "pater nostor" meaning "Our Father". The line is used in the opening prayer of the Catholic church.
    • He can play both the piano and the violin
    • Albrecht is very... Melodramatic.
    • Grew up to a rich Catholic family in Germany. Like Momo, he's pretty ignorant to what's common to the middle class.
    • His interests include classical music, dancing, architecture and soap operas.
    • While not depicted here, he wears sandals with wings on them.
    • Albrecht will either be voiced by Mamoru Miyano or Daisuke Namikawa
Artemis Itsuki Nakano by anniberri
  • Full Name: Itsuki Nakano
  • Quirk: Predatory Switch
    • When activated, the user taps into a feral state of mind and gains a hunter's intuition akin to a predatory animal.
  • Ethylogy
    • Artemis was the Greek Goddess of the hunt due to her unique powers over animals. She was an archer and was also portrayed as the moon godess.
    • According to the kanji, her given name "Itsuki" translates as "savage,barbarian" and "month,moon". Her surname "Nakano" means "central field,wilderness".
    • Itsuki was an exchange student to a hero school equvilant to U.A.'s and Shiketsu's status in America. There she interned for the American hero "Snare" to hone her hunting skills.
    • She learned to be proficient in using hunting bows , combat knifes, and shotguns while under the training of Snare. She keeps them equipped on her in order to reduce the activation of her quirk.
    • Her interests include hunting, landscaping, and mountain biking (or bicycling in general). 
Yuuya Hades by anniberri
  • *I don't have fact information all written out for him yet, but his quirk is similar to Dark Energy Manipulation via Powerlisting, I'll update later "

Hephaestus Position

(Ringoleen's OC)

  • Full Name: Nobuo Nakahara
  • Quirk: Bladed
    • The ability to transform many parts of the body to sharp steel blades which can be formed and used as various types of weapons.

athenian Society List2 by anniberri
[BNHA OC] Nidai Senryo by natsuseiro
Robin Hood
Apollo Position
*After graduation*

athenian Society List by anniberri
My Hero Academia: Chikara Tsuyoi. Reference Sheet by TheNessY21
Chikara Tsuyoi
Poseidon List by anniberri
Hermes List by anniberri

Artemis List by anniberri

Hades List copy by anniberri
My Hero Academia: Yogen Kazangan Reference Sheet by TheNessY21
 Yogen Kazangan

CSS by Sukiie
Here's the 8 Facts Meme except I tagged myself :iconmingplz: I plan on doing more too, but here's the meme with my main students for now. Also, you can find a brief description of their quirks here:  BNHA OC Character Directory Main Students
Einosuke Katou
 U.A., Class 1-A
Hero Name: Reflector
Quirk: Repulsion
Gives him the ability to manipulate repulsive forces.
Hayano Matsumoto
 U.A., Class 1-B
Hero Name: Tamias
Quirk: Rodent
Gives Hayano her rodent-like appearance and abilities.
Xīnyí "Mii" Wū
U.A, 3rd Year 
Hero Name: Phantom Maiden
Quirk: Spirit Out
The user can manifest their spirit outside of their body for ghost-like abilities, but in exchange leaves their physical body vulnerable.
Kanzo Gushiken
Shiketsu, 2-A
Hero Name: Pack-a-Punch
Quirk: Stockpile
Can absorb and conserve the energy of any physical hit; the more energy he stores the stronger his attacks become.

Minor Students

Yusumi Daichi
 U.A. Class 1-A
Hero Name: Steamtrix
Quirk: Boiling Point
Lets her heat up her body temperature to the where steam evaporates from her body, the steam can reach extremely hot temperatures

Einosuke Katou

Einosukeee by anniberri

  • Einosuke likes rock music and is a fan of Jiro's mother's music, but doesn't know how to approach her about. He also enjoys playing video games and has a group of friends that he met through online play.
  • He has a dog and a cat. His dog is an Akita named Kenta and his cat is a black short-haired named Kuro.
  • He's seen mainly with Koji and Sato since they sit together in class. Einosuke also interacts with Fumikage quite a bit, but from the three he's closest to Koji. He admires Todoroki, Bakugo, and Midoriya since they use their quirks to the fullest unlike himself. Despite admiring Bakugo, he's been intimidated by him due to his aggressiveness. 
  • Einosuke's quirk manifested a year later than average, and it was thought he would end up quirkless like his older brother. His quirk is similar to his father's quirk except a much stronger version, which the increased strength is thought to be due to his mother's "enhancer" quirk.
  • The lavender highlights in his hair are not natural, he dyes them in.
  • Identical to many others, All Might inspired Einosuke to become a hero when he was a child. 
  • When Einosuke is concentrating to hard, he has an unintentional, intense scowl. He's extremely embarrassed about it...
  • Einosuke is voiced by Kensho Ono, here's a compilation of some of his roles:

*Author's Note: Basically everyone with the calm quiet voice would work for him

Hayano Matsumoto

Woooo by anniberri
  • She's very athletic and participated in many sports such as track, gymnastics, soccer and tennis. 
  • Hayano went to the same middle school as Itsuka Kendo. While they didn't interact with each much in middle school they both recognized each other on their first day in class 1-B. They eventually become friends after hanging out in class.
  • Her fighting style is kickboxing as she took some classes in it.
  • Hayano likes the outdoors, rock climbing, hard candy, and of course, playing and watching sports!
  • Her least favorite season is winter since she's always hungry and gets fatigue easily.
  • Unlike Neito Monoma and some other student's Class 1-B, Hayno has no ill feelings towards Class 1-A. Instead she gets excited when Class 1-A and 1-B have classes together.
  • Due to her rodent quirk, her teeth are always growing which is why she's always chewing on something, like pencils for example.
  • Hayano is voiced by Aya Suzaki, who voices Mako from Kill la Kill

Xīnyí "Mii" 

BNHA OCMii by anniberri
  • Xinyi is part Japanese and Chinese; her mother is Japanese while her father is Chinese.
  • In Japan she goes by the name "Mii", which is the Japanese reading of the characters in her first name.
  • Some of Xinyi's likes include Halloween, bubble baths, over-sized sweaters, and storytelling.
  • She spent most of her childhood in China, but frequently visited Japan during the summer to see her mother's family. During her visits in Japan, her grandmother trained her to improve her quirk since they both share the same quirk.
  •  It wasn't until her grandmother fell ill is when her family started living in Japan. Xinyi spent the last part of middle school in Japan and later enrolled in U.A.
  • In her youth she had "imaginary friends" which were actually spirits. When she started school she was seen as an outcast among the other students as it creeped them out.
  • While most people weirded out by Xinyi's obvious connection with the supernatural, Nejire was interested in it as she found it strange, and wanted to learn more about it from Xinyi. Xinyi eagerly agreed since most people avoided her because of it. Ever since then, Nejire has been a friend of Xinyi.
  • Her voice is done by voice actress Yumi Hara, who also has played Albedo in Overlord.
*Author's Note: While Xinyi isn't obsessive like this, I think Yumi Hara can capture Xinyi's eccentricity from her role as Albedo~

Kanzo Gushiken

Kanzo2 by anniberri

  • His father is a former pro-hero but currently owns and runs a martial arts dojo after having loosing an arm fighting against a group of villians. Kanzo acts as a "punching bag" at times for the students his dad instructs, which he doesn't really mind since it allows him to "stock up".
  • Due to how his quirk has to be used, Kanzo has gained a high pain tolerance.
  • Kanzo fighting style is best described as judo-karate hybrid; he mixes techniques in judo (evident in his throws) and karate (shown in his striking techniques). He utilizes his quirk mostly in his punches, hence his hero name "Pack-a-Punch".
  • Similar to Nagamasa, Kanzo also wishes to be allies with the students of Yuuei. 
  • One of Kanzo's dreams is to visit the United States, which is why he is trying to improve his English. He incorporates some English phrases in his Japanese often and tends to praise in English, such as saying "nice punch" or "nice kick".
  • Like Inasa and Cammie, he's more lively and carefree. When Shinji gets angry with Cammie or gets after Inasa, Kanzo usually tells Shinji to "relax" or "stop being a tightass" with a hard slap on a back. 
  • Kanzo's likes include carbonated beverages, hamburgers, sparring, and traveling .
  • He is voiced by Yuuichirou Umehara

*Author's Note: Originally I wanted  Yoshimasa Hosoya, but he already voices Fumikage. I like Yuuichirou's tone for Kanzo, like in his role as Hazama, Charioce XVII, and Nagakura, but if he were to play Kanzo, he would have to use a voice a bit more lively. :XD:
Comment in this journal if you're interested in getting a waitlist slot first. Also please note that I might work a bit slower on this list than my previous commissions ;3;
I will NOT accept payment until I finish my last commission, but you may go ahead and give me information what you would like through a note when I accept you into a slot!

  • Go -->here for my commission rules.

Categories (Only a selected few)

SD Style Chibis $6, 600 points
Examples:SD Chibis: Konoha OCs by anniberri  CM: Pokemon Trainer Lillian by anniberri CM: Zenshin SD Chibi by anniberriCheeb Sample by anniberriNaruto SD Chibi Commission Set by anniberri
Bust Shots $10, 1000 points
Examples: Akina's Parents (Younger Versions) by anniberri 01262017 by anniberri Bustsample by anniberri

Half Body $15, 1500 points

Examples:  Genderbent Kohona Females by anniberri Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by anniberri

:iconspiritualsteel: Sd Chibi(s)??
:iconringoleen:  2 SD Chibis
:iconnanadii: SD Chibi

Commissions -CLOSED-

Wed Mar 7, 2018, 7:57 AM

I'll be opening a couple of slots for commissions here and there since I'm not currently in college (I withdrew from my classes OTL). Once it hits mid may will be the last time I'll open them for a while, that's when college would technically would be finished. So here's some more open slots and categories!

Please comment in this journal first for a slot if you're interested!

  • If you want one, please send it through a note.
  • If paying with paypal, please make sure to select "no address needed"
  • I won't work on the commission until payment is given.
  • No due dates please.
  • Depending what you ask for, I may decline your commission.


  • All will come with a transparent BG, a simple background can be added by request
  • -Everything will neatly linearted and colored 
  •  OCs will be drawn in the style the fandom they're in, if not in a particular fandom please let me know what style you would like them to be in

Categories (Only a selected few)

SD Style Chibis $6, 600 points
Examples:SD Chibis: Konoha OCs by anniberri  CM: Pokemon Trainer Lillian by anniberri CM: Zenshin SD Chibi by anniberriCheeb Sample by anniberri Cheeb Sample2 by anniberri
Bust Shots $10, 1000 points
Examples: Akina's Parents (Younger Versions) by anniberri 01262017 by anniberri Bustsample by anniberri

Half Body $15, 1500 points

Examples:  Genderbent Kohona Females by anniberri Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by anniberri

1. :iconasiuu: SD Chibi(s)?
2.:iconmistressmaxwell: SD Chibis x3
3. :icondb898: Half Body
4.:iconseelenkaetzchen: ?

    Going to make a small waitlist for Naruto SD chibis and bust commissions, just comment in this journal if you're interested in getting a waitlist slot first.
    I will NOT accept payment until I finish my set of YCHs, but you may go ahead and give me information what you would like through a note once I accept you into a slot. 

    • Go -->here for my commission rules.

    SD Style Chibis $6, 600 points
    Examples:SD Chibis: Konoha OCs by anniberri  CM: Pokemon Trainer Lillian by anniberri CM: Zenshin SD Chibi by anniberri

    For the SD chibis, any fandom other than Naruto is welcomed,
    it's just the chibi style it's going to be in!

    Bust Shots $10
    , 1000 points
    Examples: Akina's Parents (Younger Versions) by anniberri  01262017 by anniberri


    1. :iconasiuu: -SD Chibi- ?
    2. :iconeleanor-devil: -SD chibi-
    3. :iconspiritualsteel: -SD chibi-
    4. :iconmistressmaxwell: -SD Chibi-?
    5.:iconash-can: -Bust Shot-

    Headcanon Memes

    Mon Jan 29, 2018, 6:37 PM

    I really want to talk about my children  ;A;

    I want to do the headcanon memes myself now X'D I'll be using a variety of headcanon memes from tumblr, here they are, I'm willing to answer anything btw!

    Symbol Meme

    Symbol Meme 2

    Romance & Sex Meme

    Dig into Muse Personal Life

    Relationship Meme

    All the Little Things Meme………………

    Here are my OCs.... Won't list them all but here's most of them XD

    Naruto OCs

    -REMAKE- Naruto OC Height Chart by anniberri
    Left to Right: Akina Higashiyama, Susumu Otaka, Michiko Hiraoka, Ryouta Sakaguchi,Takeshi Moto,Junko Amagawa,Yuuna Adachi,Kano Hiraoka,Izagani Nakamura, Shintaro Ichihara, Masaru

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by anniberri
    Left to Right: Kokona Seii, Mutsumi Moto, Takeru Moto

    These are my a few of my minor characters
    ANBU MEMBER: Yuudai Chiba by anniberri WIP: Higashiyama Royal Class by anniberri Shigen Tategami by anniberri Masamune Tategami by anniberri Odoris by anniberri 01282018 by anniberri

    BNHA OCs

    More BNHA OCs by anniberriBnha Ghost Gir2 by anniberri

    ~Plan on expanding their description more before the pros and cons~

    Hayano Matsumoto

    Quirk: Rodent 
    Type: Mutant

    Hayano's quirk gives her a rodent-like appearance along with several abilities like the following:
    • Strong Jaw: The strength in Hayano's jaw is superhuman; her mouth can break/chew through materials such as metals, wiring, rocks, and so on. Her teeth are not like a normal human's and instead are incisor-like.
    • Cheek Pouch- Hayano has cheek pouches that she uses for storage. While her cheek pouches can expand greatly, she is limited to what she can store, and can only place objects that she can fit into her mouth.
      • Side Note: She stores pellets that are used for BB guns in her cheek pouches and spits them out, and due to her strong jaw, it's very powerful; makes up for her being more of a close range combatant.
    • Whiskers- Her whiskers are as wide as her which she can use it to gauge whether or not she can fit into a tight space. They are able to feel air vibrations that can be used sense dangers early, giving her slightly enhanced reflexes.
    • Increased agility and jumping capabilities
    • Above average sense of smell and hearing
      • She is able to differentiate others just by their scent and uses it mainly for tracking. Also has the ability to hear ultrasound, which the average human cannot hear. However, she tends to get distracted easily because of this.
    • She is known to be an excellent burrower and climber!

    Einosuke Katou

    Quirk: Push-Away
    Type: Emitter

    Grants Einosuke the ability to manipulate repulsive forces with his hands.

    + Can deflect attacks/quirks away from him. Conversely, he can enhance the power and speed of other's techniques as support.
    + Gives user better navigational abilities in order to dodge attacks and increase his speed, can do the same to others in a way as support
    + Able to increase the power and speed of projectiles by applying his quirk
    + Has considerable offensive capabilities as he can push opponents considerable distances and cause substantial injuries 

    - The forces can be nullified with an equal or greater force; if he miscalculates a force from an opponent, his attack will not pull through
    - Every use has a lag period; the greater the force, the longer the lag period is. This gives his opponents a chance to counterattack
    - His quirk is not reflexive but instead takes an immense amount of concentration. Loss of concentration leads to his quirk not working
    - If gone over his limit he can injure himself, sometimes gets headaches due to the concentration, and the quirk essentially uses his "life energy" which can result in fatigue
    - His quirk can only be done with his hands and he cannot pull anything towards him
    - His body must be physically fit in order to use his quirk effectively

    Side Note: Due to his past with his quirk, he is hesitant to use it in certain circumstances,
    leading him not to reach his fullest potential.

    Hiraku Oshiro

    Quirk: Muscle Expansion
    Type: Transformation 

    Enables Hiraku to expand her muscle mass for superhuman strength and durability. 

    + Gives the user super human strength
    + Increases durability in order to withstand heavy impacts or projectiles 
    + Trained herself to make her quirk more reflexive; requires little concentration for activation

    -  Quirk needs large amount of calories to be consumed to use effectively; too little or continued use leads to fatigue or not being able to use     the quirk at all.
    -  Muscle expansion that is done too rapidly can lead to torn ligaments or soreness
    - Despite being more durable when the quirk is activated, pain still can be felt 
    -  Requires Hiraku's body to be physically well and in shape

    Genta Jinnouchi

    Quirk: Searcher
    Type: Emitter/Mutant?

    Allows Genta to extract memories from people or objects upon touch.

    + Trying to cover up memories with "new" memories has no affect.
    + Not only limited to memories, he can also read other's thoughts and what happened to them in the past
    + Although a person may not remember an experience, he can look into their past in order to retrieve the information
    + Quirk is an excellent interrogation resource
    + Has ability to figure out a person's quirk without them verbally telling him

    - Witnessing memories that are very traumatic or emotional can affect Genta at a personal level
    - Has to touch them in order to activate his quirk
    - With objects, he can only look into their past within the last 30 minutes. 
    - He cannot share his memories or thoughts to others by touching them
    - He cannot show people surrounding him memories of the person/object he is searching
    - Unable to erase memories from others or see into their future
    - Extended use of his quirk makes him extremely sleepy

    OC NOT YET CREATED (Not sure on gender, but this one might be a villian...)

    Quirk: Rubber Body
    Type: Mutant or Transformation (leaning towards mutant?)

    The user has properties of rubber due to their body being mostly made out of it.


    + TBA

    - TBA

    Shipping Meme Ver. 3

    Mon Sep 18, 2017, 8:03 PM

    This time a mixed a couple of questions from multiple memes. Yuri/Yaoi shippings are okay for me! I may decline depending what you ask, but not likely. ^^; This is all just for fun anyways~ 

    RULES: Comment with two characters, one of them being my OCS. Then the other one could one of your OCS, my OCS, or a canon character. (Crack ships are welcome as well as existing couples!)
    Ex. Takeshi x Michiko, Ryouta x OC, Akina x Kurenai, etc....

    *This does contain NSFW and SFW, if you only want SFW please let me know! If not I'm doing both. *

    OCs: Main Naruto OCs: Height Chart by anniberri More Tsukikage Kuragari Members by anniberriIzagani by anniberri
    1. Who worries about how they will look when they’re older
    2. Clings to the other during scary movies
    3. Gets into the shower with the other randomly
    4. Tells the other they love them more often
    5. Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)
    6. The adventurous eater
    7. Makes the bed in the mornings
    8. Who falls asleep on the couch
    9. Who is more protective
    10. Who is the morning person/night person

    1. Who is louder? 
    2. How often they have sex.  
    3. Lights on or off? 
    4. Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  
    5. Who comes first? 
    6. Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 
    7. Who is more submissive? 
    8. Who usually initiates things? 
    9. Who is more sensitive?
    10. Their favorite form of foreplay

    I honestly don't remember when I made OCs for a different fandom other than Naruto. X'D But here's a little introductory and info of my BnHA OCs I written so far.

    More BNHA OCs by anniberri

    Hayano Matsumoto

    Biographical Information

    Japanese Name: 松本 迅乃
    Rōmaji Name: Matsumoto Hayano 
    Alias: Shimarisu (シマリス, Shimarisu)

    Personal Information

    Birthday: January 4th
    Age: 15 (At Start of Series), 16 (Currently)
    Gender: Female 
    Height: 152 cm (4' 11¾")
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Grey
    Blood Type: A
    Quirk: Rodent (Gives Hayano her rodent-like appearance and abilities.)


    Status: Alive
    Family: Hiraku Oshiro(Mother)
    Fuminori Matsumoto (Father)
    Occupation: Student
    Affiliation: U.A.


    Japanese Voice: Manami Numakura
    English Voice: ?

    Einosuke Katou

    Biographical Information

    Japanese Name: 松本 迅乃
    Rōmaji Name: Katou Einosuke 
    Alias: Reflector (リフレクター, Rifurekutā)

    Personal Information

    Birthday: March 12th
    Age: 15 (At Start of Series), 16 (Currently)
    Gender: Male 
    Height: 173 cm (5'8")
    Hair Color: Purple with Lavender Highlights
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Blood Type: O
    Quirk: Push-Away (Grants Einosuke the ability to manipulate repulsive forces with his hands in order to attack and navigate himself . Can also be used to repel objects and other's techniques away from him.)


    Status: Alive
    Occupation: Student
    Affiliation: U.A.


    Japanese Voice: Mamoru Miyano
    English Voice: ?

    Hiraku Oshiro

    Biographical Information

    Japanese Name: 大城 
    Rōmaji Name: Oshiro Hiraku
    Alias: Athena (アテナ, Atena)

    Personal Information

    Birthday: May 25th
    Age: 37
    Gender: Female 
    Height: 165 cm (5' 5")
    Hair Color: Red
    Eye Color: Blue
    Blood Type: A
    Quirk: Muscle Expansion (Enables Hiraku to expand her muscle mass for superhuman strength, durability, and/or momentum.)


    Status: Alive
    Family: Fuminori Matsumoto (Husband)
    Hayano Matsumoto (Daughter)
    Occupation: Pro Hero


    Japanese Voice:
    English Voice: ?

    Genta Jinnouchi

    Biographical Information

    Japanese Name: 陣ノ内
    Rōmaji Name: Jinnouchi Genta

    Personal Information

    Birthday: July 1st
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male 
    Height: 185 cm (6' 1")
    Hair Color: Navy
    Eye Color: Red
    Blood Type: O
    Quirk: Searcher (Allows Genta to extract memories and thoughts upon touch; can also look at an object's past to a small degree.)


    Status: Alive
    Occupation: Detective, Interrogator
    Affiliation: Police Force


    Japanese Voice: Daisuke Ono
    English Voice: ?

    Fuminori Matsumoto

    Biographical Information

    Japanese Name: 松本 文 範 
    Rōmaji Name: Matsumoto Fuminori

    Personal Information

    Birthday: November 23rd
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male 
    Height: 175 cm (5' 9")
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Grey
    Blood Type: A


    Status: Alive
    Family: Hiraku Oshiro (Wife)
    Hayano Matsumoto (Daughter)
    Occupation: Lawyer


    Japanese Voice: 
    English Voice: ?

    Paypal and Point Commissions -CLOSED-

    Wed Jul 26, 2017, 9:32 AM
    Going to open a few slots before college starts back up, I know some people were interested in them in the past. ^^;

    • If you want one, please send it through a note.
    • If paying with paypal, please make sure to select "no address needed"
    • I won't work on the commission until payment is given.
    • No due dates please.
    • Depending what you ask for, I may decline your commission.


    • All will come with a transparent BG, a simple background can be added by request
    • -Everything will neatly linearted and colored 
    •  OCs will be drawn in the style the fandom they're in, if not in a particular fandom please let me know what style you would like them to be in

    Categories (Only a selected few)

    SD Style Chibis $6, 600 points
    Examples:SD Chibis: Konoha OCs by anniberri  CM: Pokemon Trainer Lillian by anniberri CM: Zenshin SD Chibi by anniberri
    Bust Shots $10, 1000 points
    Examples: Akina's Parents (Younger Versions) by anniberri  01262017 by anniberri

    Half Body $14, 1400 points

    Examples:  Genderbent Kohona Females by anniberri Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by anniberri

    Skin by SimplySilent
    Stolen from Hebi-no-Majo since I'm suffering from a little bit of art block :'D



    Also depending what you pick for the characters for the couple I might decline ^^;
    Wanted to do this for a while now :D I would love to see your version too!
    Now off to messages lol

    Favorite Pokemon (Sorted by Region, No particular order)


    Vaporeon by CreepyJellyfish Tauros by CreepyJellyfish Starmie by CreepyJellyfish Charizard by CreepyJellyfish Squirtle by pokemon3dsprites Venusaur by pokemon3dsprites Hitmonchan by CreepyJellyfish Hitmonlee by CreepyJellyfish Golem by CreepyJellyfish Electrode by CreepyJellyfish Nidoqueen Sprite. Generation VI by The-National-Pokedex Rhydon by pokemon3dsprites Lapras by pokemon3dsprites Cubone by pokemon3dsprites Vileplume by pokemon3dsprites Gengar by pokemon3dsprites


    Meganium by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Tyranitar by CreepyJellyfish Scizor by CreepyJellyfish Miltank by CreepyJellyfish Quagsire by CreepyJellyfish Houndoom by CreepyJellyfish Kingdra by CreepyJellyfish Hitmontop by CreepyJellyfish Ampharos by CreepyJellyfish Crobat by CreepyJellyfish Azumarill by CreepyJellyfish Slowking by pokemon3dsprites Qwilfish by pokemon3dsprites Steelix by pokemon3dsprites


    Gardevoir by CreepyJellyfish Milotic (female) by pokemon3dsprites Blaziken by CreepyJellyfish Sceptile by CreepyJellyfish Mudkip by pokemon3dsprites Delcatty by CreepyJellyfish Altaria by CreepyJellyfish Aggron by CreepyJellyfish Flygon by CreepyJellyfish Mightyena by pokemon3dsprites Swellow by pokemon3dsprites Slaking by pokemon3dsprites Spheal by CreepyJellyfish Walrein by pokemon3dsprites Metagross by pokemon3dsprites Whiscash by pokemon3dsprites Breloom by pokemon3dsprites Salamence by pokemon3dsprites


    Garchomp by CreepyJellyfish Lopunny by CreepyJellyfish Torterra by CreepyJellyfish Roserade by CreepyJellyfish Piplup by CreepyJellyfish Empoleon by CreepyJellyfish Glameow by CreepyJellyfish Purugly by pokemon3dsprites Leafeon by CreepyJellyfish Dusknoir by CreepyJellyfish Electivire by CreepyJellyfish Staraptor (male) by pokemon3dsprites Honchkrow by pokemon3dsprites Luxray by CreepyJellyfish Bastiodon by CreepyJellyfish Pachirisu by CreepyJellyfish Floatzel by CreepyJellyfish Rhyperior by CreepyJellyfish Drapion by pokemon3dsprites Hippowdon (male) by pokemon3dsprites Gallade by pokemon3dsprites


    Lilligant by CreepyJellyfish Oshawott by CreepyJellyfish Chandelure by CreepyJellyfish Minccino by pokemon3dsprites Cinccino by CreepyJellyfish Mienshao by CreepyJellyfish Gothitelle by CreepyJellyfish Eelektross by CreepyJellyfish Bisharp by CreepyJellyfish Stoutland by pokemon3dsprites Haxorus by pokemon3dsprites Gigalith by pokemon3dsprites Scolipede by pokemon3dspritesReuniclus by pokemon3dsprites Bouffalant by pokemon3dsprites Mandibuzz by pokemon3dsprites


    Greninja by CreepyJellyfish Fennekin by CreepyJellyfish Dedenne by CreepyJellyfish Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish Goodra by CreepyJellyfish Florges-blue by CreepyJellyfish Noivern by pokemon3dsprites Pyroar (male) by pokemon3dsprites Espurr by pokemon3dsprites



    Favorite Legends (No Particular Order)

    (couldn't choose one Johto Legendary trio lol)

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    1. Gardevoir
    2. Milotic
    3. Crobat
    4. Garchomp
    5. Chandelure
    6. Cincinno
    7. Meganium
    8. Miltank
    9. Blaziken
    10. Espeon

    Top 3 Favorite Regions

    1. Honen
    2. Sinnoh
    3. Johto

    Naruto OCs' Pokemon Companions (Comment for Explanations)

    Akina- Vileplume

    Vileplume by pokemon3dsprites

    Accelgor by pokemon3dsprites
    Kecleon by pokemon3dsprites

    Minccino by pokemon3dsprites
    Takeshi-Escavalier or Aegislash 
    Escavalier by pokemon3dsprites  Aegislash (shield) by pokemon3dsprites

    Arceus by pokemon3dsprites
    Paras by pokemon3dsprites

    Weavile (male) by pokemon3dsprites
    Conkeldurr by pokemon3dsprites
    Junko-Skorupi or Croagunk
    Skorupi by pokemon3dsprites Croagunk (male) by pokemon3dsprites

    Fletchinder by pokemon3dsprites

    Vulpix by pokemon3dsprites

    Blaziken by pokemon3dsprites


    Hitmontop by pokemon3dsprites
    Yuudai-Arcanine or Arboc
    Arcanine by pokemon3dsprites Arbok by pokemon3dsprites

    OCs for Sale

    Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2016, 8:34 AM
    Going to get rid of some OCs I don't use anymore, please comment in this journal if you're interested. Click on the adopt to see the price

    I'll be heading to work soon so you probably won't hear from me until afterwards. :D


    • You can change the name, colors, add to the design, etc... once bought.
    • Comment in this journal which one you are interested
    • I will direct you to a commission widget to pay, first come first serve
    • If you do not want your adoptable anymore you may sell them, but no more than what you bought them with

    Pokemon Meme

    Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2016, 7:08 PM
    Tagged by SpiritualSteel
    I actually wanted to do this, so the tag gave me a reason to~<3

    0) Open
    1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
    2) Switch to "1"
    3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  
    4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 
    5) Post these rules

    1. This is you
    Dat me

    Though this pokemon would be a better representation of me...

    2. This pokemon is your rival
    okay, at least I'm cuter

    3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you

    God damn it

    4. This pokemon is stalking you
    ... God damn it

    5. This pokemon just stole your cake

    and it was from my birthday party too...

    6. This is your Lab partner

    At least they're smart

    7. This is your best friend
    Mr. Mime

    ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

    8. This pokemon is about to fight you

    I'll Defiantly will win this one lol

    9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

    They smell...

    10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house

    I hope it's for a surprise party 

    11. This pokemon is your pet


    12. This is your new roommate 

    Deerling tho

    13. This is your new boss

    Yup they're defiantly the boss

    14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night

    15. This pokemon is scared of you

    Why...? This Ratatta is different than the regular Ratattas, it's the TOP PERCENTAGE of Rattata. Wanna know why??

    16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you

    I don't think it'll go well...

    17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night


    18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head
    No wonder I'm always cold at night ;3;

    19. This pokemon envies you

    Don't blame them...
    I hate this pokemon so much XD

    20. Use this pokemon to tag some people


    Everyone who reads this has to do it, or Terrakion will beat you up 

    Konohagakure Ninja

    Trivia (Akina Higashiyama)

    • The name “Akina” means “Spring Flower” while the name “Higashiyama” means “Eastern Mountain”.
    • As a member of the ANBU her code name was “Aka” which means “Red”.
    • Her ANBU tattoo is hidden with make-up through Part I and Part II since her clothes do not cover it.
    • Akina was very interested in Genjutsu and asked Kurenai Yuhi to teach her. All of Akina’s genjutsu techniques were taught by her.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Akina's hobbies include collecting romance novels and movies, gardening, and relaxing in the hot springs
      • Akina wishes to fight Kurenai Yuhi
      • Her favorite foods are anything sweet. Her least favorite foods are Chanpurū  with bitter melon and Umeboshi.
      • Her favorite word is "Love"(愛, Ai).
      • Akina's favorite quote is "Love is like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense." (愛は野生の美しさと穏やかなバラ、が、その防衛のために血を引く喜んようなものです, Ai wa yasei no utsukushi-sa to odayakana bara, ga, sono bōei no tame ni chiwohiku yorokon yōna monodesu).
      • Akina has completed 1122 missions in total: 164 D-rank, 203 C-rank, 440 B-rank, 286 A-rank, 29 S-rank
    • When it comes to alcohol, Akina does not drink it at all. She doesn't like the taste of it or the feeling of drunkenness. 
    • Akina has collected over 100 different romance novels, her movie collection is a little smaller in comparison.
    • Her favorite season is spring, mainly due to the flowers that bloom.

    Trivia (Michiko Hiraoka)

    • According to the kanji the name “Michiko” means “Child of Recognition” while the name “Hiraoka” can be translated to “Peaceful Hill”.
    • Michiko admires Rock Lee and Might Guy’s skills in taijutsu, although she will not admit it.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Michiko's hobbies include reading, taking long night walks, and training .
      • Michiko wishes to fight Rock Lee and Might Gai.
      • Michiko does not have a particular favorite food, and there isn't any food that she dislikes.
      • Her favorite word is "Sucess"(成功, Seikō).
      • Michiko has completed 46 official missions in total: 18 D-rank, 11 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 9 A-rank, 0 S-rank
    • She likes to test her strength against people with Kekkei Genkai since she believes she has to work "Two times harder" than them 
    • Michiko has a habit of clicking her tongue or making a “Tch” sound.
    • Michiko is known to consume big quantities of food but has maintained her slim figure by rigorous training sessions and her high metabolism.

    Trivia (Ryouta Sakaguchi)

    • According to the kanji the name “Ryouta” means “Refreshing and thick” while the name “Sakaguchi” can be translated to “At the mouth of the slope”.
    • Ryouta has gained the habit of walking quietly due his ways of combat. Many people cannot hear his footsteps and get startled when they notice him. He has also learned to control is breathing when running for long periods of time.
    • Ryouta is known to be very athletic and a strong swimmer.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Ryouta's hobbies include swimming,weightlifting, and attending parties.
      • Ryouta wishes to fight Genma Shiranui.
      • His favorite foods are Sekihan and Chikara Udon. While his least favorite foods are pickles.
      • His favorite word is "Win"(勝利, Shōri).
      • Ryouta’s favorite quote is “Aging is mandatory but growing up is always optional”. (高齢化は必須ですが育っていることは常にオプションです, Kōrei-ka wa hissudesuga, sodatte iru koto wa tsuneni opushondesu.)
      • Ryouta has completed 931 official missions in total: 119 D-rank, 223 C-rank, 478 B-rank, 109 A-rank, 2 S-rank
    • Ryouta loves to attend the village festivals or other village events. He always makes the attempt to go to them.
    • He has been in many relationships in the past, but all of them failed due being immature at the time.

    Trivia (Susumu Otaka)

    • The name "Susumu" means "Processing" while the name "Otaka" can be translated to "Large,expensive".
    • He often uses a transformation jutsu to sneak out with dirty magazines from adult book stores.
    • Susumu is rather materialistic; he enjoys spending money and likes to buy expensive hair products, clothes, etc...
    • In Part I he did not know how to swim, but Takeshi taught him later in the series and learned how before the beginning of Part II.
    • Susumu has been known to use speech such as "ya", " goin' ", " 'cause (form of "because"), especially in his childhood and early teens.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Susumu's hobbies includes spying on women in bathhouses, looking at magazines, and reading comic books.
      • Susumu wishes to fight Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki.
      • His favorite foods are dairy products while his least favorite food is shellfish. 
      • His favorite word is "Ladies" or "Women". (レディース, Redīsu) (女子, Joshi).
      • Susumu has completed 46 official missions in total: 18 D-rank, 11 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 9 A-rank, 0 S-rank
    • Susumu isn't afraid to flirt with older women. In fact, he prefers older women because they're supposed to have more "experience".
    • Susumu will never be in a committed relationship for too long, and instead remains a bachelor.

    Trivia (Takeshi Moto)

    • The name "Takeshi" means "Warrior" while the name "Moto" can be translated as "Origin".
    • Despite him being apart of the same clan as Haku, they are not closely related.
    • He is allergic to tree nuts. However, he is not allergic to peanuts.
    • On his off time, he works at his grandmother's Bakery. Takeshi is quite talented in decorating cakes and cupcakes.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Takeshi's hobbies includes baking and playing logic games, such as sudoku.
      • Takeshi doesn't have no one in particular he would like to fight, but would like to fight someone who specializes in Kenjutsu. 
      • His favorite foods are pastries, especially breads filled with curry or cabbage and ground beef, while his least favorite food are tree nuts. 
      • His favorite words are "Help" (助け, Tasuke) and "Kindness" (厚情, Kōjō)
      • Takeshi has completed 46 official missions in total: 18 D-rank, 11 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 9 A-rank, 0 S-rank.
    • While Takeshi is able to bake very well, he can also cook just about anything just as good.
    • Most of his body strength is upper, his legs on the other hand, are not as strong.

    Tsukikage Kuragari

    Trivia (Shintaro Ichihara)

    • According to the kanji the name “Shintaro” means “big, discreet, son” while the name “Ichihara” can be translated as “First wilderness”.
    • To this day, he still holds a grudge against Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato Namikaze.
    • When Shintaro greets someone he generally stokes their hair or touches their face. It makes many people uncomfortable.
    • Shintaro believes love is a ridiculous thing but is interested in what people might do because of love. However, he will “toy” with someone who he knows has feelings for him. For example, he might show affection back or even have sexual interactions with said person.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Shintaro's hobbies include playing cards, solving puzzles, and playing with hair.
      • In the Past, Shintaro wanted to fight Minato Namikaze. Currently it is unknown. 
      • His favorite foods are Sashimi and Natto. While his least favorite foods are anything fried. 
      • His favorite word is "Light"(光, Hikari).
      • Shintaro has completed 1,112 official missions in total: 32 D-rank, 123 C-rank, 470 B-rank, 410 A-rank, 77 S-rank
    • Shintaro’s favorite animals are dogs. He loves their undying loyalty to their owners.
    • At times, Shintaro carries a tantō hidden in his sleeve.
    • The only times where Yang Release can draw in light energy from the moon is during the full, waning gibbous, and the waxing gibbous phase.

    Trivia (Izanagi Nakamura)

    • The name "Izanagi" means "Male who Invites" . His surname "Nakamura" can be translated as "Distinguished Pleasure".
    • Even though his eyes are very distinct, they're not considered Dojutsu. Despite this, Izagani is known to have extremely good eyesight.
    • Izanagi's dream is to create an cure for the illness his wife died of.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Izanagi's hobbies includes sewing, studying folklore, and gathering herbs.
      • Izanagi wishes to fight notable Medical Ninja, such as Tsunade and Chiyo.
      • His favorite foods are any type of soup and Amanattō. While he likes all soups, his particular favorite is miso soup. His least favorite food is red meat. 
      • His favorite word is "Cure" (治す, Naosu).
      • Izanagi has completed official 1,007 missions in total: 120 D-rank, 143 C-rank, 434 B-rank, 281 A-rank, 29 S-rank.
    • Izanagi knows how to sew and makes all of his clothing.
    • He looks up to Tsunade for her medical knowledge.
    • His abillites were inspired by Machi from Hunter x Hunter  

    Trivia (Yuuna Adachi)

    • According to the kanji, the name "Yuuna" translates as "Dream,reputation" while the name "Adachi" can be translated as "Quiet attain"
    • Yuuna takes manners very seriously and will get annoyed by people with bad manners. She expects the younger members to give her the "-san" honorific as well. 
    • Yuuna is on friendly terms with Masaru and Izagani, and she also gets along with Shintaro quite well.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Yuunas's hobbies includes interior decorating and the arts.
      • Yuuna wishes to fight anyone with the Byakugan or other Kekeki Genkai users.
      • Her favorite foods are Motsunabe  and Tsukemono. Her least favorite foods are anything sweet.
      • Her favorite phrase is "I suspect..." (疑います..., Atashi wa utagaimasu...)
      • Yuuna has completed official 1,167 missions in total: 70 D-rank, 113 C-rank, 451 B-rank, 467 A-rank, 66 S-rank.
    • She has always showed interest in any type of art and keeps many paintings and calligraphy photos in her room. Yuna also likes origami and room decorating.
    • Her left eye is missing, which she covers with an eye patch. As of now she currently has a glass eye in the socket, but wishes to replace it with some sort of dojutsu someday.

    Trivia (Masaru)

    • The name "Masaru" means "Victory".
    • Wrapped around his legs is bear skin and fur. This was made from his first bear he ever fought.
    • Masaru enjoys arm wrestling. He mostly challenges Junko, since she is one of the other strongest members in the group in terms of physical strength.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Masaru's hobbies include hiking, gambling, and arm wrestling.
      • Masaru wishes to fight Tsunade and the Fourth Raikage.
      • His favorite foods are red meats and alcohol. His least favorite food is Kayu.
      • His favorite word is "Showdown" (対決, Taiketsu)
      • His favorite phrase is "I always like a challenge!" (私は常に挑戦を愛して! Watashi wa tsuneni chōsen o aishite!)
      • Masaru has completed official 333 missions in total: 94 D-rank, 109 C-rank, 83 B-rank, 42 A-rank, 5 S-rank.
    • Masaru doesn't care for money, as he see it as "unnecessary". For that reason, he never carries it with him.
      • While he does enjoy gambling, it never revolves around money.
    • When training her prefers to battle against strong animals, such as wild boars or grizzlies. He however would never turn down a training session with a formidable opponent.

    Trivia (Junko Amagawa)

    • According to the kanji, the name "Junko" means "Obedient Child". Her surname, "Amagawa" can be translated as "Surplus rain".
    • Junko is not a registered ninja; her ninja plate she owns is actually taken from her father's old headband.
    • She is left-handed.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Junko's hobbies include shopping for expensive items and training.
      • Junko wishes to fight Masaru.
      • Her favorite foods are Takoyaki and Yakiniku while her least favorite food is Nikujaga.
      • Her favorite word is "Fury" (激怒, Gekido)
      • Junko has not completed any official missions.
    • Her room is spotless and she dislikes dirty surroundings or objects. She is also very organized. This however does not seem to bother her when she's outside.
    • She highly respect Shintaro, even going as far as considering him her "savior" and gives him the "-sama" honorific as well.

    Trivia (Kano Hiraoka)

    • According to the kanji the name "Kano" means "Ones masculine capability" while the name "Hiraoka" means "Peaceful Hill".
    • When Kano talks to people, he does not look at them in the eyes. At times he has trouble putting his thoughts into words, making him come across as awkward.
    • In the past, he wished to be apart of Konohagakure's bird messaging squad.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Kano's hobby is bird watching.
      • Kano wishes to fight Shintaro Ichihara.
      • His favorite foods is curry rice while his least favorite food is raw fish and vegetables.
      • His favorite phrase is "
      • Kano has finished official missions in total:
    • Kano suffers from frequent nightmares.
    • His favorite birds are the Japanese Waxwing and the Grey Bush Chat.

    Minor Characters

    Trivia (Yuudai Chiba)

    • The name "Yuudai" means "Great Hero" while the name "Chiba" can be translated as "A thousand leaves".
    • While he was only able summon snakes, he kept other reptiles as pets at home which ranged from turtles to lizards.
    • Yuudai lived in a small log cabin outside the village limits of Konohagakure, which was also near a river.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Yuudai's hobbies included fishing and taking care of his reptile pets
      • Yuudai wished to fight no one.
      • His favorite foods were grilled fish and stews while his least favorite food was red bean paste.
      • His favorite word was "Justice" (正義, Masayoshi).
      • Yuudai has completed official  missions in total: D-rank,  C-rank,  B-rank, A-rank,  S-rank.
    • Yuudai wished to travel once he retired from the ANBU, this however never happened.
    • He wasn't fond of his pink hair, but didn't want the trouble of dying it.

    Trivia (Gin Kihaku)

    • The name "Gin" means "Silver" while the name "Kihaku" can be translated as "spirit" or "soul".
      • His name is derived from "Gingistune" which means "Silver fox" which is a reference to his silvery blonde hair and fox-like appearance.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Gins hobbies includes playing mind games, meditation, and collecting antiques.
      • Gin wishes to fight Jūgo.
      • His favorite foods are Yakitori and deviled eggs while his least favorite food are olives.
      • His favorite phrase is "What the lion cannot manage the fox always can." (獅子何キツネができ管理することができません, Shishi nan kitsune ga deki kanri suru koto ga dekimasen).
      • Gin has not completed any official missions.
    • Due to being albino, he wears a a Asian conical hat when he's outside to avoid sun burns.

    Trivia (Rei Kihaku)

    • The name "Rei" means "Departed Soul" while the name "Kihaku" can be translated as "spirit" or "soul".
    • Rei is a vegetarian.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Rei's hobbies include meditation and poetry.
      • Her favorite foods are herbal teas and lemon cookies while her least favorite food is animal meat.
      • Her favorite phrase is "Writing is where I can truly express myself" (私は本当に自分自身を表現できる場所書き込みがあります, Watashi wa hontōni jibun jishin o hyōgen dekiru basho kakikomi ga arimasu.)

    Trivia (Narasu Odori)

    • The name "Narasu" means "To beat" in reference to dancing along to music. The name "Odori" can be translated as "Dance", "Leap", or "Jump".
    • He is the first born from the Odori twins and is older by 5 minutues.
    • Narasu is still a chunin since he didn't want to take the Kumogakure Jonin exams at the time his sister did.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Narasu hobbies includes dance performing and relaxing in high places.
      • Narasu wishes to fight Killer Bee and Hosho.
      • His favorite foods are Okonomiyaki or anything fried while his least favorite food is fruit.
      • His favorite phrase is "Lighten up." (心を軽くする, Kokoro o karuku suru) and "Sit back and relax" (後ろに座るとリラックス, Ushiro ni suwaru to rirakkusu).
      • Narasu has completed official missions in total:
    • The Odori twin's father is from the Odori Clan while their mother is from outside the clan.
    • Narasu eyes are sensitive to brightness. For that reason, on very sunny days or fighting along his sister, he wears sunglasses.

    Trivia (Hosho Odori)

    • The name "Hosho" means "Flying phoneix" in reference to her style of fighting. The name "Odori" can be translated as "Dance", "Leap", or "Jump".
    • She is the second-born born from the Odori twins and is younger by 5 minutues.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Hosho hobbies include Horseshoes , jogging, and dance performing
      • Hosho wishes to fight Narasu and Karui.
      • Her favorite foods are anything with hot sauce while her least favorite food is peanut butter.
      • Her favorite phrase is "Get your head in the game!" (ゲームであなたの頭を取得します,Gēmu de anata no atama o shutoku shimasu!).
      • Hosho has completed official missions in total:
    • Hosho carries a bottle of her mother's hot sauce recipe with her and puts it on anything she eats.
    • The Odori twin's father is from the Odori Clan while their mother is from outside the clan. Hosho gets her red hair from her mother.

    Trivia (Masamune Tategami)

    • According to the kanji the name "Masamune" means "Prosperous Essence". The name "Tategami" means "Mane".
      • His name is a reference to Gorō Nyūdō Masamune who was known as Japan's greatest swordsmith. This can be considered ironic, since Masamune uses a wooden sword, not one made of metal.
    • His appearance is based off of an orange tabby cat.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Masamune's hobbies included evening drinks and sword fighting.
      • His favorite foods were seafood and alcoholic beverages, while his least favorite foods were dairy products.
      • His favorite phrase was "My sword is made out of wood." (ゲームであなたの頭を取得します,Gēmu de anata no atama o shutoku shimasu!). Which he used to retaliate those were shocked that his bokuto managed to beat their steel swords.
    • Masamune was lactose-intolerant 
    • Due to being able to shape his chakra unlike most clan members, he was sought after in the clan to produce many children. However, instead it was discovered he was infertile.

    Trivia (Shingen Tategami)

    • According to the kanji the name "Shingen" means "Expand, beginning". The name "Tategami" means "Mane".
      • His name is a reference to Takeda Shingen, who was daiymo in the Sengoku Period with exceptional military prowess. 
    • Shingen's appearance is based off of a lion.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Shingen's hobbies included taking naps and taxidermy.
      • His favorite foods was Tataki while his leas favorite food were coffee and grapes.
      • His favorite word was "Power" (電力, Denryoku)
    • Shingen was a light sleeper. It did not take much to wake him up and would be grumpy if awaken. Clan members referred to his frequent sleeping schedule as his "daily cat naps". Shingen called them "power naps". 
    • He was one of the more fertile Tategami males; he fathered 10 children, all from different women. He had 7 males and 3 female children.

    Konohagakure Ninja Parents

    Trivia (Hiromasa Higashiyama)

    • The name "Hiromasa" means "Wise and Straightforward" while the name "Higashiyama" can be translated to "Eastern Mountain".
    • Hiromasa is technically the next person in line to become the next Higashiyama clan leader, but is not interested to take on the role.
    • Hiromasa is considered one of the strongest ninja ever the hail from the Higashiyama Clan.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Hiromasa's hobbies includes carving small wooden sculptures and learning through reading or watching documentaries, preferably history genres.
      • Hiromasa wishes to fight anyone interested in his daughter, Akina.
      • His favorite food is Unagi while his least favorite foods are Ramen and onions.
      • His favorite word is "Judgement" (判定, Hantei).
      • His favorite quote is "Watch a person’s behavior and correct your own." (人の行動を見て、自分自身を修正します。Hito no kōdō o mite, jibun jishin o shūsei shimasu.)
      • Hiromasa has completed official 1,159 missions in total: 184 D-rank, 198 C-rank, 452 B-rank, 279 A-rank, 46 S-rank.
    • Hiromasa is rather frugal, and doesn't like to spend money on unnecessary or high-priced things.
    • Despite being retired beforehand, Hiromasa still participated in the Fourth Shinobi War.
    • He can be very sincere with his words causing him to ramble often, which he then gets him embarrassed about it shortly after.
      • He is also bashful about his wooden sculptures, and refuses to show others except his wife.

    Trivia (Chiyemi Higashiyama)

    • The name "Chiyemi" means "Blessed with Beauty and Wisdom" while the name "Higashiyama" can be translated as "Eastern Mountain".
    • She is the first non-clan member to be married into the Higashiyama Royal Class.
    • According to the databook(s):
      • Chiyemi's hobbies includes jewerly-making and conducting tea ceremonies
      • Her favorite foods are Dumplings and Wagashi while her least favorite food is anything greasy.
      • Her favorite word is "Beauty" (美, Bi).
      • Chiyemi's favorite phrase is. "If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty." (男は彼にはお茶を持っていない場合、彼は理解の真実と美のことができません, Otoko wa kare ni wa ocha o motte inai baai, kare wa rikai no shinjitsu to bi no koto ga dekimasen.)
    • Like her daughter, she is also a romantic, but to a lesser extent.
    • She is very picky about appearance and is not afraid to voice her opinion about it. 
      • For example, she doesn't like facial hair claiming it as "unclean" no matter how well kept it is.
    • Chiyemi dislikes showers and will only take baths. She also is not fond of public bathhouses, and would much rather bathe in private.

    Haven't done something like this for a while, so why not?
    Original here

    1. Choose character(s) and selected question(s) for me to answer; main and minor characters are fine, which can be find in my gallery.
    2. If you would like me to do this for you as well, please let me know!

    1. How do they move and carry themselves? Pace, rhythm, gestures, energy?
    2. How much physical space do they use, active and at rest?
    3. How do they position themselves in a group? Do they like to be the center of attention, or do they hang back at the edges of a crowd?
    4. What is their size and build? How does it influence how they use their body, if it does?
    5. How do they dress? What styles, colors, accessories, and other possessions do they favor? Why?
    6. What are they like in motion–in different environments, and in different activities? What causes the differences between these?
    7. How do they physically engage with other people, inanimate objects, and their environment? What causes the differences between these?
    8. Where and when do they seem most and least at ease? Why? How can you tell?
    9. How do they manifest energy, exhaustion, tension, or other strong emotions?
    10. What energizes and drains them most?
    11. How are they vocally expressive? What kind of voice, accent, tones, inflections, volume, phrases and slang, and manner of speaking do they use?
    12. How are they bodily expressive? How do they use nonverbal cues such as their posture, stance, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and hands?

    13. How do they greet the world — what is their typical attitude towards life? How does it differ in different circumstances, or towards different subjects? Why do they take these attitudes, and why do they change? How do these tend to be expressed?
    14. What do they care deeply about? What kind of loyalties, commitments, moral codes, life philosophies, passions, callings, or spirituality and faith do they have? How do these tend to be expressed?
    15. What kind of inner life do they have — rich and imaginative? Calculating and practical? Full of doubts and fears? Does it find any sort of outlet in their lives?
    16. Do they dream? What are those dreams like?
    17. Are they more shaped by nature or nurture — who they are, or what has happened to them? How have these shaped who they’ve become as a person?
    18. What kind of person could they become in the future? What are some developmental paths that they could take, (best, worst, most likely?) what would cause them to come to pass, and what consequences might they have? What paths would you especially like to see, and why?

    19. How do they behave within a group? What role(s) do they take? Does this differ if they know and trust the group, versus finding themselves in a group of strangers? Why?
    20. What kind of individual relationships do they have with others, and how do they behave in them? How are they different between intimate relationships like friends, family, and lovers versus more impersonal relationships?
    21. What kind of relationships do they tend to intentionally seek out versus actually cultivate? What kind of social contact do they prefer, and why?
    22. How do people respond to them, and why might these responses differ?
    23. How do they respond to difficult social moments? What makes them consider a social situation difficult?
    24. How do they present themselves socially? What distinguishes their “persona” from their “true self”, and what causes that difference?
    25. What do they need and want out of relationships, and how do they go about getting it?
    26. How do they view and feel about relationships, and how might this manifest in how they handle them, if it does?

    27. What do they strongly like and dislike, in any category? Why?
    28. What are they likely to do if they have the opportunity, resources, and time to accomplish it? Why? 
    29. What kind of activities, interests, and hobbies do they have? What significance and impact do these have in their lives, both positive and negative?
    30. What is their preferred level of activity and stimulation? How do they cope if they get either too little or too much?
    31. Is there anything that counts as a “dealbreaker” for them, positively or negatively? What makes things go smoothly, and what spoils an activity or ruins their day? Why?
    32. Do they have any “props” that are a significant part of their life, identity, activities, or self-presentation somehow? What are they, how are they used, and why are they so significant? How would these props’ absence impact them, how would they compensate, and why?

    33. How do they learn about the world–what is their preferred learning style? Hands-on learning with trial and error? Research, reading, and note-taking? Observation or rote memorization? Inductive or deductive reasoning? Seeking patterns and organization? Taking things apart and putting them back together? Creative processing via discussing, writing about, or dramatizing things?
    34. How do they understand the world–what kind of worldview and thought processes do they have? Why?
    35. How and why do they internalize knowledge? What effect has that had on them?
    36. How much do they rely on their minds and intellect, versus other approaches like relying on instinct, intuition, faith and spirituality, or emotions? What is their opinion on this?
    37. Have they had any special education or training that colors their means of learning about or understanding the world? Conversely, do they lack some kind of education considered essential in their world? What kind of impact has this addition or lack had on them?
    38. Is there anything they wish they could change about their worldview or thought processes? What, and why?
    39. What sort of questions or thoughts recur in their lives, either specifically or as a theme? Why are these never answered, or answered permanently to their satisfaction?
    40. What do they wonder about? What sparks their curiosity and imagination, and why? How is this expressed, if it is?

    41. What associations do they bring to mind? Words or phrases, images, metaphors or motifs? Why?
    42. I have a question of my own!
    Well I was officially out of school since Thursday :XD: And hopefully I can come out with some decent stuff throughout the summer, maybe get a couple of open collabs made~

    I will be volunteering at the humane shelter with a friend this summer too, and also I will be heading out of town towards the end up the month, but I'll have my phone with me to check on messages. Anddd I was invited it go to a week long trip with the friend I will be volunteering with next month, but we'll see what happens XD (I feel bad for asking so much time off of work ;A; ) so I most likely won't be as active last summer lol

    I've been having a little trouble with inspiration for my Naruto OCs and in general after finals, any suggestions on how to have more inspiration/what you end up doing? I miss the inspiration I had a couple of weeks ago for them... :iconotlplz:
    I might be going back into Pokemon soon due to the new game information being revealed :XD: It would be so cool designing characters for the actual Pokemon game... But that won't be possible for me, but I'm going to make a "fan-made region" for the hell of it (only going to design characters though), but this is a written list of my ideas, and I won't be coming up with teams until Sun and Moon come out with new Pokemon...

    Professor and Protagonists

    Antagonists (Team Static)

    Gym Leaders

      Bug, Female (Used to work under the professor)
    Pokemon Team

    2.Type: Fighting, Male (Sumo Wrestler inspired)
    Pokemon Team

    3.Type: Grass, Male (Buddhist inspired)
    Pokemon Team

    4.Type: Dark, Male (Music Conductor inspired)
    Pokemon Team

    5.Type: Normal, Female (Celebrity inspired)
    Name: Not yet created
    Pokemon Team

    6.Type:  Fairy, Male (Fairy Tale Prince inspired)
    Name: Florian (Roman, meaning "flower")
    Pokemon Team

    7. Type: Dragon, 3 Females (Idol stars)
    Name: Not Yet Designed;
    Levia (Derived from "Leviathan", name of a water dragon in the bible)
    Pendra (Derived from "Pendragon", Celtic meaning "Chief Dragon")
    Kaida (Japanese, meaning "Little Dragon")
    Pokemon Team (Team of 3, Triple Battle)

    Once defeated, Single Battle (Face one-on-one)


    Garchomp by CreepyJellyfish Garchomp-mega by CreepyJellyfish

    Salamence by CreepyJellyfishMega Salamence by pokemon3dsprites
    Charizard by pokemon3dsprites Mega Charizard X by pokemon3dsprites

    8. Type:
     Poison, gender unknown
    Pokemon Team

    Elite Four

    Type: Psychic, Female (Ballerina inspired) 
    Name: Pandora (Greek, meaning "All-gift")
    Sketching2 by anniberri
    Pokemon Team

    Type: Steel, Male
    Name: Warwick (, meaning " ")
    Elite Four: Warwick by anniberri
    Pokemon Team

    Type: Ghost, Female (Witch inspired )
    Name: Gretchen (German, meaning "Little Pearl")
    Gretchen by anniberri
    Pokemon Team

    Type: Water, Male (Sufer or Sailor inspired)
    Name: Not yet Created
    Pokemon Team


    Type: No Specific Type, Female (Egyptian Inspired)
    Name: Farrah (Arabic, meaning "Joy")
    Pokemon Team

    Get to Know Me Tag

    Journal Entry: Tue Apr 26, 2016, 5:51 PM

    tagged by 21543185~



    Star Sign


    Average hours of sleep

    Probably about 9-11 hours, but usually I wake up a couple times a night ^^;

    Lucky number

    I don't know XD I usually just say the number my age so 19 for now, 20 from a month from now

    Last thing I googled

    Capoeira History, I was thinking I should finish my Odori Clan info so I have all my clans finished :XD:

    Favorite fictional character(s)

    I like antihero characters like Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.
    Give me a antihero character and I will love them

    I also like Yata-baby Misaki from K Project 'cause he's precious  ;w;

    What are you wearing right now

    My favorite pajama pants that are a size too big and a gray tshirt, right when I get home Im most likely changing into my pajamas haha

    When did you start this account

    This account, October 6, 2012 so almost 4 years
    ... On my old account Annichole/Annichole1359 I joined when I was 12 years old (I lied about my age lol) so about 7-8 years on DA total

    Amount of watchers

    510 currently

    What do you post

    Naruto OCs mostly; art, profiles, clan info
    I do have Pokémon OCs but as of now I'm mainly interestedin my Naruto Ocs, those are the two Fandoms I'll make ocs for 

    Do you run anymore blogs

    Other than here, the only website I have an account on that I'm actually activity. I do have a pixiv but I just bookmark artwork I like. I have two tumblr blogs, a personal one where I just reblog things and then an art blog where I post more WIPs and sketches.

    Art Blog:

    Do you get a lot of comments

    I get a lot of feedback on most of my polls I think,  other than that not really, but I don't mind how many comments I get tbh, but the feedback I do get I defiantly appreciate! :love:

    Why did you choose this username

    Used part of my middle name "Annichole" and "berry" just changed the y to an i, so it's anniberri, it's kind of random  and I'm awful with coming up with usernames :'D

    Bonus as always:

    I live in Kansas and I'm pretty sure I'm stuck here lmao

    I'm supposed to tag people but I'm not going to this time X'D

    Sketchy Colored Headshot Commissions OPEN

    Journal Entry: Wed Mar 23, 2016, 3:16 PM

    Deciding to open a couple of these for 200 :points:/$2 each I don't have an exact example but they will be similar to these  Lovechild Meme: First Batch by anniberri  

    I will play more with the poses and the finished look will look most like the bottom left male in terms of neatness~

    1. HatakeHime    
    2. Fouffey
    3. MistressMaxwell

    Please comment in this journal first, and once I reply you can send a note with deals! :D