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TK Symbol by anniberri

Tsukikage Kuragari

Tsukikage Kuragari is an organization composed of S-rank missing-nin. Shintaro Ichihara is the creator of the group and its main purpose is to merge the five great nations to one to reform the world.

History and Goals

Shintaro Ichihara believes that a perfect world could be made if Konohagakure was able to merge the other four nations into one to accomplish equality and ultimate power. Shintaro told his idea to the Kohona council, but was quickly shot down because this idea would only result into more wars. Shortly after his idea being rejected from the council, Shintaro recommended himself to become the Hokage after he heard Hiruzen would be retiring. Hiruzen knew about Shintaro’s interior motive and gave the Hokage Title to Minato Namikaze instead.  This infuriated Shintaro and he later decided his power alone was enough achieve his goal, and soon the group Tsukikage Kuragari was made.

Tsukikage Kuragari Goals

By merging the five great nations together, the group hopes to…

:bulletblack: Create a “perfect” world to stop shinobi wars, to the point where there’s no need of ninja.

:bulletblack: Recreate an equal economy to end disparity, a problem that caused the Second Shinobi War.

:bulletblack: Have the new world become so flawless that the need of equality will become obsolete.

:bulletblack: Give Shintaro the opportunity to become Kage to fulfill his life-long dream.

Member Roles

The Tsukikage Kuragari has two types of members: Primary Members and Spies. Primary members are S-ranked criminals and each member has their own reason of joining the group. Some had nowhere to go when they committed their crimes and joined Tsukikage Kuragari to hide. At times, the leader himself will recruit other ninja he believes would benefit his organization, those being willing or by force.

Spies are either civilians or ninja of any rank. They either are not happy with their village’s system or just want world peace in general. However, their knowledge is quite limited to what happens within the organization.

Primary Members

:bulletblack: They know about the group’s whereabouts but in return for that information are required to live at the hideout.

:bulletblack: Typical missions for primary members include protecting their hideout, checking on spies, traveling to different villages to collect information, under cover missions, assassinations, raiding small villages, etc...

:bulletblack: Members are put into groups of 3. However, there are cases of solo or partner missions. Very rare is there more than 3 members on a single team.

:bulletblack: The teams are decided on how well they work together; either by abilities or how the members interact with each other.

:bulletblack: Members are suggested to hide their identity of some sort (i.e. hats, glasses, masks, etc.).  This is not a requirement.


:bulletblack: Unlike members, spies do not live in the hideout. They are free to live in their current village or to travel.

:bulletblack: Spies meet up at different locations to inform Shintaro about the information they collected.  However, the spies do not know where the hideout is or what the group is up to.

:bulletblack: Missions for spies include gathering top secret information from their home village, keeping up with conflicts between villages, informing the group about possible Tsukikage Kuragari searches, etc…

:bulletblack: Primary members watch the spies to see what they’re up to, although they are not aware of this.

:bulletblack: If a spy is caught giving information about the Tsukikage Kuragari to their village, everyone knowing the information will be killed.


The hideout is found surrounded by a forest of neutral land between Konohagakure and Kusagakure, the hideout being closer to Kusagakure than Konohagakure. What appears to be an old abandoned house is what the Tsukikage Kuragari calls home. Behind the abandoned house is a hidden cave which can only be entered if one goes into the house. The passage way is concealed within the walls and is very hard to find. When the secret passage way is located the only way someone could enter if they knew how to get through the barrier planted onto it. Once someone becomes a Tsukikage Kuragari member they are given the hand seals to break the barrier.

After going through the passage way is the main lobby where the members partake in meetings, consume food, and gather for general conversation. The lobby has a rock floor and walls, something to expect from being in a cave.   About 4 Picnic-styled tables are cemented to the ground so the members have some place to eat. Some members would rather eat in their rooms or go to a restaurant to eat.

There are three hallways in the cave. One of them contains the male dorms rooms while another containing the female dorms. Both female and male dorms are the same size. The rooms are big enough to fit a twin sized bed, a dresser, and some space to walk around or lay on the floor. All the rooms have wood floors and dry wall to give a more homely feeling; the members are also free to personalize their own rooms.

In the third hallway includes the male and female bathrooms, Shintaro’s room, and the medic’s room. If a member enters a bathroom of the opposite gender will be punished by Shintaro. The bathrooms include showers but some may go to the public bathhouse time to time. Unlike the member dorms, Shintaro’s room is quite bigger. He has a canopy bed that is queen-sized. On the mattress lays a dull maroon comforter with white and orange pillows. Two mirrors are located on the wall behind the bed and there’s a wall light between the mirrors. Underneath his bed is a reddish orange rug with yellow stripes at the ends.  To the right of his bed is a wooden dresser with a kerosene lamp on top while a personal bathroom is to the left of his bed. Medic of the group is Izagani Nakamura who has his own personal room to perform any medical emergency. He has a desk located to the left side of the room, which you can see anatomy and herbal medicine books scattered on. There are shelves on the walls that have jars filled with medicine and antidotes for poisons. There’s a tray with an assortment of scalpels and other surgeon tools to help him perform any type of surgery that would be needed. The room isn’t just for medical purposes; it is where Izagani sleeps and you can see a twin sized bed on the right side of the room.

TK  Floor Plan by anniberri


Character Sheet: Shintaro Ichihara by anniberri

List of Primary Members

Izagani by anniberriKano by anniberriJunko by anniberri

More Tsukikage Kuragari Members by anniberriBio: Alaine Mayiko by Shi-NixEruku by griymiJishin by griymi
Tsukikage Kuragari OC by OfLittleMistakes

-More to come, no slots available-

List of Spies

-None yet, Currently Open, ASK beforehand- 


:bulletblack: According to the kanji “Tsukikage Kuragari” means “Moonlit Darkness”.
:bulletblack:   Some members will wear cloaks similar to the Akatasuki’s. For example, Kano Hiraoka wears a cloak with blue cloud designs and some may confuse him to be an Akatsuki member rather than a Tsukikage Kuragari member.
:bulletblack: The group isn’t as well known as the Akatsuki which can benefit them in some ways, such as being more secretive in their plans.
:bulletblack: Tsukikage Kuragari does not have a group symbol or anything all members wear. Some teams may wear matching clothing or accessories if they so choose.
EDIT 6/1/2015: Made them a group symbol, ignore the preview image it's pretty funky, have no idea why it's doing this. :XD:
Also, most members do not use this on their clothing, usually the symbol is used to mark were they have been or used on corpses... 

EDIT 2/2/2015: Added the floor plan and the members I have so far. Also if you want to make a spy for the group PLEASE ASK FIRST before  making one. Spy slots are currently unlimited 

Wanted to write more in detail about Tsukikage Kuragari. I hopefully will make a floor plan and add drawings for the hide out..

Sorry for the grammar mistakes, critique is welcomed!
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