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Konoha Ninja Personalty Charts by anniberri Konoha Ninja Personalty Charts by anniberri


From this Meme I made: Personality chart -REUPLOAD, READ DESCRIPTION-
If you need help understanding MBTI sections (Introvert-Extrovert, Intuition-Sensing, Thinking-Feeling, and Judging-Perceiving):…
And if you need a basic idea what the fillings mean: Example by anniberri

Just wanted to redo my OC's personalty charts since I'm just relaxing (School is starting back up tomorrow). I'll describe how I filled some of them in~
The strength section is a mixture of emotion and physical strength!

Akina Higashiyama
Her MBTI is INFJ, More info on it here:…

- Akina does like being around people but her hobbies (Reading and Gardening) which are generally alone hobbies. She has a few close friends and prefers knowing a few people well and although she loves spending time with people, still needs some alone time. That's why she's a little bit more than an introvert than an extrovert. 
- Her Experienced bar would be higher, but she doesn't know too much slang and its meaning. Sometimes she has trouble understanding some idioms, but usually can get an idea what the mean at times. Her family or her clan in general are pretty straightforward people and usually don't talk that that.
- Akina is more negative than positive, although she isn't too much of a Debbie Downer. :XD: She tends to think about the worst possible situation and she usually doesn't take anything bad that happens to her that well.. This also made her closer to being  sensitive than emotionless, but usually she hides her emotions anyway.
- She doesn't drink at all, although she did get drunk once to see what it felt like. She doesn't know how to flirt and usually is turned-offed by too forward flirts. Akina doesn't think pervertedly at all either. She won't have sex until marriage which is why that's filled all the way.
- Akina is fairly confident in her ability as a kuniochi but it isn't too the point where she's full of herself. She is a little self-conscious of her appearance from the bullying she got when she was younger, which is why the bar is filled a little bit lower.
- Her Hopless Romantic bar is set all the way, she's pretty hopeless if you ask me. (Always fantasizing about romance and liking seeing couples and all)

Michiko Hiraoka
Her MBTI is INTJ, More info on it here:…

- Michiko likes being by herself most of the time and would rather work by herself than others. Her hobbies (Training, Taking Walks, Reading) are also usually done alone. However, Michiko tends to jump into things without thinking it through, which is why that bar isn't filled all the way.
- Usually she's pretty unfriendly which people first meet her, but warms up after she gets to know them (and whether or not she likes them or not :XD: )
- Her active bar is filled pretty much all the way and she tends to get a little anxious if she isn't doing anything. She also loves training and going to places, although she does need to sit back and read time to time.
- She is kind of a sloppy eater and doesn't mind getting a little dirty.
- Michiko shows very little emotion and doesn't like showing any emotion that makes her feel "vulnerable". She can be somewhat careless about other's problems but she isn't completely heartless.
- Her drinking bar is blank since she's underage and doesn't like flirting or being flirted with. Honestly she probably would of had sex before marriage if Takeshi didn't stop her.  And she isn't very romantic at all and is pretty disgusted when she sees people showing PDA. :XD: Made her a little perverted since in pre-shippuden she even got a little flustered over shirtless men and is pretty interested in the opposite sex (even if she doesn't really show it ).
- Her confidence bar is all the way up since she's pretty full of herself... 

Ryouta Sakaguchi
His MBTI is ENFP, More info on it here:…

- Ryouta is my social butterfly of my OC's (followed by Susumu) and loves being around people and is very personable. He also tend to get lonely if he's alone for a certain amount of time... Ryouta has a lot of acquaintances and friends, but because of it, only has a few close friends.
- He's hardly ever in a foul mood and he's generally a happy person. However sometimes he does get a little pouty at times. When he was younger he was very immature for his age but had to mature once he had to take care of Michiko; Ryouta still is a little childish but not nearly as much as he used to. His immaturity has also lead to the failure of most of his relationships, sometimes to the point where he gets slapped a couple of times.  
- Ryouta is very active and hates sitting around, even more so than Michiko. All of his hobbies revolve around being active (Swimming, weightlifting). He also is pretty active in village festivals or parties he's invited to.
- When he was younger he used to drink a lot and get drunk. :XD: He isn't as bad as he used to only drinking a few times and hardly ever getting drunk. However, when he's around a certain group of people he can become a heavy drinker like he used to be. He can also be pretty flirty but hasn't really tried to flirt with any girls ever since he became the caregiver of Michiko... Forgot to fill in the sexually intimate bar, but that would only be about one or two blocks. ^^; He's not very romantic but isn't disgusted when seeing PDA or anything...

Susumu Otaka
His MBTI is ESFP, More info on it…

- Susumu likes hanging out with people and talking, he also loves being the center of the attention. He's pretty outgoing and social so it's hard to shut him up most of the time. Susumu can be a little selfish at times so he's not as personable as Ryouta, but he's still very friendly and a pretty nice guy, defiantly fun to be around.
- He's extremely optimistic and is always able to find the good in everything, even in bad situations. He's the one that believes that the outcome will end up being a good one. Susumu usually has a "It can't be helped" type attitude. Despite this, Susumu takes crisis rather harshly no matter how nicely it's put. He knows that they're trying to help him in the back of his mind but can't help but take it personally.
- Susumu is rather clumsy; usually getting stuck in his own traps or getting a paper bomb stuck onto him. He is also pretty uncoordinated, which has hindered his taijutsu skills.
- The drinking section is left blank because he's underage. He is such a flirt but usually gets his advances rejected (Partially since most of the people he flirts with are older women). He is such a little pervert too, although he tries his best not to show that, at least not in front of women since he knows it's a turn-off. He can't help it that much and usually he ends up peeking on women (Either in changing room or in the hotsprings some how). Him being a pervert also makes him somewhat immature for his age, and he usually ends up making sexual jokes or make everything seem sexual at that.
- Like Michiko, he's so confident that he's pretty full of himself.

Takeshi Moto
His MBTI is ISFP, More info on it…

- Takeshi is very good with people and once you get him to open up to you more, he's really nice to talk to. However, he keeps his thoughts to himself and generally likes doing one thing at a time or observe before reacting for something, making Takeshi more of an introvert.
- Generally Takeshi is serious but knows when it's a good time to be playful. He is also very mature for his age, putting him apart from most of the people in his age group. During his youth he had trouble making friends because how mature he was compared to the rest of them. 
- Takeshi can be somewhat negative at times and quick to give up; he's not very confident in himself and gets discouraged which he feels like he's not improving like he should. Sometimes he gets scared if he doesn't know what to do or handle a bad situation, which he can come across as a coward at times.
- He geniunely loves to help people and will do anything to help others. He's not one to do things to make himself feel better about himself, but rather do it because it's the right thing. He doesn't expect anything in return, even as small as a thank you. Takeshi is extremely generous and will "give the shirt off his back" for anyone.
- MESSED UP ON HIS PERVERTED SECTION, SHOULD BE FILLED UP ALL THE WAY TO UNPERVERTED. :XD: Takeshi just doesn't think perverted, at all... His drinking section is left blank since he's underage. Takeshi is like Akina and won't do anything sexual until marriage. He can be fairly romantic as well~


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