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-CLOSED- Sunagakure Ninja Appeal Adoption by anniberri -CLOSED- Sunagakure Ninja Appeal Adoption by anniberri
*-if you do not want your adoptable anymore you may sell them, but no more than what you bought them with*

I really liked the designs of these so I'm going to make this an appeal than a regular adoption :XD: 

Hope everything makes sense and that you can read my sloppy head writing (I'm better on lined paper lol )! I will reply to my messages tomorrow when I wake up. :D
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anniberri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Dang you came up with a lot of headcanons :XD:

I'll let you know once the 24 hours are up!
21543185 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Artist

Haha, I really really want them! Specially since the girl's design is very similar to the one I have for Akatoki!
Pffft, put Suna in front of me and I go a bit headcanon crazy XD

Okey dokey smokey~!
One-legged-zombie Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Student General Artist
Appeal for #1

Name: Izanami Aozora
Age: 15 (shippuden age)
Rank: Chunin
Academy graduation age: 12

 Born as the daughter of a councilman and a noblewoman
She is the youngest child (one older sister)
She was very well behaved as a child, her parents usually had more time for her elder sister (of seven years) as she is due to marry into another noble family but Izanami didn't complain.
She has a close bond with her elder sister despite being total opposites personality wise. There was no expectation for her to marry into a noble family however her mother wished to see her become the wife of a nobleman and live in luxury, however she joined the academy in hopes of becoming a kunoich.
Only a year after graduating from the academy (Izunami age 13) her sister (age 20) was killed in an assassination attempt on her and and new husband.
A year or so later she meets Gaara and they eventually become romantically involved (after the war)

Well behaved, respectful, polite.
Izunami was raised with excellent manners, she has a calm, graceful and peaceful personality and often acts as a peacemaker in conflicts.
She holds the life of others in high value , including her opponents which is why she prefers non lethal attacks.
Shes quite the optimistic, and usually looks at the positive side of everything however she can be quite skeptical, and doesn't take chances.

-Her weapons of choice are smoke bombs , all of different scents, colors and side effects.
-She has an perfect sense of hearing, she uses it to navigate while fighting in her smoke.
-She has anosmia (no sense of smell , which is why her scented smoke bombs have no effect on her)
-Her favorite food are apples
-Her least favorite food is fish.
- She has a rather innocent sense of humor and doesn't tend to pick up on dirty jokes.
-Shes often teased for being too "proper"

Elder sister - Katsumi
Mother and father
Gaara - love interest
anniberri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Alrighty I'll let you know if you got her in 24 hours. :D
Nyanri Featured By Owner Edited Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll appeal for the suna girl~
I hope this is enough ;u;

Her name will be Sayake Haouju (name meaning "good arrow of the sand")

Her colors match perfectly to a new clan I have based on Cacti, she'd be the wife of the clan leader and someone whose actually into the limelight of fighting and kicking ass. Her specialty would be using specific cacti needles from poisonous cacti, carrying around their anti-venom for purposes if she were to aim for a teammate or clan member themselves.  She would technically be classified as a medical ninja but she doesn't particularly like that title, as she is more of a "trigger happy" ninja more interested in seeing how her cacti poisons work. She has inherited the clan's unique ability of being able to project chakra needles through their skin due to their handle on precise chakra control. She is often seen not as a proper mother figure, mostly because of her keeping her kunoichi status even after marriage. She does not believe in sitting at home and being a trophy wife when she has so much more to offer. She is happy to fulfill her duties for her clan but won't give up her goals to please everyone. She's fairly happy-go lucky and upbeat on and off the battlefield but she has her more serious moments when things are obviously serious. She prides herself on being able to raise her children and continue to do what she loves, even with the help of her family. She's currently at jounin status like her oldest son, but is more so the one training her children while her husband handles important clan duties.

Her sonRen Haouju by Nyanri  

Edit: May as well appeal for the male since I have ideas now~

His name will be Tamotsu Haouju ( name meaning "Protector; Keeper" )

He will be the husband of Sayake and the current leader of the Haouju clan. Unlike previous members of the Haouju clan, he was not born into the main family to even be considered as the next head. By the time he was picked, clan leaders were now to be elected by the clan members themselves. He clawed his way to the top in the most ruthless of ways. Some wonder if he even deserves the position but dare not question his authority. Generally with married life he mellowed out some but still has his ruthless tendencies. Back in his youth he would merely barter any goods he could come around to make ends meet for him and his parents. People believe his hard upbringing is the reason he's harsh with his methods of getting what he wants. He claims all he does is for the good of the clan, the only one that really knows is his wife Sayake. He is completely devoted to her, to the point where he would probably die with her if she passed before him. He is a good husband, a decent leader but an absentee father. While he loves his children dearly, he has a hard time connecting with them. He prefers the confines of his office to the loud bustling noises of the village. The only time he ventures out is to gain resources via the kazekage. He's still not very pleased the Kazekage is decades younger than him but he respects the authority kages present. He has no interest in starting wars within his home village. Nowadays he's out of his office more often than not, establishing relationships between the other clans among suna and even out of suna with the help of his only daughter. 
anniberri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Yup the descriptions are good! You have so great ideas and I'll let you know the results once the 24 hours are up :XD:

Would probably do it earlier but I said 24 hours >>;
Nyanri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much and alrighty xD <3
Nyanri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
These are really lovely ouo~
anniberri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Thank you! :love:
Nyanri Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome c: <3
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