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Akina Fake Screenshot by anniberri Akina Fake Screenshot by anniberri
Starting up the jutsu series again. :XD: Next one is Michiko!
I don't think I did the sludge right but I guess you get an idea how it works? But how Mei Terumi uses her lava release might be a better reference. ^^; 

Other OCs:
Shintaro Fake Screenshot by anniberri

Now my art will disappear for another week or two :iconmingplz:
I'll try to comment on things though!
tsurugami Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Interesting! Is she a kekkei genkai user? 
i really like how you execute your ocs ability into a single screenshot :D
anniberri Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
Yes she is. :D It's an advance nature transformation called Sludge Release I'll just copy and paste some of the info I already have~

The Higashiyama clan possesses an advanced nature Kekkei Genkai known as Sludge Release. By combining Earth and Water based chakra, the user is able to create a high viscosity and mud-like substance. Because of its strong smell and purple color, it was called “Sludge”. Generally the sludge comes out of the mouth, similar to Mei Terumi’s Lava Release.

Female members’ sludge contains poison, which is caused by having special glands in their esophagus.  When hand signs are made, poison is released once the sludge is produced. When the sludge comes out of the female mouth, the poison turns into a gas due to its reaction to oxygen. If breathed in, you are infected with poison. However, a small or medium doze (ranging from 1 to 3 hours) of the poison is not lethal and the body will get rid of the poison through natural functions. Side effects include sickness to the stomach, vomiting, and fever.  Anything above 3 hours is considered lethal and additional side effects include blurred vision, temporary paralysis, or even death. Usually opponents feel minor symptoms around 15-25 minutes, but are considered "infected" around 1 hour. Males do not have these glands but seem to have an immunity for the poison, but their sludge seems to have a stronger smell than the females, the reasons being unknown. "

And thank you! 
tsurugami Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
such detailed explanation //// i love it :heart:
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