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The Seed of Discord

Discord knew full well that the two Princesses would get the Elements of Harmony back from him. He knew he was fighting a losing fight. But he had sowed the seed of discord into the heart of Princess Luna, and he knew it would grow... So he knew that one day, when the inevitable time of his return came, the sisters of the Sun and the Moon could no longer wield the Elements.

Princess Celestia knew this also. But what could she do but to play according to Discord's plan?


Done rather hastily for the Equestria Daily newbie artist thingy. Prompt was a pony facing conflict/locked in combat. So, here you have both!

And yes it's all my headcanon. My theory is that it was ultimately Discord that created Nightmare Moon. Maybe I'll have to write some stuff to put down all of my Ancient Equestria lore theory stuff...
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