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Tribute to Leonid Afremov


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Tribute to Leonid Afremov


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Tribute to Leonid Afremov

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I Ching 01 - Qian (The Creative)

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Silent Night

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Valley Chapel

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The Swamp

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Memories of a Rainy Night

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Dangerous Cargo

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Reborn from Ashes

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Hansel and Gretel

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Freedom - The Carousel 2

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Kingdom in the Clouds

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Water Ride

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I Ching 35 Meme

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How to compose with Light and Shadows

My friend, Laxmi Bharani, *Blubirdss ( , did this picture and asked me for some advices: I love the vivid colors and the blue light of the background, with its reflections on the girl's hair. Nevertheless, something hearts me in the compositions: the main subject of this picture should be the 2 faces and, mostly, the girl's face, but the violent red of the roses catch the viewer's eye on the flowers. This needs to keep the flowers in the shadow, except for the few parts of them which touch te faces of the models (and we will not forget to add some shadows on the rose in the girl's hair). Like this: In this prupose, I'll use the technics


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Aurillac - Christmas Eve 2


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Charlie Hebdo


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