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Freedom - The carousel

By annewipf
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:iconmanip-contest-award: This picture won the First Place Advanced in the "Wonderful Possibilities" contest at :iconmanip-contest:

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Latest recreation of this picture: Freedom - The Carousel 2 by annewipf

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Fairground 1 by Stock-Karr by :iconstock-karr: Carnival Swings by Froggr by :iconfroggr:

Grey Mare 13 by Colourize-Stock Dragster 61 by Colourize-Stock by :iconcolourize-stock: Pony09 by vivstock by :iconvivstock:

Park by FrantisekSpurny by :iconfrantisekspurny:

Thank you to everybody.
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To those who say this is "fair": I have been looking at this masterpiece for over a year. Because I work with people who need to "flee" their situations, I was drawn to it.

As a lover of art....I have never seen anything so strong and beautiful when it comes to breaking free.

In terms of technique with the horses and their fading "facade" is perfect. Everyone has their take, but this is mine:

They rid themselves of what is "supposed to be". Leaving the abuse or the false sense of security or the imprisonment of their pain......etc. They have grown through their suffering as they have faced it head on and are actively woking on themselves. These horses are now strong enough and authentic enough to leave and be what they were designed to be. Strong and real and beautiful.

The background suggests pain and darkness. The horses becoming their true selves with strength and grace suggest--to me---turning a corner.

The impact is very significant for those of us who have been on what-ever-carousel/s life has thrown them. We get strong and we become ourselves and we thrive.
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Thank you for this lovely criticism :hug:
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I saw this wonderful picture and idea first on Facebook and asked Anne, if it's allowed to show it on my blog.

I love both - idea and photo manipulation/art work.

This picture got a lot of interpretation on FB, some said, horses are running to have a break, some thought, they will never return back. For me they break free after years an years of running in a never stopping wheel. It is a wonderful interpretation and metapher of freedom.

Tank you very much Anne. Good luck to you and your work and all the best. Kind regards, Miss Glueck
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Lovely. I wish this was available in a widescreen format for wallpaper! I would gladly pay for the honour of having this grace my desktop.

Calliopes are one of my favourite things, and this brings the dream I've had in my head since I was a child right out in front of my eyes. Lovely execution.

I'd like to see more of the carousel patterning on the second horse as it fades between the first and the last. The last horse looks like it is on another plane of existence, so that technique there could have been executed a bit better, in my opinion.

That said, they are nitpicks and the image is still magical and lovely. Thank you for sharing this. Keep on creating! <3
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Thank you for your kind comment! :hug: I know it isn't perfect: this picture is one of my older manipulations, I made progress since I did it. But I don't want to touch anything in it: it turned out quite well and it is the single picture I succeed to sell ;)
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I wouldnt change it either! :D
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WOW i love this design (O:
The name really does suit this piece so well(O: I really love the idea of the horses taking their freedom...

I gave you (4) for vision because it’s clear to me that you really thought this through and got my attention.

Originality got a wonderful (4 and a half) it is not something i have seen done on DA before.

Sadly I gave you a (3) for Technique: the front horse seems to be too blurred and it still looks a bit cut out. I must say you did well with the lighting and the effect it creates is great. Also wonderful use of stock

Impact (5) really stunning idea and would love to see more of your work in the future.

Regards Nicolene Lorette design
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1st of all - an idea that knocks off. any idea with a concept is good 'cos when nothing makes sense it's senseless - right? but this one does definetly. especially the idea of "Freedom" hits the point in this way. ok, let's see if this helps a lil bit. i think that all 3 horses look cut out infact of they're shot on DAYLIGHT from the SUN on maybe different hours. so they have different length and intensity of SHADOWS on thir bodies. the caroussels have other LIGHTS and SHADOWS - those of static bulbs - and the BG you've used has 2 LIGHT SOURCES. one from the SUNSET of a typical October/November-EVENING and one from the LANTERN. especially the MIST of those cold eves gives the DAYLIGHT that typical touch of having MISTDROPS ON YOUR EYES. they act like a FILTER. (remember of taking walk on such a day?). this FILTER is missing on your pic.
for now that's all so far. nontheless keep on working. i wanna see you win this contest!
kind regards, Ger.
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Thank you for your lovely comment. The technic is perhaps not so good because I'm a beginner in photomanipulation and have many things to learn. (But I don't find the horse blurry, nor cut...) Thank you again.
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Well I do think you need to work on the front horse but I guess you dont see the problem so I cant help you. Have a good evening and all the best to your future desing's.
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Sorry for the late answer, I was very busy. But you can help me, even if I can't see what goes wrong in this horse.Could you tell me what you'll do to make it better and, doing these changes, I'll see what you mean and it will help me for my future manipulations. Thank you. :blowkiss:
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How can I purchase/order this?

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You can't purchase nor order any of my artworks anymore (due to my health). But you may download it for free for a non commercial use.

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Stunning job!:heart:

I have to tell you how much I LOVE this!!  Enough to just purchase the canvas!  :)  Really spoke to me and then when I saw the name I had to have it.  Freedom is my word for 2019!    I will continue to follow you - have a feeling I will need more of your artwork.
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Awesome work :)
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I bought a copy of this to use as a website background - do you want me to credit you as Anne Wipf or is there a different name I could use?
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Anne Wipf is perfect, I only use my real name. Thank you :D
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Reminds me of that scene in Mary Poppins with the carousel horses!
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