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Dark Litlith's Realm mother

Do not use my work under any circumstances without my permission! My work does not belong to the public domain. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any form without my permission ! And I dont allow any kind of letters, tags or tubes making of my artwork. For other questions, please contact me!

Featured here thanks :) 
Highlights of the week-44th Edition 2020I saw her many times, within the shadows, I listened her lullaby and sweet words but tried to avoid her, until the night when She spoke to me in dreams, the snake pierced my skin while she took my hand, smiling she said to me 'you won't die', you are now my child, you will live in my realm, baptized with her crimson kiss, my fate was sealed, Dark temptress, Mother of the fallen, Lustful Goddess, Lilith is her Ancient name, Proud daughter without regret, my soul belongs to her, fearless at Lilith's Realm, the cat and the snake protectors given by her, walk at my side, Lilith,I have delivered to you what I am, eternally living in your dark embrace.Poem by: Villenueve,#Lilith #LilithsRealmLilith’s Realm proudly showcases the best of its galleries every week. Congratulations to our selected artists at our –44th Edition 2020, Enjoy the features!*** Important:Because of lack of time, I can't make a double edition (at my website and here), but I found the way of adding the images as we used to do in the past.Please, before submitting read our rules at our Lilith’s Realm home in Deviant Art and check what kind of art we accept, it’s never nice declining submissions but as a member of this home, your only obligation is following/respecting the rules, if we have stated at the rules: ‘No fairies, no mermaids,etc…’ then,it means: No, we won’t accept that kind of art, of course,if your work is suitable with our themes -despite being a fairy or a mermaid- then,we might decide accepting, the rules are clear, please read them and follow them and if we request a work,it is because it fits our themes/subjects and because the work has enough quality as for being part of this home, again, check the kind of art we accept please and if we decline your work for some reason, don’t act like a Diva/Divo, nor act as offended, Deviant Art is a place for art, all of us are into the same boat and there aren’t Divas nor Divos! and here the only Diva is Lilith!**Note to our members, Please read!We have changed a bit our rules related to watermarks, we won’t accept artworks/nor request them with big watermarks, or with visually distracting ones, we understand your need for protecting your art but it is DA, it is not good to kill the beauty of your work at your own home, we will accept your art with digital signatures or small watermarks.We thank for your understanding, we are trying to display in full view the beauty of art.Our Featured artists:,Invocation by maiarcita,Gothic victorian photo by GothicRosettejewelry,Vanity by indigodeep,+ Heaven Can Wait + by silentfuneral,Frost by JesusCareaga,Dark Litlith's Realm mother by annemaria48,Lilith's Realm by MvicenSandra Villanueva ~ Villenueve ~ Lliliths Realm Guardian

Made for Litlith's Realm Challenge

Challenge has ended!Challenge: Lilith's Realm 2016!
Our Challenge has ended, thank you very much to the artists who participated!
Our current challenge officially started on October 8th and will end on December 18th 2016, we invite our artists to display the Realm and our Dark Mother Lilith.
We have started to get great submissions and donations, we still need prizes/donations from our community, stock providers and friends and we will be updating the journal as needed.
:iconliliths-realm: Proudly will host, teaming up with :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :icondaparanormal: :iconbeyondlife-da: and :iconsexy-evil: At this challenge, only staff and members of each groups can participate, but you must be a member at Lilith's Realm for submitting, the artist will need joining with the explanation 'Lilith's Realm 2016' and with his/her work finished -*No WIPS please-
we want great imagination and original creations.
As said previously: This is NOT

Brown Magical Premade Basckground
High Contrast Glass II
Mirror PreMade Background
Smoke and Haze Cloud Cover Stock Photo- PNG 5
Stock - Black and gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 44
spider png
Wound brushes
UNRESTRICTED - Bleeding Mascara Brushes
Grannysatticstock Spiders Web png
E-S Bats pack
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aww thanks :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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This is my dedication for you
Bones and Ashes by vampirekingdom
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aw thanks :) ;hug: :heart:
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Wow, this is great!!
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Wow.. I love this one Heart Heart Heart 
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soooo awesome and fabulous :heart:
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so very welcome :heart:

Jenn by KatZaphire
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aww thanks  sweety :) 
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You're welcome. :)
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Magnificent!, Good luck!, thank you for participating at Liliths-Realm challenge!
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Cool work! Thanks for including my stock.
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aw thanks your very welcome :)) :hug:
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