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Now you all can follow me on facebook. Just click on the link in the end of this message and you will pop up on my facebook page for my artwork. I also have links to my blog there. OBS! My blog are written on swedish so be sure to translate if you don't understand.
But my facebook page will be written in english for everyone to be able to understand.
I hope you will take a look!

Follow this link:…
  • Listening to: My own thoughts
  • Reading: My own weird words
  • Watching: Nothing at all.
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  • Eating: your food
  • Drinking: your beer
It have been a while since I wrote or submitted (?) anything.
But I can tell you all that I am working on a drawing now, so soon I will have something to submit again :).
I can tell you that it will be a monster mix up ;).

Something easy to do, cause I am not in the mood for something complicated at this time when I have so much other stuff that fills my head.

Well, anyway... I f anyone even reads this... T-T  .... Soon there will be new art from me.

See ya'll !!
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I love the sunshine outside my window, it is beautiful and I start to feel the spring, even if it still really cold.

I don't really have to much to write at the moment more than I need to pee... So... I will go now... leaving you all alone... Don't be scared, I will be back later if I don't drown in the toilet and pops up in your kitchen sink all bloated and "swamp"-like after being in the water to long... If you find me in your kitchen, don't be afraid. Please make a portrait of me instead and look closely and say, what colour do I have on my skin after all this?

// Anne
I am working on new artwork. I hope it will be finnished in a couple of days so I can submit it for all eyes to see. There is alot of other stuff going around me (not artwise) so there for it takes a while for me to get finnished with my art.
As I said, I hope it will be submitted in few days :)
I can tell it will be in colour. I found a new love in my art and it is working with colours. Usually I prefer black and grey in my art. But now I feel colourful and want to use colours :D
And btw, please comment on my art, I really want and need som critique on my art to know how to develope!
Yep, you know it!
I just wanted to spread some love to you all and wish for a happy valentines day <3

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Since yesterday I have been working on colouring a beautiful lineart. I am trying to practice on using photoshop in this way. And it is soooo fun... The hard thing is, I am using a mousepad on my laptop for this :P But so far it works :)

Results will be submitted to DA when I am finnished... Until then you have to wait LOL.

  • Playing: Farmville 2, OH yeaaaaah *LOL*

I have started a donation on my profile. Please donate some points for my cause if you want :)
I am saving up for a premium membership!


  • Playing: Farmville 2, OH yeaaaaah *LOL*
It is cold today, and all white.
And snowing, snowing and snowing... I wish for spring!

// Anne Kananen
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  • Playing: Farmville 2, OH yeaaaaah *LOL*
  • Eating: Meat
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Some shit on TV.
Feeling all alone.
Scratching my head.
Hair falls off.
Blood starts dripping.
My head hurts.
But I start to get numb.
My fingernails are scratching bones.
Everything starts to get black.
And I am thinking to myself... A typical Saturday.

// Anne Kananen
  • Watching: some shit on TV
I am soooo damn hungry at the moment, I want to eat something really bad.... Actually, I think I will do so :P

But before I go, I just wanted to thank those people who already done some faving on my new accounts gallery, thank you so much! You are those who make me inspired to keep up with the submissions :)

And for those even fewer people who make some effort to leave a coment behind you, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Do I sound desperate?

Noooooo, I am just happy :) Everything is fun fun fun!!

Peace out,

yours sincerly,

Anne Kananen
  • Watching: some shit on TV
Welcome to my new DA account!

Some of you maybe already know me as SolitaireWitch here at DA. I have been a member since 6 years back, and felt it was time for some new and refreshing and decided to start a new account, and in time delete my old one... So if you are one of my old watchers and still want to watch me, please add this new account and stop watching the old one. Are you all new people that never seen me before, HI!!! :)

I hope 2013 will be a good art year for me :)

See ya'll around!