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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book cover in pastels
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love the coloring! :O
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Nice interpretation of the gank.
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i think sher khans eyes need to look a lill meaner..

but even without that...

great job!!!!
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Wow, what a great cover. You're technical ability with pastels is PROfessional. If you don't already do illustrations and covers for books I believe it will be in your future. Excellent work!
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That is soooo cool. I like the jungle colors. Ingenious doubling of branches with stripes. It's soft pastel right? If so, how do you "fix" a piece like that? I had a soft pastel piece that I pretty much destroyed by spraying.
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Thanks! This piece is one of my first where I actually figured pastels out! I layer a lot. I start out with big blocks of color and the fix, and then do a bit more detail, and then fix, and then more detail, fix, etc. It's also a workable fixative, so it's not as strong, but once you build up layers, it fixes just fine. It is a fine balance though, you always can overwork it. But yea, I'm glad you enjoy this piece! I envy your gouache usage! How do you do it?
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Uhh... well I'm taking a story illustration class with some focus on watercolor. I've learned that you can't add it on too thick, which has helped me more than anything. The key is washes. Do a wash, then do another wash, then do another wash, etc. I can't claim that's exactly what I did for some of my work, but I know it works.
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