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Tomb Kings High Queen Khalida

Tomb Kings High Queen Khalida, from Games Workshop, Painted by Anne Cooper, Sculptor Unknown. (If anyone knows the sculptor please let me know and I can update the info).
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I used to run a khalida army years ago, im interested to know how you've painted the rotting part of the face? (not the skin bit lol) and the bandages because it looks very good. I'm hoping she'll still be in the new book, i stopped playing VC when they ruined lahmian vampires for me, Khalida is all i have left lol
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Thanks! Sure thing, for the rotting part, I did several layers of GW flesh wash (the older kind more rust colored) over a basecoat of olive green, white and black in the shadow areas. She's a cool character :)
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It looks really good ! I hope they keep her in the new list