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Earlier this week, Loose Id released my latest yaoi novella, Pawprints! :D I had much, much fun writing this one, and if anyone checks it out, I hope you enjoy. Here's a little blurb:

Veterinary student Adrian Ferrer can't find the right man for a lasting relationship, let alone to share his life with. Between classes, his part-time job at an animal hospital and volunteering at a no-kill shelter, he's not making time to try either. Just as he's ready to leave love for the birds, Adrian comes across a new guest at the shelter who turns out to be much more than the cute, black & white cat he first appears to be. The cat shifts form, becoming a gorgeous, naked man named Lal, and the sexual attraction between the two men is pure animal magnetism.

Before Adrian knows it, he's falling for Lal faster than he can catch his breath. Never mind that his apartment doesn't allow pets, Lal is one cat he's not letting go of. But Adrian's new love is on the run from a former life that's about to catch up with them both.

Also, thanks SO much to everyone who's participating in my Animal Shelter Appreciation Week charity print sale. I have only three left, and I've had the chance to read so many touching stories from folks who've adopted or rescued their pets. How wonderful is that??? :heart:
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In 2001, my family grew by two almost overnight. We rescued a stray puppy practically straight out of the dogcatcher’s arms, snatching her the same afternoon a neighbor put a call to the city for animal pickup. A few weeks later, a Calico kitten ended up coming home with us along with our new weed whacker from Sears (don’t ask *g*). Our lastest addition arrived a couple of years after that, when another kitten moved herself into our carport and into our hearts.

Sometimes they drive me crazy (especially when the cats decide my scanner is their bed) but I can’t imagine my life without these little guys, and I don’t want to. They love unconditionally, never judge, and brighten my day (even when the pooch is stealing naps on my bed cuz she thinks I don’t know about it -- BUT I DO, because my pillow itches all night afterwards).

But what would’ve happened if we hadn’t taken in these sweeties? Tragically, most strays never have the chance to find a good home. :’(  But there are folks helping to care for cats and dogs in these situations, and November 4th – 10th is the time of year to recognize the organizations that lend man’s best friend a helping paw. :)

In celebration of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, I’d like to help raise funds for <A>Operation Kindness</A> – a wonderful organization in North Texas devoted to housing and caring for animals until they find a loving home. This is a No-Kill shelter, and they help connect more than 2,500 dogs and cats with caring owners every year while maintaining humane conditions in their facility. I learned about Operation Kindness through my veterinarian, who has volunteered at the shelter in the past.

I’m selling four signed poster prints of some of my popular covers for m/m shifter books at $20, shipping included. Five dollars from each sale will be donated to Operation Kindness, and at the end of the month, I’ll match the total. The poster prints are 11”x17”, and will be shipped in a mailing tube along with a certificate of authenticity (ooh!) and some other goodies I have around: bookmarks, a mini-button, okashi. The covers are JL Langely's <A…>With Caution</A>, Jet Mykles' Leashed 2, and my own Pawprints.

Please post here with any questions about the print sale, or feel free to drop me a line: you’d like to find a No-Kill shelter in your area, check <A…>here</A> for locations. There are so many different things you can do to help the organizations in your area, which include donating supplies or volunteering time to help care for the animals.

Thanks so much!
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Long before the LOTR movies hit the Silver Screen, a different blond elf captured my imagination when I discovered The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. The Zelda series is one of my all-time faves (closely followed by Resident Evil), but I'd been too busy this year to get into "Twilight Princess". Well, I'm making time, dammit. The game has me hooked, and it's been nice to relax a few nights in a row away from the PC. (I'm just about all caught up with edits on Pawprints, On Wings of Blue AND the next ChildsPrey book, so I'm enjoying the time off guilt-free. Woohoo!)

The break is also giving me a chance to approach a few projects with 'fresh eyes', and I'm even even doing some just-for-me art along with *gasp* fanart...something I haven't really done in years. :heart:

With that in mind, I'm unofficially declaring this Elf Week. I've got one more fan piece that fits the theme in the works, as well as an original painting (with a companion story, to boot). And who knows? There might be more. :)
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ARGH. My responses to the awesome comments folks are making on my submissions are taking longer than ever thanks to this weird bug with the Message Center. Any notices for new comments, PMs and journal entries are not showing up. ::le sigh:: Please forgive me if I haven't replied yet, luvs!

Last Friday, my co-writer and I were the guest authors at It's Not Chick Porn!, an excellent blog about books and good stuff. We chatted about our favorite books, movies and manga with gay/yaoi themes, and some interesting recommendations came up. Check it out and please feel free to add your thoughts too. :D
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This past month has been very h-e-c-t-i-c, meaning I've spent more time on the go rather than at the PC. The plus side of not being chained to the desk from 9am to 2am is getting the chance to read through a stack of hard-copy books that've been piling up on the shelves since...well, forever it seems. *lol*

I finally finished all four volumes of Yellow by Makoto Tateno--LOVED it. The art, the story, the sexy tension between the two friends--everything.

Then I gobbled up The Line of Beauty. My God--! How did I not discover Alan Hollinghurst sooner?!? Beautiful prose, wonderful characters, a powerful ending that left me torn between feeling frustrated for Nick, melancholy, hopeful, It's been a long time since a book moved me this way...a very long time.

Ahh, and then there's been Death Note. Another fantastic story that almost slipped under my radar. I'm purposefully keeping volume 12 on my shelf, untouched, because I hate the thought of finishing this series and I dont. Want. It. To. End.

Until next time--happy reading! (And drawing ;) )
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Lots of exciting things are going on at the moment, including the upcoming launch of Total-e-Bound.

LynTaylor and I have contributed cover art for the publisher's line of titles, and I'm so excited to see the stories released on July 2nd! Head on over and check out TEB's site for info on interviews, author bios, contests, and more.

Some cover art for Total-e-bound:
On Bliss by LynTaylor Coach by LynTaylor
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On July 1st, Soul of the Night will be available in print from Samhain Publishing. The illustrated, 265 page yaoi novel is already up for pre-order right at Amazon.

Since this is my first book in print, I'm extremely excited about this wonderful news! I also can't wait to see how the illustrations print--there are several black and white drawings in Soul of the Night that I'm very proud of, and I adored bring Kiyoshi and Ryuhei to life with the artwork.

Thank you to everyone--readers, friends, the great folks at Samhain Publishing--for making this dream come true! I hope everyone who gets hold of a copy enjoys the story as much as Barb and I did writing it. :heart:

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I've posted several new covers that I've done in recent weeks, several of which are original drawn/painted works. It's always exciting when authors give me the opportunity to go all out with the creative process, and of course I'm grateful to my wonderful publishers for letting me have fun with this 'artsy stuff'. :)
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After months of waiting, Soul of the Night is finally available from Samhain Publishing. And this full-length novel includes 9 illustrations that I'm particularly proud of.

Over at LooseId, the first book in our series about Jrockers and *cough*sex*cough* is also on sale now: Winter Song. No illustrations, but for yaoi fans there's plenty of smexing to keep warm at night by. :lol: My co-author and I will be hosting a contest for readers to name our Jrocker series. We'll be giving away prizes, sharing excerpts, and having fun all around. Stay tuned for more details.

If anyone checks out the books, I'd love to hear from you. Please drop me a line a (replace -at- with @ please) or comment here. :heart:
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Thu Dec 21, 2006, 12:34 AM
Ever had those one of those months days where you've got a bazillion things you want to do, but the brain ain't cooperating?


So here I am, at 2:30 in the morning, not feeling the least bit sleepy. Wired on homemade lattes, I am, and a little stressed with some holiday humbug. Instead of actually being productive on one of several projects I'm in the middle of, the need to chill has overcome my sense of responsibility. :sheepish:

Thanks to mi amiga, I spent much of the evening relaxing with some Buck Tick DVDs and doing a quick, no-stress painting. After
uploading some art here and over at Y!Gallery, it will be Me vs the Sandman for Round 2.

Bring it!

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Dragon's Disciple art and Blood Brothers art