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Kurt and Logan....and beer

By annecain
One of the things I loved about X-books back in the good ol' days was seeing the team chillax every once in a while. In the spirit of Wolverine and Nightcrawler's friendship in the comics: here's to you, guys. *clink*

pencils, digital inks and colors

EDIT: Oh, wow, I am seriously honored! Thanks so much to $damphyr for the Daily Deviation and thanks to everyone for the great comments. You guys made my day! <3
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*shoves Logan out of the way* guten tag handsome~ :flirty: :wink kiss: Jeya smug icon  Lol

This is is incredible! How did you do this its just- AMAZING!!! :la: :claps: :claps:
Legendary--Warrior's avatar
They both look so cool!
Crazydoglady84's avatar
earthdragonthoth's avatar
Oh my god! This is ... AMAZING!!
saphsoul's avatar
I love the way you drew Kurt. The hair and the expression are amazing.
W17's avatar
Awesome ^_^
Kakurosu's avatar
wow they look so bishie - especially Kurt :3
Pug-In-The-Mug's avatar
Aw yes, manly canadian man!
empressofmelnibone's avatar
Kurt and Logan just relaxing. Awesome scene.
GabeLamberty's avatar
this is great! i love scenes of superheros during casual moments
ultimatexavior's avatar
I love this. It reminds me of times when the these quieter an simpler moments were used to make these characters into more than just comic book heroes, it made them everyday people. I think its part of the reason these characters resonate so deeply with old school fans. Great job capturing the moment.
Flamelvr's avatar
A german and a canadian in a bar drinking beer and smoking cigars.
I would like this even if it wasn't these two.
Kudos to you, my friend. :bow:
TamaRose's avatar
What a great drawing. I absolutely love it.
ashleyjordan's avatar
Ah gorgeous and incredible, so happy you got a DD for this, all your hard work definately deserves it! I am just astounded over an over again with how realistic and how beautiful your art is. The painterly style is so smoothe and reflects light wonderfully.

Also I think that this image is so sweet, I really like the addition of Kurt's cross(some artists fail to include it which makes me sad) and it is just so nice to see them relaxing..and to see Logan crack a smile hahah. The way you draw Kurt makes me so appreciative :nod:
JeremyJEmmons's avatar
Awesome! I'll have what they're having.
Titianna's avatar
Kurt looks sooo good! Aww. Logan shaved his chops. Lol oh well bet he'll be carrying poor Nightcrawler home after too many beers. XD
Myrav13's avatar
just really amazing.
TheScratchMan's avatar
gahhh This is beautiful~
thatenglishguy's avatar
Nijis's avatar
This is AMAZING! I love this and it isvery amzing the color is amzing and so is the details.:wow:
I like how consistently you draw Nightcrawler, he's features are realistic, the same as himself in the other pictures, but he does not look exactly like the other characters.
I miss when they hung out too.
Anyway! I love the picture.
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