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Lynx Anjali by Nuit du Gore - Contest Entry by anneauxdelacroix Lynx Anjali by Nuit du Gore - Contest Entry :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 10 8 Would You Kindly? by anneauxdelacroix Would You Kindly? :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 17 8
Mature content
Rob and Jessie - 1k Commission :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 1 0
Mature content
Chains - Ysma x Azhret :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 2 0
Jaslyne by Hannah Alexandra - Contest Entry by anneauxdelacroix
Mature content
Jaslyne by Hannah Alexandra - Contest Entry :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 6 1
Blurred - Chapter 1
The high staccato penetrated my consciousness. I hadn’t even realized I’d been sleeping.
My eyelids held the weight of the world. Opening them was impossible.
Where am I?
“She’s waking up!” I knew my mother’s voice as well as I knew my own.
I finally managed to open my eyes, but only to immediately close them again. Sterile white light seared pupils that hardly remembered sunlight. Tears filled my eyelids to the brim to soothe the burning sensation.
“Miss Durand? Bruloire? Can you hear me?” This voice I didn’t recognize. Murmurs drifted through the room in waves that continually washed over me.I couldn’t find the strength to nod my head or part my lips.
I slowly opened my eyes once more. Someone had moved the lamps outside of my vision, now replaced by faces— so many faces. My mom and dad, my fiancé, my
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 3 0
Chapter 1 - Lynx
Ancient texts in dying languages spoke of the magic that flowed through the very soil of the world. It existed deep within the forests—thriving in every tree, flower, and animal that formed its cycle. It existed in the oceans and sands of distant coastlines. And sometimes, when the stars were aligned, it existed in humans.
Analyn, a small village that still celebrated the mysteries of magic, passed down stories from old to young of the Enlightened Ones. Young men with unnaturally-hued hair and an affinity for the arcane. The trait would skip many generations and span across all types of sorcery—from minor restorative powers to powerful destruction spells. Regardless of the existence of an Enlightened One, the elders of Analyn kept the tradition of documenting and imparting the knowledge down to each new age in case another emerged.
Nearly five hundred years had passed since magic was last seen when Cassandra and Finn Anjali welcomed their first child into the world. With br
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 3 3
Ysma by anneauxdelacroix Ysma :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 26 8
Whispers from the Past: Roar Part Two
Part One
Roar is copyright Catherine LaCroix 2017
Victoria and I spent months hiding our affections for each other from our parents. I’m sure my mother knew very well what was happening, but I was terrified of what Madeline and Simon would think of me. If there was a place we could hide behind, my lips never left hers. If we were spared from supervision, Victoria’s fingers wandered to my skin—beneath my tunic, tracing every inch she could manage before she was forced to stop. When I could no longer take the hours of teasing, I offered a few days’ worth of translation work to the university library in exchange for a fair amount of coin. Enough for a good meal for Victoria and I…as well as a night at the inn.
In truth, I was terrified to tell Victoria of my idea. But when I finally managed the words, her excitement exceeded my expe
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 3 0
Whispers from the Past: Roar Part One
Roar is copyright Catherine LaCroix 2017
It was an inconsequential evening that changed the entire course of my life. I couldn’t say the day or the time, but I remember it was snowing.
I was restless, inconsolable, and suffered from the curiosities of childhood. I’m sure my mother knew of my late night escapes but never said a word. The moon washed over the snow in a gleam that would draw envy from the sun as I padded my way over the white landscape. It was late; far later than any eight-year-old should have wandered from their room. But I couldn’t sleep and nothing in my home seemed to distract my fits of insomnia.
And so I wandered. The powdered streets of Lorelyn were abandoned at such a late hour. The chill air sometimes calmed the thoughts that rushed through my head—thoughts that should have never weighed me down to begin with.
That’s when I saw you.
Dark hair succumbed to the wills of the breeze, bright eyes sparkled in time with the
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 4 0
Mature content
Promise :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 4 0
Mature content
Illyria :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 4 2
React: Prologue
The preview for React! The third installment in the Whispers from the Past series!
Isabelle Rhodes finds herself constantly at odds with her father, bailiff Garrett Rhodes. Determined to pave her own destiny, Isabelle abandons her family in her pursuit of knowledge. The trials she faces during her studies, however, will change her life forever.
I held a cool cloth to my blackened eye. Bruises and scrapes decorated my pale arms and legs. Thankfully I wasn’t bleeding too much- and most of it wasn’t mine. The other kid would miss a few days of tutelage.
“Where is she?” I heard my father’s booming voice from down the hall. I hadn’t expected him to be happy, but his tone was unnerving.
I sucked on a split knuckle in an attempt to ease the sting. When he rounded the corner he assessed the situation and shook his head.
“Come on, Isabelle,” he commanded, and I stood without hesitation.
“You have to admit, sir, she has your fire,” the
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 8 4
Mature content
Little Love: Chapter One :iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 5 0
Pianissimo - Chapter One
In the second installment of The Silent Note, Tobias and Ara's love continues to grow through their shared adoration of music and each other. Tobias struggles to create the perfect song for Ara, seeking assistance from those closest to him. An unexpected source leads him in the right direction, and his composition for her transforms into more than just a sweet melody.
Chapter One
I knew I’d arrived to the clearing early, but I found it difficult to stifle my excitement. The few days without my evening visits I spent counting down the seconds until I’d see Ara again. Even so, I slept soundly those nights, something I hadn’t been afforded recently. My days spent with my father and grandfather seemed to move a little faster, and I tackled whatever faced me with my heart a little lighter.
The moon hid her face that evening, but the light of my lantern was plenty for me to see by. I lay out a blanket I’d brought over the soft grass and set up a few plates of foods fo
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 10 0
Remember: Prologue
The Prologue of Remember, the second installment in Whispers from the Past.
Told from Victoria's point of view, she continues her life with Jeremi. A year into their marriage, he introduces her to the darker, hidden side of his family. The entire dynamic of their marriage hinges upon what they discover there.
It was the first time I’d ever smelled salt in the air. Seen an expanse of water that continued infinitely. A steady breeze played at my hair and the warm evening air caressed my skin. The ocean mirrored the full moon, illuminating the picturesque scene before me. If it weren’t for the circumstances surrounding our visit, the City of Ends was easily one of the most stunning landscapes I’d ever seen.
“Victoria, love…I…don’t how to prepare you for this.” Jeremi’s fingers weaved into mine.
“I’m the one who asked to come here. I want to understand every part of your life. This weight…you should not have to bear it
:iconanneauxdelacroix:anneauxdelacroix 8 0



Update and Hiatus

Tue Aug 21, 2018, 11:35 PM by anneauxdelacroix:iconanneauxdelacroix:
Hey guys,

I know it's been a long time. After major surgery, a slew of incredibly personal internet attacks, and readjusting back to work, it's been difficult to concentrate on anything creative. And I miss it, very much. 

So, I'm taking a break from Deviantart and my social media accounts. 

For those that contacted me in regards to commissions, I will be reaching out to you individually. Same goes for the winners of the Over 9000 contest.

I will also be revamping and still posting on my Patreon.

Thank you all for your support and for your understanding.


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