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about contrasts by anndr about contrasts :iconanndr:anndr 461 6 valkyrie by anndr valkyrie :iconanndr:anndr 480 9 The working atmosphere by anndr The working atmosphere :iconanndr:anndr 457 11 The Orchard Queen by anndr The Orchard Queen :iconanndr:anndr 763 18 dark river by anndr dark river :iconanndr:anndr 628 13 Fire Craft by anndr Fire Craft :iconanndr:anndr 586 15 Winter Pleasures by anndr Winter Pleasures :iconanndr:anndr 1,074 18 Triss by anndr Triss :iconanndr:anndr 519 3 Neon love by anndr Neon love :iconanndr:anndr 271 6 Quel'thalas by anndr Quel'thalas :iconanndr:anndr 544 10 Goodbye, summer! by anndr
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Goodbye, summer! :iconanndr:anndr 560 24
Rin by anndr Rin :iconanndr:anndr 735 17 Cedric by anndr Cedric :iconanndr:anndr 435 7 The Stormlight Archive by anndr The Stormlight Archive :iconanndr:anndr 493 16 Yennefer by anndr Yennefer :iconanndr:anndr 483 8 three seconds to kiss by anndr three seconds to kiss :iconanndr:anndr 465 9 Ciri by anndr Ciri :iconanndr:anndr 697 13 Big kitty - Drizzt Do'Urden by anndr Big kitty - Drizzt Do'Urden :iconanndr:anndr 837 32 Faerie by anndr Faerie :iconanndr:anndr 465 8 The Witch of Wolf Mire by anndr The Witch of Wolf Mire :iconanndr:anndr 845 15 The Outsider by anndr The Outsider :iconanndr:anndr 418 8 Burning Sea by anndr Burning Sea :iconanndr:anndr 947 13 mullholland drive by anndr mullholland drive :iconanndr:anndr 497 11 marble and terracotta by anndr marble and terracotta :iconanndr:anndr 665 18


Sara-Arasteh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome gallery!
ClaytoneCarpe Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Professional Writer
Très jolie galerie. ^^
manavortex Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work is gorgeous. One day I might be able to paint in a similar fashion. Until then, I'll ogle yours. *_*
VioletInfinitio Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Your artwork is AMAZING!!!
AlonDarsSister Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017   Traditional Artist
Oh my goodness, I am blown away by how amazing your art is. Page after page of "ooooh that's beautiful" and "oh my god I love that one"
eugenx Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017
amazing thanks
Lolliangel00 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Your art is magical! So beautiful!

Keep up the amazing work :) I'd love to see more of it!
CapscesDigitalInk Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Professional General Artist
Wonderful gallery!
ShannonxNaruto Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool gallery! :iconfoxyayzplz:
NyxShadowhawk1 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Your artwork is absolutely stunning. I'm jealous of your ability, but my process has been long and slow so far. Would you mind if I used some of your artwork as references? 
skara-brae Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your artwork is beautiful and has inspired me to revisit my art style and technique as well. However, I am curious, what mediums do you use or do you use digital software and if so which one? I am very curious because on one hand your artwork looks digital but on the other hand it is very traditional as well. Thank you ^^ and keep up the magnificent work ^^
anndr Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
thank you =) I work in Photoshop almost everytime.
skara-brae Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah! Well  again, your artwork is very beautiful ^^ it inspires me to revisit my own art technique x3.
Dev1lMayCare Featured By Owner May 9, 2016
I love your paintings, they are astonishing !
Lynaiss Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Gosh, I've been following your work for ages on tumblr and every piece you make just blows my mind! You have such a gorgeous painterly style and vivid colors, sometimes I feel like your pieces are alive. And gosh, your compositions are fantastic!
YokaiRising Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your artworks are so interesting. They have innumerable qualities that I simply adore like your realistic anatomy, the meanings behind your artworks and the wonderful detail and colour.
I will have to haunt you for thisAdded to my devWatch! 
AnaMarija85 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
Your art is amazing.Clap 
stealthpanther Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
absolutely gorgeous art!  I wish I could just add all of it to my favorites with a single click...
indusina Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
Do you usually start a painting in values or do you start directly with color? :)
Amazing gallery by the way!
MidnaBunnikins Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
I was trying to draw a few illustrations for a book im going to publish so i had looked up a few pictures to use just for posture references and i came across your picture of the necromancer with golden eyes and about died. This entire time ive had that picture in my head and for the life of me i couldnt get it on paper and u have. He is utterly perfect.should i not be able to produce my own illustrations to my satisfaction i will definitely be sending you a message. :D
xDizzyBx Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015   General Artist
Your art is easly one of the top 5 I like the most here in DA. I just love it, very inspirational and I'm sure it makes a lot of artist that are still growing like myself to improve. Thanks for sharing your work.
MaroonAtmosphere Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Student Photographer
I love your art so much, it's freaking flawless :O
Chub-Bunny Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like your works so much, especially those long-haired guys n_n
EmiliaStern Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is very pur and so beautiful. Very difficult not take all your works in favorites xp
I love the poetry in your paintings :)
TheStoryTellerMaiden Featured By Owner Edited Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry that I'm spamming you with favorites, but seriously? Your gallery is so amazing. You have a lot of talent, and a beautiful technique. Your art has spirit and atmosphere, and the coloring is wonderfully well done. I wish I could favorite your entire gallery, but instead, I shall watch you. Added to my devWatch! Have a wonderful day, and thank you very much for sharing your excellent art with us! 
I Love your ART by TheGalleryOfEveI truly love your art! la in love 
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