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here is the link to the video thank you so much:…   
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hey i am doing a stranger things fan art video and would like to use your artwork you will receive all credit and i will have a link in the description. I will send you the link when completed. 
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  Ok, no prob ;) Waiting for link.
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thank you i will send you the link when its done :)
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I like the realistic drawings and the free application of the colours, especially in the background.
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просто шикарно!
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i am a art producer undercover i would like to see more of your work sincerely Harley Adams
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yuo may see kinda 20 pages of my gallery with 20 pics per one page here, on DA =) Thank you!
cool loving it right now
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Very nice work.
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Lovely sketches. I like how different the shapes of their eyes are.
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this was a great show. I hope they do another season <3 these sketches are great ^^
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Just watched the entire show (whole thing on Saturday) Awesome work!
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great work!!! *-*
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Looooved this show!
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I literally just started watching the show last night. It's decent, but it does feel like an extended SCP Foundation article to me. 
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incredible job!
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These look really good! Great work!! :)
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I love this show! Awwwweeesssome
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cools, nice job :)
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