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crown of horns

By anndr
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I feel like there's a story that goes with this...
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Very, very beautiful. Conveys a lot of sensations... It makes me wonder what's the story behind this illustration. :love:
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This is wonderful!!!
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as for me this drawing could be consisting only this girl, and it'd be already perfect. I mean, look at her face! So beautiful! I love how delicate and how lost in thought she is, and the texture of her hair adds to the feeling!
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I love this pic.
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C'est sublime. :heart:
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I love the contrast between dark trees and water basked in light. Also, it's a pretty nice work with characters' hair and expressions and grass.
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а этот рогатый мужчина случайно не альтер-эго Solaris?))
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oh my god. Your backgrounds, characters, are just so, so magical. I absolutely love your artwork, you are one of my favorites on DA. This looks like a dream, or something from a book. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to write a story for this (although I'm pretty sure there's one already). Actually, it really reminds me of Tamora Pierce's Immortals trilogy, a fav from my childhood :) Obaldenno!
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Thank you for good words! I think you draw very good too =)
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awesome background makes it look as if it were a video game or movie background concept image to show the artists/animators what it should look like. Reminds me of Dagobah on Star Wars.
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Wah! I didn't notice the guy at first! XD Made it even more startling when I saw it fullview and there he was! :D Cool expression ^ ^
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love the lighting, very pretty work over all.
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somehow i've got a feeling....just to make sure, is that blonde there suppose to be a woman or man..?

but nicely done!~ :)
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amazing! absolutely amazing!
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