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When world is going to spin

commission for :iconnatamuss:
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So you may fancy yourself a hard-nosed realist, perhaps even a bit of a cynic in your bad days, slowly inured to un-ironic sweetness or romantic feeling by growing years and their usual lot of routine and small-scale disappointments... and then you stumble upon a picture like this. A stupendous work filled with so much pure sentiment, clear light and quiet hope for the future it would melt even the most granitic of hearts. All superlatives having been used in the 200-odd comments that preceded mine, I shall reluctantly have to leave it at that, but this will retain a cherished place in my personal favourites. Simply wonderful.
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Sooo perfect!! *___________*
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*__* it looks like me and my OC *__*
Whitewolfofhaafingar's avatar
Beautiful, simply beautiful.
Angel106's avatar
Simply amazing.   Please turn this into desktop wallpaper.  Super awesome.  Details are fantastic.
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Who is depicted in the picture?
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this is for me a very good symbol for peace and calmness. and for love :)
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Beautiful. Stunningly so. I love your tree.... Oh, I'd sit in the tree all day long :3
I would dive into your landscapes - if I could...
I would surf away on my dreams - if I could...
I would never return into this world - if I could stay in yours.
If I could - but I can only look at your pictures and enjoy them and that´s what I say `thank you´ for.
Thank you for sharing your art with untalented people like me.
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beautiful tree and cute couple.
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Awwww thats sooo romantic :meow:

I love the Colors!
DarkenConfusion's avatar
soooo pretty!! *_*
the grass is damn epic O_O <3
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ooohhh my gosh the grass!! :faint: and theeir faces look so realistic! great job!
VivianValmonte's avatar
This is gorgeous. Favourite =]
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Very tranquil =). The mood you conveyed is contagious, which is really hard to do. It's beautiful =)
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You've really captured a feeling of peace in this commission.
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Your pictures are incredible ... I love them!
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Amazing, breathtaking!
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