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character commission

kinda strong woman, eh? =)
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Beautifully done.

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SilverfoxFayre|Hobbyist Photographer
Incredible....She's gorgeous!
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supersukini's avatar
Wow I love this! I feel like I can hear the grass rustle in the breeze
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Moca-Mihai-Madalin's avatar
Moca-Mihai-Madalin|Hobbyist General Artist
Never seen a drawing of valkyrie with raven black hair, cool ...
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pixarviolet's avatar
pixarviolet|Student Traditional Artist
Valkyries are always beautiful and strong.
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HappyHateDay's avatar
I love this woman's hair
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oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Very strong. Very beautiful.
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SnittyCakez|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, her stance is so powerful. It looks like she is commanding the wind behind her. Absolutely fantastic job :)
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EEMM's avatar
God, just looking at her makes me feeling stronger.
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Dionisante|Hobbyist General Artist
Very Good!!!
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Nocturn0wl|Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love the sense of movement in this piece. Excellently done!
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virginhuntress's avatar
So rare to find a woman that looks both so strong/capable and yet beautiful too. Great balance!
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beachlovingirl's avatar
I love the simplicity of this piece!
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Iadhara's avatar
i really like her cape :D
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RHADS's avatar
Ух, какое небо накрутила))
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anndr|Professional Digital Artist
от тебя это читается как издевательство ХД
но спасибо))))
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RHADS's avatar
,ну вот, теперь и комментировать от чистого сердца нельзя))
Правда, круто!
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vesiolento's avatar
She looks somewhat gypsy-ish - reminds me of Ki from Megan Lindholm's Windsinger books. Which is awesome! And who doesn't like strong women like this?
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Andthemomewrathslala's avatar
Her hair is AMAZING.
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Isiodith|Hobbyist General Artist
Great drawing :D
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FoolSightBlind's avatar
she looks as thogh she'd be strong even w/out the sword, nice version of valkyrie
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lathelathe's avatar
I like it. A well made fantasy portrait, of a clearly attractive female that doesn't fall into the easy trap of having more nekkid then clothed, or wearing some silly G-string made of chainmail, or (as in the D&D film a decade ago, nipples carved into a breastplate. Here's a woman with a sword who looks like she still has a little class. Commendable.
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Llialur's avatar
every now and then there comes an artwork that makes me raise my eyebrow in appreciation. this is one such piece!
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