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The Stormlight Archive

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lil fanart from me.
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Reading the book right now and your art is exactly how I imagined it to be.. Superb.. wonderful artist you are!

Holy shit this looks good. In the recent WoK leatherbound, Brandon licensed some top tier fanart of scenes in the book to use in that edition. I hope he sees this so the same can happen for it when the WoR leatherbound is made.

Wow, this nearly brought tears to my eyes. How perfect you've captured the scene....I'm speechless. Thank you for sharing.

This is wonderful
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Finally got to this part in the book, and now I can see the cut marks on the wall.
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lovely work. I always imagined them lying down in a much more cramped space
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I thought I recognized these two! I just finished reading The Way of Kings.
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Beautiful art to accompany an equally stunning book series. This is breathtaking!
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Very intense. You are such a master at expressing emotions in your paintings!
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Love this series!
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NO WAAAAY a Stormlight Archive fanart?!!! NIICEEE
Love it!!
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One of my favorite scenes from the 2nd book. :)

..I still ship them, even after everything that happened in Oathbringer.
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I even know which scene this is from! Fantastic work! :heart: The characters look incredible!
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gotta love this scene and books! Good work!
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Kaladin and Shallan <3

Great job ! =D
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Is it supposed to be really dark or does it look pretty visible on your screen?
It's night in a highstorm, I'd expect it to be pretty dark myself.
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You achieved to convey the mood nicely.
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