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The Plague

Commission for :iconisklive:

" « Il était le fléau, la plaie de notre temps.
Norahslev, dieu des maux aux spectres malveillants,
Tuant notre Altesse et bien-aimé Sandalphon
Contemplait le monde en proie à sa consomption. »

My best thanks to :iconanndr:
And a special thanks to :icondoublethickcustard:" ©Isklive
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Sorry, has anyone seen my jaw? I can't tell where it dropped exactly.
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*pick it up* here it is. :heart:
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How nice of you, thanks! :)
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don't know exactly why, but it reminds me of Kahlan in the last book of the Sword of Truth.... Beautiful !
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Stunning! That red just captures the eye.
SydSydrox's avatar
See? Everythingyou make is great. Its a joy seeing your art in my watch!
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Оооооо *___* !!!
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Черт... нереально просто *_*
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Love how dark this is
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I can't decide if he's more like "kneel to the king of the underworld" or more like "bitch, look at me, I'm fuc*ing fabulous".
Both? both, both is good.

(it's wonderful, you are awesome)

Also, I love what you did with those clothes. 
FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
gorgeous work. I love of the darkened mood, the hair sway, and with the red design behind him accenting of him controlling them to do his bidding. If that's not what is supposed to happen, then sry. ^^'
Isklive's avatar
If you're talking about the Shadows in the background then yes, they are his servants :)
FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
oh awesome! :D glad that I was right then. ^^ you have indeed a yummy and epic looking character there. Necromancer of darker design, I take it?
Isklive's avatar
Thank you :D Norahslev isn't a necromancer but the Angel keeper of Evils :) The painting represents him during his ascension to power, after he kills Sandalphon the Angel keeper of Eden, when he takes all the control of the Paradise and institutes a regime of terror :)
FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
oops. XD I was waaaaaay too far off. ^^' sry about that.

The story behind him makes me curious to hear/read more about him. ^^
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Awesome work with the atmosphere! ;) 
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О, Господи...
Я влюблена в вашу технику рисования и в ваш стиль! Это потрясающе! Невообразимая красота, темная, пропитанная мраком и преисполненная торжествующего превосходства...
Потрясающая работа!Love Heart Heart Heart 
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Nice, I like the shadows :)
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I love every one of your paintings, but there are some that simply stand out. This is one - wow! And wow again. I love it. The brooding colours, the dark creatures, their glowing red eyes, the luminous red crown and glowing decoration on the man's skirts, his expression. *His* red eyes. Love it, love it, love it. You are a treasure (and I guess, I'm officially a fangirl!).
DreamingOfEden's avatar
Totally creepy! Love it!
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