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Decided to repaint (again!) one really old pic. Here's the progress through years: [link]
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I love everything about this picture, the character himself, the personality coming through, the light. Every time i look at it i get a different feeling as to whether he is in a battle or calmly casting a spell that is still something grand but gentle, perhaps he is reading ancient hieroglyphs or summoning or healing. It's quite inspiring and gives me lots of ideas for drawing and writing myself. Thank you for creating such a great image
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Beautiful Picture!
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Oh my gracious!  He's incredibly gorgeously sexy!
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I think the chromatic progression is the most interesting. The prominence of certain colours and textures, How you signed in a different colour whlist not perhaps particularly premeditated I think is an attest to this.
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Is this guy using ice magic?  You should see the picture I came from when I found this.  The link is on the right side of my profile page, and it's actually someone else's drawing of my character that they did for me. XD
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I love seeing these repaints. Great improvement!
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Wow! You are A LOT better now :D
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amaizing works ^^
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Amazing colors and details!
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the lighting and color in this picture are amazing! I love how it creates such strong contrast between light and dark. beautiful :D
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This is cool.

I've seen old gandalf type wizards, and I've seen young Elven hansom type wizards, but this is the first time I'm seeing an aged Wizard which has this sort of charm to him, like you crossed the two popular concepts smoothly.

So (incase my fawning was unclear) I really love this piece! X)
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Шикарно *_____* !
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I cannot get over the lighting, texture, colors, and sense of motion in your paintings! Keep up the wonderful work. I get so excited when I see your new pieces in my notifications. :)
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WOAH. I really like that.
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I really enjoyed viewing the progress over time, interesting to see how you have reinvented the pose. Thanks for sharing
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I keep coming back to look at this. Do you mind if I use at as my Facebook cover photo? I'll link back to your DA page.
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Love, love, LOVE how you progressed. Very well done!!
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Mani love your art work. Very nicely done. XD
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Whoa! Amazing!
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Очень здОрово! ^^
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Another really fantastic painting. Never ceases to amaze everyone!
And it's amazing to see the evolution of your skills. Really something to boost everyone's confidence.

Mind if I ask if you work on art for games? I really think your art is suited for that area xD
I'm in the process of making a game on my own and I was thinking of referencing the way your characters dress.
I always enjoy their clothes a lot.

Mind if I borrow your style^^?
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ouah! very good work!!!!!Your Evolution is very interresting...
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WOW :d your improvement is so very good :) i wish i did as fast XD

i love the detail and the way you made the light
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