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Yay I like na'vi))) They are so.... u know)))

Avatar ©James Cameron

and one more if u like:
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wow.... this is awesome!
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love their bodies... so strong and athletic
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Amazing colors. It's overall so goooood. Well done. Love Avatar.
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PurRRRrrRrr!! Reeeeeally want massive poster of this, beautiful!!
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p.s. all my compy's have this as background forever more =^.^=
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really good work on this one
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Amazing! Do more! It inspires me!
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wow that looks amazing O_O so does the other one. very well done, the colours are amazing, and just the overall way you did it :D
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Soo pretty. Love the colors! :D
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That's amazing! Incredible job! :D
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Na'vi ....... Navi ........ *snickers*
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Wow, that's beautiful :D
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LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! :love: :faint: :D
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Too awesome for words, nuff said. :)
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