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Flying High

Okey... one more)
first of all, I love na'vi and Avatar, yep!
And na'vi are so.... ))))))))

Avatar ©James Cameron

first na'vi fanart:
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Very nice. The movie could have used content like this.
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I so wish I could have an Avatar body and check out having their huge big beautiful Avatar Cocks.  I would love it sooooooooo much. 
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God I love Avatar. Great work here
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I don't mean this to criticize but their braids are supposed to be connected so they can become one in body and soul. Love this piece it's soooooo beautiful!
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This is actually more beatiful and amazing and intimate than just plan dirty! I like it!
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Very beautiful! Excellent job in capturing the moment of Na'vi bonding in this pic!
great art here!
unbeleavable how you've made it so great! but their tentacle thingies should interlock with each other, if you are a fan, shouldn't you know that? :]
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love it... my only critique is... um... her boob looks like it's growing out of her armpit... at least to me...
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You're gifted in ways that I envy.
I bow to your skills!
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I love it, my only complaint is that you didn't add the little tentacle thingy they have in their hair.
other than that great work :D
this is an amzing work of art should be very proud
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very beautiul
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love it beautiful
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"And na'vi are so...." what? Tall?
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I don't remember her having such big boobs :p
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very nice...and hot
i like
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This is perfect... so much passion, real love...
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One of the most beautiful and erotic Avatar art works I have seen around. Beautiful! :faint::love: :D
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MMMM. Just sex, no love.
Love are when the tails are together

Thanks! :D
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