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Elven town

commission for :iconhisuikousei:
And other colour version: [link]
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Really beautiful, and quite otherworldly. Nicely done!
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This artwork is really beautiful! :)

Hey, would it be ok to put this as a thumbnail into my roleplay group? This artwork would be a really nice visual impression of what the cities looked like (the story of the group tells about a world which got shuttered by the use of a strong energy from the inner core [...]). I just want this picture as a visual example, nothing more. :)

I am looking forward to hear from you and I hope I haven't offended you in any way! I really want to be sure to have your agreement before I do anything 'stupid'. If you don't allow me to use it, that's perfectly fine though! :)
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you need to ask commissioner too. Thank you!
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I messaged the commissioner back then when I first asked you and I still got no reply. :c
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Then i think you can use it.
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Ah thank you!  :iconrlytearplz:
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Beautiful! The architecture is simply stunning! Just as an Elven town should be!
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I really like that tree.
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Very peaceful, and very beautiful, too. I wish I could sit under that tree! ^^
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you are so talented wish i had ur skills  
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Lovely Love  That is what Alonis is like in my story.
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I want to live there!
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like in dreams... !
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I hope to be doing art like this soon. any suggestions on where to look for inspiration and ideas? (I mean aside from your masterpieces of course)
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OOOMG!!!! This reminds me of Minah's Tirith from LOTR!!!
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OMGgg I want to live there!! OOh look there's an Elf! I want to go and talk to the elf!! (sorry, this piece is making me go a little crazy ^_^') xxx
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Delightful for my eyes! Awesome contrast of warm and cold colors. This piece is almost talking to me, and I bet that would be a really cool tale :)
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хочу туда *__*
пройтись по этим дорожкам, вдыхая аромат цветущего дерева *_*
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awwwww ^________^
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C'est vraiment magnifique
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