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my illustration for Elven Path artbook with all my pointy-ears characters :)
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The way the lush haircolours and gowns work together is incredible! And their faces are also very varied from the typical cliché-horseface, and still all fit into the image of the beautiful immortal race. I'm in love with your art all over, but this one is outstanding in so many ways!

variarti's avatar

Love the characters and the landscape! Simply marvelous!

Pxlore's avatar

I Love This!!!

Giwaine's avatar

i love the unusual haircolors for the elves! they usually range from snow white to ebon black (no inbetweens, maybe an occasional brownhair) so this is a nice change of pace :)

MGNall's avatar
I'm guessing the rainbow-haired one is the protagonist? I love her "I don't want to be here" expression.
sadeghlandi's avatar
Nice and lovely.
Nathalie-cat's avatar

Какое освещение волшебное! Прямо слов нет!

JEart94's avatar

looks amazing!

SidneyNesti's avatar

Marvelous! The colors are incredible.

UkyoDragoon's avatar

I love the color contrast of your characters with the background! ^_^

Baerl's avatar

Want happened to the shortest one? His hair appear to suffer from some weird colourful inflammation.

anndr's avatar

I see you just want to make a fun comment but you do not want to know the character, In other case you may see my comic for example and learn the story of my chars. But you only wanted to show yourself how smart and funny you are, I understand.

Baerl's avatar

Thank you for noticing my smarts.

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