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Blood mage

commission for :iconwoozy1:

Her name is Alys and she's arcane warrior and blood mage.
Here I made little redesign of canonical Robes of Avernus.
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Very nice work! There's some great use of colour here, especially the vivid blood effects, and Alys herself is looking awesome to boot. Well done!
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Wow this looks so awesome.

May I ask permission to use this in my game?
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very nice lloks fantastic *.*
Wonderful job. Very powerful image. 
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Wow really awesome work!
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Impressive work, well done...
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Amazing drawing! :omfg: Love the "blood dragon", your redesign of the robes and the details of giving her Spellweaver! :) :thumbsup:
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I'm not sure if you've been alerted to this by others, or if you are one of the few artists that gave permission, but mvpgames is a store that sells among other things Magic: the Gathering cards, and have printed your art onto cards to alter them and then sell them. The ebay auction can be found here (… ). Other artists were also stolen from, and a thread has been posted on reddit here 
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Excellent artwork. :)
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Do i approve of the Blood Mage / Arcane Warrior Combo? the answer is yes, yes i do.
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I just serched ''mage'' to see how long it would take me to get to a Dragon Age refrence... and you were on the front page.

BioWare world domination FTW!!
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Breathtakingly beautiful.
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Blood Magic is some dangerous art to get into (Just look what happened to Merril xD) but mages in general are pretty cool and so is this artwork. Well done lol ;)
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And Orsino. And DuPuis. And Anders. And Irving. And Morigan, Flemith, Jowen, Malcom, Connor, Grace.... and...
Why did I side with the mages, again?
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Blood Mage for the win.
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Dude..... amazing
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