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Commission done for :icongossymer: in 1,5 week)

Grown up Toph and Zuko )

If u'll download it, it'll became little bigger =)
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This is really beautiful. Zuko looks little scary, but I suppose that works for an adult Fire Lord Zuko, and the rest of the scene is perfect. Wherever and whenever this is, it's absolutely gorgeous.
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This looks wonderful! Amazing work!
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This is gorgeous! I love your interpretations of both older Toph and Zuko! Love

I had a look on your tumblr and didn't see this anywhere...are you going to share it there? (or have I missed it?) I would love to reblog it if you are!

BEAUTIFUL work! Clap 
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I love you're Zuko so much. He looks so relaxed and happy. It makes me happy to see him like that. And Toph is pretty nifty too XD
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The use of colors here is fantastic and the way Zuko and Toph are desgined is a wonderful way of showing them as grown-ups, while still having them be recognizable :+fav:
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it's so sweet in ways more than one i just love it :3
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Great job!!! i m fan of Zutara but this is amazing!!!!
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OMG i LOVE Zuko's hair!
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oh Toph's so pretty :)
Wow! I love Avatar TLA and they both look really good! Grown-up Toph is great!
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Wow. This is beautiful. It's a little weird for me, seeing the characters looking less like cartoons, but I guess that's what they would look like in real life. The art itself is amazing.
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Wow, this is wonderful!! The colors are just amazing and the detail is great too!! I could go on and on :heart:
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oh my gosh I love this!
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Man your good! =) I love the idea of TophxZuko. They would totally be the best thing since peanut butter & jelly came in the same jar
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waw this is so beautiful!I particulary love Toph's clothes :)
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Such a beautiful work! I love the colours and details!
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Are those agricultural terraces in the background? They almost look like rice paddies, except that they appear raised off ground level. Whatever they are, they're very beautiful. And the way Toph almost blends into the background, fits so well with her element. <3 I just love everything about this.

Best friends . . . high-class political allies . . . rivals . . . or lovers . . . Toko is AMAZINGLY EPIC any way you envision it.
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I love Toph's outfit here. Its noble... feminin.. yet... totally her.
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wowww i really love the clothing and the background is gooorgeous!
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I love the idea of Firelord Zuko and Lady Bei Fong being the best of friends! (I hope you're not a Zuko/Toph shipper because I probablu just mortally offended you). :D
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I'm the one who draw others dreams ;)
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