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Published: October 27, 2008
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I guess there was some time since I upped anything, but my tablet is out. Yep, that's the worst since I hate wacom pens policy>.< Why the hell they are so expensiveTT.TT

...Meh, anyway. Hope you like it.

Ouroboros coming up soon. Red soil was dissapoiting and english ASOM was just...the hell, he still can't pronounce it right>.< But I still have high hopes.
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awwww their album wasnt all that bad D: i loved alot of the songs!
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In the end I love everything about ouroboros, and lives were wonderffull
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luckkkkyyyyy you went to a LIVE!!! D8 theycane here but i missed them cuz my parents were all like "its way to screamy and eeeeemooooo" >:( darn it all!!!!
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This is... disturbing. I like it.
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yoromichi-kunHobbyist Digital Artist
it looks like [link] they have that there too
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I like what you did with the snake's eye, really interesting abstract tweak in a relatively realistic art-style.
I was looking at this album on iTunes recently, is it any good...?
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some songs are expectional, some are same o'l satanic scremo.
I love new intro, but nothing will beat GDS.
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old intro from saku single, i think.

nothing will beat the feeling when GDS starts playing and the band is going on stage. and when the percussion starts POW kyo is suddenly in front of you (if you have guts to be in front row of course).
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DaasEriadorStudent Traditional Artist
did you, by chance, reference the snake from a book called 'Verdi'?
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I just browsed through net an found it somewhere, but It may be from this 'verdi' thing. I'm not sure, but you got me interested. What is ;verdi'?
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DaasEriadorStudent Traditional Artist

it's a children's book by Janell Cannon, who also wrote Stellaluna, which was popular a few years ago.
Verdi was one of my favorite books as a kid, about a little yellow snake who doesn't want to grow up and turn green. :]
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Trust me, the CD is GREAT! I got it from the concert and I love it, I can't stop listening to it! And actually (not trying to be mean!!! DX) it's called Uroboros.

Automatic :+fav:
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emilyhannProfessional Digital Artist
this is insanely cool.
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awesome snake gorgeous darling
and yeah wacoms pens are @_@ to damn much. i'm lucky to have once lost my pen and a few months later found it again...i also have an ancient tablet from 2000 i believe?
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nope I have kinda new intuos 3 (from 2007 or 2006 I think)
I can't get it into service cause it was brought from us>.< sucks sucks sucks
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I really like the detailing around her knees, for some reason. Anyway, loving the design~ Blue/Green palette is awesome.
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Very nice. I especially love the eye design on the snake.

I agree with Raffy4. At first, Red Soil is disappointing. But after the 4th time, it really started growing on me. Now I can't stop listening to it.

Opinion on English lyric change:
Japanese GS > English GS
English DG > Japanese DG
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Raffy4 Writer
Uroboros is going to be the greatest album since Vulgar, I can feel it :)

Yes, Red Soil was quite disapponting, but you know, I always feel Dir en grey like sushi: it never tastes good for the first and the second try, but you'll get used to it and learn to love it by time. When I first listened the Marrow album, I was like "yuck", but now I love most of the songs :)

And great picture, as always. Reminds me on Gogo from Kill Bill :D
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NemonsProfessional Digital Artist
very nice, great colours
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DeadXCrossHobbyist General Artist
that looks lovely. its been awhile. I hope you are doing fine my friend
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ZombieLovelie Traditional Artist
Didn't Scully get that snake as a tattoo in an X-Files episode?

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