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Voltron ocs by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Voltron ocs :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 0 0 Aaron Shirogone and Aiko Holt Kogane by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Aaron Shirogone and Aiko Holt Kogane :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 2 7 Rima McClain natural look by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Rima McClain natural look :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 1 0 Rima McClain Voltron oc by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Rima McClain Voltron oc :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 3 0 Anna and Enojii photo shoot by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Anna and Enojii photo shoot :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 3 0 Family Photo Christmas by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Family Photo Christmas :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 2 0 Layla and Aqua (Fairy Tail oc's) by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Layla and Aqua (Fairy Tail oc's) :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 3 5 Weiss and Zak holding hands chibi form (request) by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Weiss and Zak holding hands chibi form (request) :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 5 3 AnnaXBlake by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 AnnaXBlake :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 2 0 Fantasy-world photo shoot by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Fantasy-world photo shoot :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 2 0 Blehhh by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12
Mature content
Blehhh :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 0 0
Blake Wise and Anna Strife by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Blake Wise and Anna Strife :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 1 0 Neko Squad by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Neko Squad :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 1 3 The Band by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 The Band :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 1 0 Welcome Sofi RWBY oc by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Welcome Sofi RWBY oc :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 0 0 Sketch of Anna by AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 Sketch of Anna :iconannastrifekazuhiro12:AnnaStrifeKazuhiro12 1 0


Base: Captive Girl by BunnehxPixels Base: Captive Girl :iconbunnehxpixels:BunnehxPixels 958 132 Laptop Base by Shia-Sama Laptop Base :iconshia-sama:Shia-Sama 197 11 GROUP BASE - busty scarlets by Bellas-Pixels GROUP BASE - busty scarlets :iconbellas-pixels:Bellas-Pixels 1,094 137 girl looking into mirror base by TheDarknessWolf girl looking into mirror base :iconthedarknesswolf:TheDarknessWolf 5,109 1,497 SleepOver Base by BubbleBases SleepOver Base :iconbubblebases:BubbleBases 594 44 Friends base by Amu---Chii Friends base :iconamu---chii:Amu---Chii 2,101 391 Chase Ashi Blaze by ChelseyAckerman Chase Ashi Blaze :iconchelseyackerman:ChelseyAckerman 3 0 Chase Ashi Blaze by ChelseyAckerman Chase Ashi Blaze :iconchelseyackerman:ChelseyAckerman 2 0 Chase Ashi Blaze And Jesse Smith by ChelseyAckerman Chase Ashi Blaze And Jesse Smith :iconchelseyackerman:ChelseyAckerman 1 0
Fix Me - Winchesters x Sister!Reader
The boys followed a nurse down the pale corridor, sharing glances and gazing into the rooms that they pass by. Sam knew all too well what it was like to be trapped in one of these places. It had been less than two years since he had gotten out. Less than two years had passed since Lucifer had been cleared from his mind. He never thought that he would return to one of these places. To a mental institution. Dean walked beside him, looking over at his brother several times before focusing his attention straight ahead.
They had a good reason to be here. A very good reason.
They had only discovered not long ago that they had a half-brother called Adam who was the son of a woman that their father was with. Imagine the looks on their faces when they discover that they have a half-sister as well. However, her mother was not Adam's mother. According to their father she had no idea that Adam existed. She apparently knew about the boys, but they had no idea that she even existed. They had to read
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 201 36
Skype - Brother!Sam!Dean x Sibling!Reader
It had taken me at least two weeks to settle into the dorm area. I wasn't sure if I should be thankful or terrified of the prospect that I haven't received a room mate since my arrival. I think I'll go with thankful. I wasn't entirely skilled at assimilating with other people, it wasn't a gift that I had been born with.
The wifi is free - which I shall be eternally grateful for - making it a lot easier to set up the laptop that Sam had given me for my birthday.
It felt strange not having them with me. I was so accustom to having them around all the time that being on my own was just, well, deviant. Now I can no longer rush down the stairs to request that they quiz me for a class before a pop quiz the next day. I don't think I can get used to this..
I pull my laptop out of the leather satchel that was originally a going away present - but Dean had accidentally let it slip; resulting in me earning a present..three weeks before I left. I set it down onto the table and switch it on. I slit
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 293 47
Last Hope - Dean x Child!Reader - Part II
He's going to leave you. One of these days he's going to leave for a week and never come back. He'll abandon you at a motel, just like his dad did. He doesn't care.
"Daddy! Daddy!" The young girl cried out, tears streaming down her soft cheeks.
Dean was fast asleep on the bed. His arm was loosely wrapped around his daughter, his breathing even and a snore escaping every so often. The sound of her crying out forced him to instantly wake up, his eyes filled with sleep as he looked around the room. His entire body straightened as his eyes scanned the room, searching for something, anything, that may attempt to harm her.
"What's wrong? What happened?" He asked, his voice covered in sleep.
The girl shuffled onto his lap and clung onto his shirt, her tears staining it once again. Dean sighed. He pulled her closer to his chest, his arms tightly wrapped around her. She continued to sob into his chest as he whispered to her that it was going to be okay and reassured her that he was there
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 137 30
Last Hope - Dean x Child!Reader - Part IV
12 Years Later
No one uttered a word of what happened. Her belongings had been removed from the bunker and were either given away to charity or went to the family that were now taking care of her. The only object that remained in the bunker, in Dean's room, was the stuffed rabbit that he had bought her when she was only a year old. Dean couldn't bring himself to get rid of it. The fairy tale book that she adored had went with her, but the rabbit idly sat on the desk in his room next to the photograph of him and his mother. If his mother had ever gotten the chance to meet her he was adamant that she would have spoiled her rotten and made sure that there was always a smile on her face.
The first year of her being sent away was spent using various hunts to pass the time. There was no rest for them. When it came round to her birthday Dean didn't bat an eyelash. Castiel had pointed it out to them but realised the mistake he had made when Dean decided to lock himself away again.
Sam w
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 151 34
Last Hope - Dean x Child!Reader - Part III
Dean allowed Sam to stay with her for a few more hours before calling him and explaining that it was okay to come home. She might as well be allowed one last adventure with her Uncle before everything happened. Castiel had tried multiple times to talk him out of his decision but, to no avail, Dean remained stubborn and Cas knew that he must do as he asks.
Sam arrived back at the bunker with Dean's, rather tired, daughter. She clung onto her Uncle, her head resting on his shoulder. Energy seemed to shoot into the little girl again once she spots her father. She wriggled in Sam's arm, her own arms stretched out towards the man. Dean smiles at the girl. His green eyes were being stung by tears.
"C'mere." He whispers, removing her from his brothers' arms.
"D-Daddy? Why are you crying?" She asked as her father wrapped his arms around her.
He remained silent and allowed the tears to fall. He silently sets a kiss onto her forehead.
"I love you so much, a-and I'm sorry." Dean whispers.
He turn
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 128 18
Last Hope - Dean x Child!Reader
She was his world. His everything. If anyone moved a single hair out of place they would have felt the full extent of his wrath. Some demons that he had come across had been so naive and stupid to threaten to harm her, attempting to use her against him - like that was a smart idea. He killed them before they had a chance to lay a finger on her. The same treatment went to any other supernatural beings or monsters that attempted to threaten her life.
He wanted to keep her out of this. Keep her in the dark and never have to be forced to grow up the same way that he had been. She didn't know anything about what he did. According to her, her father went on business trips and would leave for a few days before returning home again. He would be a little bruised and sore but he wouldn't let that bother her. She didn't question it, but he knew that as she grew older her curiosity was going to get the better of her. But for now, she was more focused on her fairy tales and the villains within them
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 312 42
Dean Winchester x Reader: Just Kiss Already!
"No, (y/n). You can't love both Pop music and Classic Rock," Dean emphasized as he walked beside her down the side walk. They, along with Sam and Cas, had just finished eating dinner at a diner and were on their way back to the hotel they checked into for the night. The city they were at currently had some incidences that pointed towards the supernatural. (y/n) knew something was wrong, and somehow managed to convince stubborn Dean to investigate. Castiel and Sam knew better than to think twice about the woman's intuitions. She was almost right every time. It baffled them that Dean didn't have complete trust in her yet, considering she started helping them a year ago. Something was off, and it bothered Sam. 
After some snooping around, he figured out why Dean acted so macho around (y/n). His brother liked her. A lot. Sam didn't bring it up to Dean, letting things run their course between the two. Castiel knew (y/n) had feelings for Dean, too, noticing how she
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 462 64


Voltron ocs
left to right
Avia, Ciara Kogane,Viola holt, Aiko Holt Kogane, and Rima McClain

Avia (Genderbent oc of Akos)
Ciara kogane (klance oc)
Viola Holt (Punk oc)
Aiko Holt (kidge oc)
Rima McClain (Allurance oc)

Base done by :iconbellas-pixels: 
Base link:…
Aaron Shirogone and Aiko Holt Kogane
These two are Voltron 2 next gen OCS
Aaron is my friends oc
Aiko is my oc

Yes I am well aware that the body portions are way off but I do hope you like it!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

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Gonna start doing this again I guess, Wanna get back into drawing. I Do Characters and Ships 
yeah that's about it 

Hey guys so requests are closed I'm currently working on requests for

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You 4 will be ggetting your guys requests sometime next month for sure if i don't get artblock 


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Hope (Death the kids Daughter)
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