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This story was good; You equally made it funny, yet interesting. The beginning was funny most of the time, meanwhile the rest of the co...

Vision: Nice, but needs backround. Otherwise, its awesome! But, its kinda good With the background 4 and a half stars Original: Berry o...

Vision: Its pretty good... but I'd like to see it inside a dark forest and PP is in the only space with light. 3.5 stars. Originality:I...

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Let's Go! (Part 2)
Piri never felt like this before. Its like the world around her was spinning, and dissapearing, and then, all she saw was black. All black.
She opened her eyes, to see a Zigzagoon, but she didn't know what it was. She said, "Who are-"
She then put her flippers on her mouth, due to her not be usd to talking inside real language, but she continued her sentence, saying, "Ahem, Who are you? And sorry about me not finishing my sentence, I think I choked on something."
The Zigzagoon answered, "Uhh... Your a bit weird... And, to answer your question, my name is Dave. And I accept your apology."
"Ok, so your Dave. My name's Piri. I haven't seen a Pokemon like you before, what Pokemon are you?" She said, as she got up.
He answered; "I'm a Zigzagoon. And, hey, it's morning, why not have some breakfeast?"
"Sure!" She walked beside the Zigzagoon.
"Here's my home!" Said the Zigzagoon, pointing to a house with a Zigzagoon's face on it.
"Nice house!"
"Thanks!" The two then went in.
There was no one t
:iconannasofia7:AnnaSofia7 2 3
Time For Adventure Part 3 (A bit of it)
Jordan woke up, and it was early. He grabbed his glasses and decided to go down the stairs, hoping someone was awake.
But, no one was there, so he decided to go into town, but forgot to bring Poke.
And, surprise surprise, every shop was closed because it was so early. He sighed, as he then walked backwards as a big figure landed above him and roared, using shadow ball on him as he really woke up.
He breathed fast, seeing it was just a nightmare.
:iconannasofia7:AnnaSofia7 1 12
Not this Time! by AnnaSofia7 Not this Time! :iconannasofia7:AnnaSofia7 0 0 Pikachu Avatar by AnnaSofia7 Pikachu Avatar :iconannasofia7:AnnaSofia7 1 7


Brown Tabby Warrior Cat Custom by Blaze-1313 Brown Tabby Warrior Cat Custom :iconblaze-1313:Blaze-1313 1 2 Ask #741 by FNAFCREW-QA Ask #741 :iconfnafcrew-qa:FNAFCREW-QA 30 7 Chikorita crosbreed sprites (Aug 2015) by emimonserrate Chikorita crosbreed sprites (Aug 2015) :iconemimonserrate:emimonserrate 46 11 Equestrian Ball Z by UC77 Equestrian Ball Z :iconuc77:UC77 799 284 SwordKirb by DionneMars93 SwordKirb :icondionnemars93:DionneMars93 24 5 COM : Ash Rare Candy Transformation Comic Page 4 by whiteguardian COM : Ash Rare Candy Transformation Comic Page 4 :iconwhiteguardian:whiteguardian 4 3 Prologue 2 by TheNamelessImp Prologue 2 :iconthenamelessimp:TheNamelessImp 4 0 Announcing Pokemon LandsBeyond and SkiesAbove! by thennessy Announcing Pokemon LandsBeyond and SkiesAbove! :iconthennessy:thennessy 13 20 Birthday Gifts 2017 by sonicvshtf654 Birthday Gifts 2017 :iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 2 38 001 - Eleaf / 004 - Tinpent / 007 - Paddler by pokeluka 001 - Eleaf / 004 - Tinpent / 007 - Paddler :iconpokeluka:pokeluka 311 118
Kari-nah region name origin and more info.
Kari-náh (Karina when used to post pictures because the limit text)  Region is a region based on Brazil. The name has origin from the Carina Nebula , mostly the Eta Carinae.
But Karina (as a name) can also mean "Pure," "affectionate," "chaste," or "lovable"
So that is where the name Kari-náh region comes.
In karina region there are many cities
And these cities are splitted in sub-regions...
In Kari-náh region there are 3 villainous team. 
Team Drag - They are a group of young boys who steal the cities in kari-náh region. They vision strong pokemon fo the people and money of the victim. They are most part young (between 16 and 21 years) boys and girls who uses the excuse "trying to survive". After defeating their boss they will be arrested. they often work around Metropolis and traditional region.
Team Ruption -  At the first it is not an "evil team". But th
:iconeta-karinae:Eta-Karinae 1 2
Elemental Kelonious 3 by Darksilvania Elemental Kelonious 3 :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 214 32
NUK: Ch. 2 -More Friends, More Help, Less Safe
Nuzlocke Universal: Kanto
Ch.2: More Friends, More Help, Less Safe
Clark and Thorns the Bellsprout are walking through Route 1.
Clark: I can’t believe that because I took on the challenge I can hear Pokemon talk now.
:iconbellsproutplz: Thorns: I’m glad you can finally understand me!
Clark: Hey I’m sorry about what happened back there. Letting you lose like that.
:iconbellsproutplz: Thorns: It’s ok. Just don’t let it happen again, because if it does… I won’t be standing back up.
An Eevee :iconeeveeplz: jumps out from the woods then snarls in an attacking stance at Clark and Thorns. Thorns gets in front of Clark ready to fight.
Clark: Ok, Thorns. This is our first chance to get a friend. Now use Poison Fang!
:iconeeveeplz: Eevee: Ha I’d like to see you just try to catch me! Try!
Thorns jumps and wraps the Eevee in its leaves, then he grows those purple glowing fangs and bites down on the trapped Eevee’s shoulder as it struggle
:iconboomerangx7:BoomerangX7 5 0
NUK: Ch.1- Challenging the Challenge
Nuzlocke Universal: Kanto
Ch.1: Challenging the Challenge
Fourteen year old Clark burst through the door to Professor Oak’s disorganized and cluttered lab fixing his blue and white bordered hat, which was covering his black tussled hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt covered by a navy-blue sweater.
(Out of breath) Clark: I came as quick as I could! I’m not late again am I?
The professor turned from the wooden table with three Pokeballs on it to face Clark.
:Iconprofessoroakplz: Prof. Oak: Clark! There you are! Yes, you are late once again.
(Disappointed) Clark: Aw, dang it! Now I have to wait until next month to choose my-
:Iconprofessoroakplz: (Chuckles) Prof. Oak: Oh Clark, that won’t be necessary.
(Confused) Clark: Wait. You mean I will be choosing my Pokemon?
Professor Oak stepped away from the table making the Pokeballs completely visible. He walked up to Clark and handed him a Pokedex.
:Iconprofessoroakplz: Prof. Oak: Gary already got a head start on fill
:iconboomerangx7:BoomerangX7 5 0
NUK: Ch. 3 -Rival Tricks
Nuzlocke Universal: Kanto
Ch.3: Rival Tricks
:iconGastlyplz: (Grape jumped out in front of the group) Grape: Master, don’t worry, just chillax as I handle this!
(Surprised by Grape’s sudden change in self-confidence) Clark: O-Ok. You’re sure?
:iconGastlyplz: Grape: Never been more sure in my life!
Clark: Good. [Clark: I have to bond with Grape somehow. Hm… What should I do? I know how to bond with the brave and bold, they’re basically almost the same thing. But, how would I bond with a relaxed natured Pokemon…? That’s it! I just have to relax!] (Clark takes in deep breaths and clears his mind from all worries)
:iconGastlyplz:  [Grape: Master! You actually did it, you chillaxed.]
[Clark: Heh… Yea… Yea I guess I did!]
The wild Kadabra began to run towards Grape at amazing ninja-like speed. Clark only watched and gave no commands. The Kadabra slowed as it reached Grape and raised its spoon with was radiating a pinkish gl
:iconboomerangx7:BoomerangX7 5 0
region of Ioana - Birds - by skysoul25 region of Ioana - Birds - :iconskysoul25:skysoul25 5 22



Coco the Doggo (Adoptable)
A random idea I came up with.

You can buy the idea for 10 Points ... Cause I need points mainly... And I don't really need this character so its like 10 cents...

Also, it's not specifically a boy or a girl...

Also, it used to be a domesticated doggo, but it fled and got attacked by wild doggos. Cause I'm original. (You can change the past if wanted...)

If you adopt this thingy, you can use the pixel thing, just change, like, atleast 1 thing about it.

You don't need to give me credit for using this character if you adopted it, unless you're using the pixel thingy.


thanks if you read this

all hail edge lord

anna out
This story was good; You equally made it funny, yet interesting. The beginning was funny most of the time, meanwhile the rest of the comic little bits of funniness. I'm fine with this, due to you probably investing in the story more and making it less of a joke.

It's a idea that's used; but usually made too obvious. You equally spanned the obviousness with the 'High School Drama' scheme. Even though it was used a lot, I give you points on executing it great.

This is pretty much all I can say; It was unbelievable, as it should be for a joke comic, but yet invested the reader into it. Good job.

I hardly post anymore, and I forgot about the rp.

Most likely I'll only use this account to comment about things, (and hopefully not do any more stupid decisions) and maybe awaken again if I ever decide to make a comic about my FNAF ocs or put up more fakemon (Redesign them maybe?), so. Yeah.
Would like it if another designer helped me with evolved form :T
You can pretty much tell a lot about it by just looking at the picture, nothing to really say about it.
Sorry I haven't been really doing stuff for awhile.
I'm gonna post a few more things now, thanks.
I'm dedicating my DA account to a real game. No more Time For Adventure and stuff until 2022 about. I tried making the comic in Jason's view, but that didn't work out. (WHY IS RIOLU SO HARD TO DRAW) So, I'm gonna go on for stuff that matters more. A real game. I'm working for Pokemon: Skys Above and Lands Beyond. Its being worked on. I will still do commisions in my free time.

Hope you understand.


I hardly post anymore, and I forgot about the rp.

Most likely I'll only use this account to comment about things, (and hopefully not do any more stupid decisions) and maybe awaken again if I ever decide to make a comic about my FNAF ocs or put up more fakemon (Redesign them maybe?), so. Yeah.

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You won't happen to be a programmer too?
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