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The Suriel

One of the many new loves of my life. Inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas.

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this is asome great work
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Our dearest dreamer! 
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Wow!  I feel like I am there in the woods with the Suriel!  Seriously spectacular artwork, as all of your work!  One of my favorite characters also!
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I love the motion of the cloth, it's mesmerizing. I feel that the edges are a bit too sharp on the left side, I rather like how you handled that on the right side with the little transparency to the fabric edge.
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Still not over it! 😭 Amazing detail on the skin!
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Thank you, darling. :hug:
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SURI!!!!! I loved him!!!! It makes me tear up at the thought of what happened to him...
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He was such a sweetheart...
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What happened was totally not fair!
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I ugly cried a lot. . . .
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I did too man, I did too.
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You captured this lovely SO perfectly, is almost exactly how i imagined it!!!
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I love the Suriel! XD
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For as horrible as she might be, she's quite beautiful... I finished acowar so I may be unable to dislike her ^_^
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Hey ^^ Have you read the third part of the series yet? I don't want to spoiler... Psychotic Because the Suriel comes back.. BUT I can´t tell you what happensFear It´s so sad :/
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Yes, I finished it last week.  I'm so sad about Suri. Omg :crying:
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Ha! This is amazing!!! Love the eyes on the trees, and their overall look! The Suriel is such a great character, xoxo gossip girl
Love your acotar art! :heart:
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Thanks so much! The Suriel is the love of my life :love:. If it doesn't show up in ACOWAR to shock the shit out of Feyre again, I'm going to be disappointed.
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