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As my poor watchers will know, I've~ been doing an art dump over the past couple of days, which consists of just about everything I've drawn in the past... 14 months or so? Yeah XD;;

I suck. But I won't let it get that far behind again, promise!

</famous last words>
Lookie, something different written here =D Course this'll prolly be here for the next... several months. Mreh, whatever, I use my LJ daily, that's enough ^^;

Mreh, school starting again in three days. Dun wanna~. Particularly since we've got midyear exams starting week after next. And how much revising has 'narti done? Pretty damn close to bugger-all! Yay!

Anyhoo, yus, several new piccies since my last journal entry, like the kitty that's sitting there now *points* Lub that kitty ^^ Expect more realism... some time. I won't say soon cos if I do I know I won't do any for several months, so yeah, sometime XD;;; *skips off*
Hey~~ this thing has a buggered mood XD I am so using that some time. Not now tho, I'm not feeling buggered *nods wisely*

Anyhoozle, have just added my first.. 7, I think? pictures for peoples to squizzie of they want, comment even. I got comments before I'd even finished uploading them all =DD I likes this place X)