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So my design portfolio needed a cover and also a logo. This is it! Well, it's the cover image, anyway, clearly too detailed for a logo as such, but that can be seen in the said portfolio in all its vectored glory. Being as that's got my real name and contact details I won't be making it public, tho.

Would you believe the gum leaf was harder to draw than the inkwell? It's really hard to give detail and texture to something that... has no detail or texture. So it's got holes and lumpy brown bits like imperfect gum leaves have. Yay!

So the story behind it, because logos always have one. I've basically been trying to think of a different way of using a bluegum leaf for AGES without it just being a leaf sitting there or curled into a 'b' or something stupid and cliché like that. I almost ditched the leaf altogether trying to think of something and instead going with something else that's very me: a feather. Then the brain progressed to a quill, being as I'm as much a writer as a designer, and then why not stick a gum leaf in the pot instead of a quill? TADA! So it's got the required Aussieness in the gum leaf, writer/artist in the inkwell/quill motif, allusions to feathers, and it's green. Oh and the quill and ink thing goes with the fantasy world I write/draw in :D

Photoshop with my Derwent swatches.
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Ab Fab!  :thumbsup:


It perfectly imitates real colour pencils!        Sightidraw.       :heart:
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Hee thank you! I enjoyed trying to replicate the feel of them on this one =3
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Pokemon-Chick-1|Student General Artist
Very nice piece! I like how you stylized the inkwell with the way you colored it! :)

I will say though, with the leaf, it looks to closely like a feather (feathers and inkwells are more common than the leaf). Though I can't tell if you tried to stylize it or not, have you ever thought of burnishing? It would give it a nice shine to make it seem more leaf like rather than a feather. But thats just my thought.
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Thank you very much, for both the comments and the advice! I did try to burnish it up a bit, but whichever way I tried it, it ended up looking more like the veins in a feather than the shine on a leaf. I do kind of like how it comes to look like a leaf, though, if you know what I mean? I may yet come back to it and see if I can polish it a bit more!

Thanks again, and for the fave, too!
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drazzi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can't get over how real that little glass inkpot is. And yet all of this piece has such distinct pencil-like marks and lines on it, it's just gorgeous to look it. It makes me feel like if I could touch it, I'd feel nice thick waxy pencil.

I also love how bitten and torn and REAL the leaf is. I'm glad you didn't draw like... a perfect leaf.
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I really enjoyed drawing the ink pot :D I did have reference of course, because glass is HARD and I needed it. The gum leaf looked so artificial before I added all its imperfections, so that was fun to bring to life X3

Thank you my Sallie! <3
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