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Madame Yamin: Character Design
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I never posted Yamin! :O

NUDE I love how everyone was saying she's got little boobies when hers are exactly the same size as Nimay's were XD Also, again, super proud of her hands and my colour-usage with the pink knees and shoulders and fingers. Pasty pale Yamin <3

CASUAL Simple, light, desaturated, basically making herself stand out as little as possible. Yeah, not being noticed RULES HER LIFE. The hair and skin are already stand-out-y enough for her liking.

HEALER / HEAD HEALER Nothing much has changed here except the shoes. The green ones are worn by all the healers and the blue is for the head healer, and the gold arm band comes in when you graduate from trainee to full healer. Sometimes she puts her hair up when it's super hot or she's moving around a lot.

DISGUISE Worn around the palace so people are less likely to stare at her. It's pretty much the same style as palace staff uniforms only they don't have long sleeves and they come down about as far as Yamin's dress. And no scarf. But the colour and wrap-dress style are the same.

CEREMONIAL ROBES Bit of an upgrade from last time but not so much of a change as Nimay's. Still got the flower of life, no more snakies, and the whole thing is just more delicate. And time consuming. Doing all those sparklies took forever~ .-. Also white, in a red sandy desert place, but the thing only comes out once and who ever said palace people had to be practical anyway?

FANCY Doesn't come out often. Sometimes the girls convince her to go out with them when Nimay's out of the country, so they make a point of going somewhere fancy and she gets to dress up :D Again, desatruated and simple, and probably picked out by Fali. Yamin is pretty much Fali's clothes horse. She enjoys it.
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