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Derwent Artists Photoshop Swatches
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Published: March 18, 2012
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Bloody love Derwents. I've had my then-full 72 set since I got it for my... 5th or 6th birthday? Something like that. I just expanded to the now 120 set a few weeks 8D SO MANY COLOURS.

So now! My full range of 120 Derwent Artists as Photoshop swatches :D And also how to make a useful 'pencil' brush out of my favourite Photoshop default.

I always knew Derwents were pretty bright, but I don't think I realised just how saturated they really were until I scanned them each individually like that. The magenta especially, and a lot of the blues and greens, are mighty impressive. I guess because in the real world, it's a lot easier to desaturate. They must've realised that when they expanded the set from 72 to 120--a LOT of the new ones are much duller and more realistic.

As with all the stock-like stuff I upload, made for my own personal use and shared for the greater good of the interwebs. Basically, no credit required. YAY FREE STUFF!
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Ann-nnaHobbyist General Artist
This is simply awesome! :la:
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Thank you!

(Great name, fellow Anna ;) )
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Ann-nnaHobbyist General Artist

Whoa, I didn't even realize we're namesakes. XD
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Thank you very much. Do you own the actual pencils?? If so, would you recommend buying the the 120 Wooden Box set even though you're almost paying an extra $75.00 for the Wooden Box vs. the actual pencils to get the complete set? I have a set of Derwent Studio Pencils (72 Tin) and I love them. I know the Artist line is the exact same pencil as the Studio but with a thick 4mm core.
Every time I look at this photo and see the 48 colors I don't have I wish I owned them but $210.00 is a lot of money for 48 pencils. However, they are finally selling the pencils individually (expensive) and at least you can replace used colors.
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I most certainly do, and I was tossing up over the exact same question. I've had the 72-set of Artists since I was about 5, then when the 120 set was released I swear I dithered for a couple of years debating what to do. In the end I couldn't justify the many many dollars on pencils I already own, so I ended up buying the extras individually (there's a craft shop in my city that's always sold them individually, expensively but still a hell of a lot cheaper than the wooden box). Extra pencils? So incredibly worth it, especially all the beautiful desaturated colours, but yeah, couldn't justify buying the 72 pencils I already had.

I asked the lovely people at Derwent if I could buy the box on its own--cos the box is gorgeous--but alas, can't do that. But they DID send me, free of charge, an empty tin with trays for my extra pencils. So yeah. Lovely people. I still wish I could've bought the box on its own, and if they ever DO release it I'll totally buy it if it's not outrageous.

For the extra 48, I say go for it. I love them.
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Thank you for responding. What I've decided to do is spend 125 (US currency) for select Artist colors I don't have that will add to my Studio Line plus other color pencil sets I have (I own all of them except Caran D'Ache Illuminance, not spending 4 bucks a pencil & of-course the Artist 120 but have the thinner Studio 72).

Centered around "light Flesh" color variations from the Artist 120 Color Chart - Colors that seem most plausible to get are are: *Light Sienna, *Salmon, *Ash Rose, Parchment? Felt Grey? *Light Ochre, Yellow Ochre, *Light Rust, *Bistre, and Taupe  * means Highly likely to get and ? Not sure. Per the Swatch you created and shared: Light Sienna and Light Ochre, Salmon, Ash Rose with possibly Light Rust & Bistre look very promising!!
Since you own these Artist Pencils... What do you think of these colors for light skin flesh tone variations? Sometimes the charts are not accurate so I'm hoping you can add some thought to my selection if you don't mind.

Note: I own a tone of Browns, Ochre's, Reds and other similiar colors so I really don't need them at this time. However, I probably will by 2 of each colors like: "Yellow Ochre" not in the Studio 72,

Thank you in advance for any help!!!
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The ones I find myself using most for light flesh have been Light Rust, Light Ochre and Light Sienna. Definitely those three at the top of your list. Bistre's also very useful, though I wouldn't use it as the base colour unless you've got a particularly pallid, possibly-on-the-verge-of-death individual. It's good for sort of toning back on things, though.

Salmon and Ash Rose are great for the more blush-prone skin, like cheeks and nose, though I probably use Light Rust more for that. Parchment, Felt Grey and Taupe are really pretty grey, but not dark enough to use for shading (on skin, anyway. I use Taupe quite a bit for shading much lighter stuff). They would actually look dead XD

Yellow Ochre is way too saturated for light skin, but in small measures I've used with Light Ochre or ye olde Flesh Pink to make a nice olive skin tone. It's not nearly so saturated as Golden Brown, though, which was my previous go-to for olive skin mixes.

Also, just to throw something different into the mix, Green Earth and Olive Earth have been super great for shading. They've become real workhorses, which I didn't at all expect going in! Not so much on skin or they'll look sick, but they're beautiful for so much else.

Glad to be of help!
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Thanks again so much! Funny you mentioned the green earth and olive earth because I added them to my care after playing around in PS with your swatch of the Artist Pencils. What you mentioned also helps decide how many of which I should get. I tend to buy bulk for discounts than not need them for a few years before having to buy them again.

If I could ask one more question: I'm considering either just buying the pencils from Derwent themselves (cost the most) but won't have to worry about damaged pencils. If there are any damaged, they will replace them. However, I found this place called ... could price (compared to Derwent) and they give free Derwent pencil bins too. Have you ever heard of them by chance?
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Ack sorry it's taken so long to reply, time got away from me!

I've never bought pencils online, so I'm afraid I can't be of any help there. I prefer to get them from the craft stores in my home city (Adelaide, Australia) so then if they ARE broken, I can take them straight back.

I'll be making a trip there pretty shortly, methinks X3
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My GF just bought me the 120 Woodenbox set for X-Mas. I'm still going to order some individual (light flesh tone colors) but with my Studio set, I especially have doubles of 72 colors.

I blame this on you for getting me so pyched over this set, lol!!

I still have to order some singles. I can order them from Derwent direct (the most expensive route) or there's this place again called - - Selling them at 1.64 euro + free derwent pencil holder tin for every 12 ordered. Probably getting 48-62 pencils, so I won't have to order for years to come. If you know anything about or a better place to order the individual Artist pencils I would greatly appreciate it. They don't sell the individuals in the Sates yet.

Thanks for your help!!!
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If you don't own a particular set that I own, I can make you a PhotoShop color swatch for either specific colors or sets that I own. (I own every color the following list of brands makes).

This is a list of the Brands of Color Pencils I own (doesn't include Watercolor Pencils): Caran D'Ache - Pablo (Individuals very expensive + Best Blues), Faber-Castell - Polychromos (Best all around + Reds), Derwent - Studio, Coloursoft, Drawing (Both Awesome), Lyra - Rembrant Polycolor (Excellent - using more and more), Prismacolor - Premier, Artstix, Verithin (Softest Pencils - Premier has most colors, over 150, Verithin and Artstix kust a different form of Premeir for backgrounds or detail) and Dickblick Colored Pencils (which are "Koh-I-Noor" Colored Pencils made for DickBlick - These are very cheap, Lightfast and not bad at all believe it or not. I mostly use for mock-up but a few colors are used in finished work. Example: The DickBlick Pink Rose is more lightfast than the Studio or Artist Pink Rose and almost looks identical.)

I've found that sometimes certain companies create certain colors very well. For example: Polychromos (one of the most balanced 120 sets out there) have the best Reds, Caran D'Ache Pablo - have the best blues - Bloody expensive though, for Individual!! Prismacolor has over 150 colors but their manufacturing sucks these days. I still use them though, becaus3... they have such a awesome range of colors you that you can't get anywhere else and are the softest pencil made. Derwent Drawing Pencils are a very soft wax pencil - perhaps as soft as Prismacolor Premier.
If you don't own the Derwent Drawing 24 Pencil set, I highly recommend them! Even though they are 100% Wax compared to the Artist/Studio Pencils which are Clay/Wax and Harder, they work wonderful together and they have such a beautiful de-saturated palette.

Sorry for all the reading I caused you but I really appreciate what you created and shared. I feel like I owe you one. I would not have looked into the colors I'm asking you about had you not made the swatch that in return, allowed me to see how beautiful this Palette range truly is. Granted I love my Studio Pencils but there is a huge difference between 72 colors vs. 120, especially for flesh tone variations.

- Jnkx
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I have to admit, I've been absolutely 100% on Derwents since I got my first set and haven't yet shaken that 5-year-old's bias, so these Artists (interspersed with a few Studios when the craft shop was sold out of individual Artists and I needed a replacement Right Now) are all I've got. I have been meaning to get the Drawing set, though, because of the desaturated palette. Might end up caving and finally get them as a Christmas present to myself this year ;)

That's super interesting about the different strengths of the different sets, though! I'll have to see which of them are available in my city--even with a fragile sticker I don't really want to trust online ordering for pencils. I've had enough bad experiences of pencils that've clearly been dropped at some point and shattered the lead all the way through. Not cool. But yeah. The Lyra Rembrandts have me curious, in particular.

You don't owe me anything, I'm just glad my swatches can be of use! Also I bloody love talking about colour and pencils, so trust me, there's no chore in reading this X)
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You will enjoy the Drawing pencils. The only thing I would warn you about is that they are "soft, very soft pencils," especially compared to the Studio & Artist. So it's rather the feel of them when applied to paper. Like I said though, they blend perfectly with the Artist or Studio, so no worries there. The Drawing excel at landscapes, animals any backgrounds that you don't want conflicting with the foreground or main subject. A set of 24 won't break the bank, and if like this, it will help determine if other brands/types are worth looking into.
Since you enjoy Derwent, I would eventually consider the Coloursoft. They are dryer than the Drawing pencils, so they will be a little more familiar with their feel than the Drawing . However, they are Derwent's "bright and vivid" color pencils when you need colors to "pop," so to speak. You might want to buy these from the States, even with the shipping cost. They are far cheaper here, than they are in the UK, as a FYI.
And yes, the Lyra are excellent, they are "oil pencils" but that doesn't matter as far as blending. However, they are soft too. In fact, they are the softess oil pencil made in my opinion but not as soft as the Derwent Drawing pencils.
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artnerd73Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for sharing this with the world!
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You're most welcome! I like sharing =3
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canonbeyProfessional Digital Artist
thank you!
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PamelaRainbowProfessional Photographer
Thank you SO much!  I just love Derwent products too!  I love the Inktense the most, although the light resistance is not very good on the reds and oranges.  But Inktense is so much fun to play with, and easier than watercolor pencils.  
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I've never actually used the Inktense before but I've always wanted to give them a go! Some day, now I've finally upgraded my studio to have fabulous desk space, I may have to invest in a set X)
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Thanks for posting this!  :D

Derwent is one of my favourite brands.
They are specialised in pencils, and they have a long tradition of high standards and top notch quality.  :heart:
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They are <3 They've long been my favourites.
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mint-fulStudent Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
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