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    Aqua was standing at the top of a huge mountain rock and the wind was blowing her long, golden hair. Just like a flock of woolly sheeps fleeing from wolves, cumulus clouds were running through the deep blue sky. Her simple steel breastplate was very heavy today. She was waiting for a fight with demons attacking her planet. Souls, that were lost traveling between worlds or cursed in their previous life, have a potential to reshape into demons. At the end they finally come to their home planet looking for salvation. ?. As a guardian of souls she had an absolute power here and healing those possessed ghost was not a great challenge for her. She put her helmet on and looked at the sky. It was so deep blue. Just like eyes... Whose eyes? A persistent thought overwhelmed her mind. She couldn’t remember about what remind her this colour. She closed her eyes and touched forehead with her hand. Eyes... Someone’s eyes. Staring at her with determined love. Whose eyes were that? Who was looking at her like that? Unknown pictures moved through her mind. She couldn’t catch them.
    “The eyes. I want to see them. Who... Alric!”

    She started from a dream and almost screamed. It was just a sweven. A dream from her past life. She looked around. She was in her chamber and a dark rigilan night was everywhere. Suddenly she felt a deep relief that she’s here on Rigil not on Idera - the planet she was caring about once. She sighed, flung herself back on the pillow and starred at her chamber’s vaulting. She become accustomed to her new life but she was still wondering why is she here? Why that mysterious force, who rule the whole existence, took her away from her primary mission and sent her from the universe of souls to the realm of life? Was this a prize for thousands eons of being a souls guardian and her final sacrifice? Or maybe it was planned from the beginning?
And then she saw those eyes again. She was already dreaming about them in that past life. How could it be?
She sighed again and remembered of memories from their mountain trip. Her eyelids fell slowly but the pictures in her head didn’t disappear. Even when her mind fell asleep. Pictures became a dream. A dream about her prince.

    This morning she was very sleepy when she was walking into a big chamber dedicated by her as a living room or a council chamber, which was a part of her private apartments. She often invited here better known guests and at the beginning of her life on Rigil she used to eat breakfasts with Alric in this place. He was always at her side trying to fill loneliness in her heart. Their daily practice has not changed but new people joined it.
    Aqua often invited Sierra with his brother. Alric cried every time they came, because he hated talking about plastering and bricks. Hadar comes every time she visits Kentaurus, very often cause girls were missing each other very much. She decided to move to Kentaurus but she still was taking trips to her shop in Roshan. She really wanted to move her business to capitol city and many times she debated with Sierra, looking for good place for it.
When Aquamarine came into, everyone was already eating fragrant buns. Hadar and Sierra were talking about something. Alric, with his stoical, undisturbed peace of mind and his usual prince grace was eating roasted piece of meat. Aqua hesitated when she looked at his face and blonde hair, with long forelock coaxed behind the ear. Enough of this! She needed to calm down. Even the handsome prince was not able to distract her from her perfect physical balance! She came slowly to the table. Just before she touched the chair, Alric rose up and moved it for her.
       “Thank you - she said quietly and held out her hand for a jug of tea.
In the twinkling of an eye the prince poured the drink into her cup before she could even catch glass lug. Hardly perceptible grimace of irritation moved through her face but she kept her anger deep inside. In just a moment her ire gave way to reverie about a nightmare she had last night. Hadar saw this immediately and just after Sierra’s leaving the room with a deep bow to the queen, she started a conversation with Aqua.
    “What’s wrong, Aquamarine?” - asked darkhaired woman.
    “I slept badly - she answered. She wanted no to talk about it.
    “Dreams are very important - replied senshi drinking a brew made of strange, known only for her herbs. - Sometimes our subconscious receives signals...”
    “Yes I know but this time there was just a random images - she said. - I went to sleep too late. I was working on those ancient inscriptions about stars and that huge astronomy manual.”
    “Everything is just a little bit strange - Hadar held her cup in both hands. - Nothing is correct for me chronologically. I feel like ancient Rigilans were other nation than we are?”
Aqua rose up and came to window. The wide grassy plain waved like an ocean and emerald green line of forest clearly distinguished from the blue sky.
    “About what’s going on? - asked the queen. - I couldn’t find much about the beginnings of rigilan civilization.”
Hadar scratched her head.
    “I’m a botanist, but they learned me something about evolution. It is said that probably our species evolved from strange creatures, that were some kind of mix between birds and mammals. Research says that in one of planets period of history, the evolution accelerated almost instantly - Hadar explained. - Within about ten thousand years formed a humanoid shape. It is definitely too short period of time.”
Aqua starred at the sky impassively. But something appeared in her head. She remembered creatures like that on her planet.
       “But the dates are the most strange thing in this case - Hadar continued. - It seems like someone was here before us.”
    “What do you mean?” - asked Aqua.
    “We developed such a scientific method - said Alric suddenly. - We use it for dating rocks and other things. It based on radioactive isotope of some elements. If we know the half-life period of their atoms, it is possible to calculate when something lived.”
    “Indeed! - Hadar interfered. - And those researches say that first Rigilans lived about three hundred thousand years ago but ancient ruins have a couple of thousands years more. No one understands that.
    “The guardians...” - a thought moved through Aqua’s mind.
She remembered about one incident from her previous life. Some time she protected a group of souls, that might have special mission in the future. She understood that they are first living creatures on planets and they’re taking care of evolution on them. She mentioned very well about a group of winged humanoids. They were very intelligent and had specific minds. She had to teach them anything about bird species and all winged and feathered creatures. After that they were off to the universe of life. She always thought warm about them and wondered how did they complete their mission. Could they be the ancient Rigilans souls?
    “Legend says, that later those tribes from south merged really quick with the rest of population and disappeared - Alric ended his thought. - They had knowledge about stars but they did not yield it to us. That was our researches, from very early phase, like researching the fact that our planet revolves around central star or inversely.
    “The sentences you have translated are very mystical, concentrated rather on legends, not on astronomical researches - said Agena putting her empty cup on the table. - Alric! - she almost screamed. - Is your father a famous archaeologist?”
    “Yes, he is - the prince answered snippy - But I haven’t contact him since thousands of years and I don’t want to know him.”
    “Really? - his answer surprised darkhaired woman.- He’s your father anyway. Your only family. Would you not...”
    “No - he interrupted her. - And he is not my family - he said the word “not” louder.
    “Aqua - Hadar changed the main topic, seeing that, she touched an unpleasant matter for prince. - Did you have a family in your past life?”
    “No - she said and she even did not turn from window.
    “I was... a ghost. I was born because the Universe wanted so - she paused. - No, not universe. The Being. That ultimate power which embraces anything and all universes. The power who creates them. Life-giving force, the light... Name it as you wish - they were very confused when she was saying it. - At first I felt bad with it but then I understood it and... - she turned and looked at them. - That force is my family. I always thought so. We all are somehow connected, created from the same stellar matter. And everything is created by that force - she smiled. - This fact gives me a feeling, that I’m not alone. I have the entire universe as family and that force as a parent.”
My sumbission for :iconwriterssenshipageant:
It's hard to describe her because she's not living on Earth and does not have a civilian form in the true meaning of it. Hope you like this fragment. It will appear some day in full story ;) It was very hard to write!

Thank you, my elf, for help! :D

Senshi Name: Sailor Alpha Centauri
Civilian Name:
unknown and hard to define; she was reborn on her planet in an adult form few years before the situation described above but she can remember facts from her past life; we could say she has as many years as her star so about 6 bilion of years
Realm of Influence:
fire, reborn; but she's also known as Senshi of Protection

hair: long golden straight
eyes: dark, green and big; they sometimes are shining with golden aura when she is in her higher energy form
body: she's not so tall but very athletic and tough (for example she could wear a full plate armor); she's muscled but this's imperceptible
face: a little bit elvish
wings: all Rigilans have wings; her are very very long, white with grey accent

a pure white breastplate without sleeves and skirt with sky-blue collar; she also wears golden bracelets and greaves made from unknown, extremely tough magical material and long white boots; she has no tiara, instead of it, on her forehead she has eight-pointed star – a symbol of Alpha Centauri. She also wears stalactite-shaped earrings from aquamarine crystals and sometimes a long sky-blue cloak. Her front bow is made from golden feathers, she does not have the back bow.

Henshin Item: none
Henshin Phrase:
Alpha Centauri star power, make up!
Henshin Description:
She rises up her hand and summon a fountain of golden feathers and deep blue shining sparkles. The feathers are sticking to her arms, legs and chest etc. After that she opens her eyes and flames from under her feet are rising, burning up those feathers and the fuku materialize itself in flames.

Weapon (if any): The Holy Centaurus Spear – a long staff with crescent shaped top with blue star – not fully developed ;]

Fire vortex – an attack with normal fire

Divine fire vortex – stronger attack with her power of reborn

Divine fire – could not be only an attack but also a healing spell or everything she wants

Divine fire escalation – a healing spell, she discovered it after she met Serenity

Divine fire reborn – her most difficult and powerful spell; she uses all of her energy and changes herself into her plasma star form. In that form she could melt everything with her nuclear fusion and even reborn a cursed star or planet.

Background: Aquamarine lives on planet Rigil in Centaurus constellation. One day she was reborn there. Prince Alric found her star crystal that fell from the sky and formed her body. She can remember her mysterious past life. As a star (not planet) senshi she is like a pure star, she transform herself in pure plasma and recreate her body with nuclear fusion, all star senshis can merge with theirs stars and regenerate their souls inside of them, use gravity force and travel at the speed of light. She feels very lost at the beginning but Alric's love moved her through all difficulties (for example her transformation or sadness). After her first transformation she became a very powerful and responsible queen. Her people loves her cause she is always very warm and helpful.The reason why she was reborn and all mythology on Centaurus is a mystery.

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