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Crystal Animamateevent By Ginbutt-d931l8d by AnnAquamarine

Candelaria felt firstly very confused but after few seconds of doubt, she knew she should be here. She made few steps and saw a tiny little bird. It had the appearance of a little shiny precious gem. Its wings flittered in a blur, excited and eager to guide Candelaria. Adorned in shades of bright pinks and hues of yellow, it glistened in the dim light of the Grand Hall. Candelaria walked closer to it in attempts to touch it, excited, it darted down the hall. In hopes that Candelaria would follow suit.

She walked after him with strange feeling inside her heart. Like something necessary should happen here. The dimness faded away and she saw a girl in sailor fuku. The hummingbird flew to her and faded away. Thinking that she heard the flittering of little wings and footsteps in the distance, Jenna turned her head.
- Hello? Who dat? – she said questioning the noises she heard. Their eyes met.

Both girls stood surprised. Candelaria was relieved that she was now not the only senshi in the world but when she finally met the other, she was very nervous.

The girls fuku looked so similar. White body with colored edges, long back bow and tiny gem sets on her skin. The only difference was the color scheme. Her bows, collar and skirt were deep violet. Candelaria was wandering about the gemstone in her brooch. It was a multicolor gem, shining from gold to dark pink. It couldn’t be fluorite, cause flourites have one color changing in different light types. She thought that it could be a type of topaz. Dark short hair, pale skin and totally unique two colored eyes. She looked like she was very young. Surely much younger than Candelaria. And already an awakened senshi… That is impressive.

Jenna, also relieved that she wasn’t alone anymore couldn’t contain her excitement. She eagerly examined Candelaria. Noticing the small details that were similar, but also noting the differences.  Candelaria had small clusters of gems on each side of her face, the each unique in shapes and sizes. Jenna’s were located on each shoulder and on each knee as well as on her forehead. The girls both wore a similar attire, Candelaria’s was in shades of deep blues, her tan skin, and dark long hair well complimented the different shades and tones of her fuku.

Jenna was also surprised but she smiled just like she found something she lost.
   - You’re sailor senshi like me! – she said happily. – That’s so cool!
Her sincere smile made Candelaria also smile.
   - Yes, we are… But how did we get here?
   - I don’t know – Jenna replied. – I was dreaming and when I woke up I was here.
They both stared at mysterious room for a minute before looking to each other.
   - What’s your name? – Jenna asked.
   - I’m Can… - she paused before introducing herself with her real name in that moment she realized that she should say something else. -  I am Sailor Lazurite Albatross. The senshi of oceans and winds. And yourself?
   - I’m Sailor Azotic Topaz Hummingbird! Senshi of flowers and light.
Candelarias distanced heart smiled when she was staring at that girl. She felt like they destined to meet.
   - Nice to meet you! said Candelaria
   - You too. I always thought that I was alone… But now I see I will have a friend! And your animal totem is a bird! Like mine! That’s so cool! Jenna replied.
   - Yes, I love birds. When I was young, my father took me on a trip to South America. That was a first time when I saw albatrosses. I fell in love with them the second I saw them.
   - Oh! The same like me! – she almost screamed. – I saw hummingbirds first when my mother took me to a zoological garden. I was hoping to see one because of how tiny and fast they are.  So, for my 15th birthday, she organized a trip to a jungle in Costa Rica.
Suddenly they heard echoes of voices, sounding somewhere in the darkness of the chamber.
   -   Do you think… - Hummingbird paused and wondered. – That we are not alone here? Are there more senshi like us?  Or enemies?
Jenna maneuvered closer to Cadelaria.
   - If there’re enemies, we’ll surely beat them! – Candelaria raised up her fist.
   - Sure! We’re sailor senshi! Let’s go check it. Jenna agreed.
They walked deeper into the chamber. The girls noticed a large majestic gem encrusted set of double doors. Each placing their hands on the doors to push them open. The doors open and they are enveloped in a bright warm light as they walk through.
Here's our - :iconginbutt: and mine, story about first meeting of our Animamates OC's Sailor Azotic Topaz Hummingbird and Sailor Lazurite Albatross

The story is written by me with big help and modifications from Ginny :heart:
:iconginbutt: made cute chibis!

I'm glad to be paired with Hummingbird :) Girls are totaly different. Albatross is distanced and peaceful, Hummingbird is cheerful. I like we are two birds and we are paired. I saw that many of Animamates in this event were very interesting pairs.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Lazurite Albatross is mine
Sailor Azotic Topaz Hummingbird belongs to :iconginbutt:

Crystal Animamates :iconcrystalanimamates: :iconsailoralcyone: :iconicheddar:
Avvangarda Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sliczne chibi ^^
AnnAquamarine Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015   Writer
Chibiaki rysowała Gin (teraz Lumaea) :D
Ja pisałam tylko tekst, a ona jako anglojęzyczna poprawiła :)
Avvangarda Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lekka wtopa ... ale nie zmienia to faktu , ze sa urocze ^^
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